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Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram - The Silk of Goddesses

Explore our eclectic collection of Kanjivarams sourced from the quintessential town of Kanchipuram. Feel like royalty in these magnificent sarees that glisten like gold and narrate the tales of the past through its techniques and patterns. No wonder this Queen of Silks, has been forever patronized by the Royals and Aristocrats.

What is the difference between Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram silk Sarees?

Often people are confused between Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram. But both are the same- two names with the same Saree. For south Indian women Kanjivaram Sarees are a real treasure and a luxury. This Saree has a special place in every woman’s heart, because of its royal appeal, exceptional essence, and impeccable craftsmanship that has been mesmerising onlookers for 400 years. From ancient to bollywood, nothing can beat the charm of Kanjivaram.

Especially when it comes to weddings, the first outfit that comes to South Indian girl’s minds is “ Kanjivaram Saree”. A combination of its materials and durability makes it a popular and authentic product. Kanjivaram Sarees quality and durability, making them a very luxurious and valuable fabric. Approximately 400 years ago, Kanchipuram was founded.Thus this silk is handwoven, most of the Sarees made from it are handcrafted for an exquisite collection. All the Artwork inspired by temples and sculptures.

The Origins and History of Kanjivaram silk Sarees?

Kanjivaram Sarees originated in Kanchipuram, a small town situated in Tamil Nadu. The name “kanjivaram” itself is taken from the town where this Saree is woven, Kanchipuram. Considered one of the most beautiful Saree, kanjivaram is popular for its lustrous shade and heaviness. As per the mythology, kanjivaram silk weavers are the descendants of sage Markandeya, Who was known for weaving clothes for Gods.

kanjivaram Saree for weddings is the best for a royal look. Not only south Indian women but others also choose kanjivaram as their wedding attire such as Deepika Padukone made her wedding day memorable with a beautiful kanjivaram Saree gifted by her mother.

Weaving Process of Kanjivaram silk Sarees

Every handwoven kanjivaram silk Saree is a masterpiece itself and an epitome of luxury. They are woven in luxurious pure silk. It holds a perfect blend of gorgeous silk from Tamil nadu along with gold and silver zari strings from Gujarat.

To maintain the thickness and strength of the fabric, the threads are dipped in rice water. After soaking them in rice water, they are sun dried before using them into weaving.

Weaving process of kanjivaram silk Sarees starts with the division of three shuttles.

The border and the body of the kanjivaram silk Sarees are of different colours and they’re woven separately. They are interlocked together and the part where the body is joined with the border is often denoted with a zigzag line.

This differentiates kanjivaram silk Sarees from other silk Sarees.

What makes Kanjivaram Silk Sarees special?

Kanjivaram Sarees are a luxury themselves and everything about them is special! When you go for a genuine kanjivaram silk Saree, you will find how finely the silk Saree has been woven with pure mulberry silk with a mesmerising gold border.

Kanjivaram silk Sarees are handwoven using delicate silk, gold and silver threads. These threads are often expensive. When they’re used for weaving along with the fine skills and craftsmanship, the price of the final product rises. These Sarees are expensive and exclusive due to the purest form of ingredients used to craft these masterpieces.

But what makes it even more special is that the border and the body of the silk Saree are handwoven separately. When they’re woven completely, they’re interlocked together so strongly that even if the Saree tears, the border won’t fall off.

Pallu of the kanjivaram silk Sarees is usually of different colour and pattern than the body. They’re exclusively known for their rich gold border with classic traditional patterns.

How to maintain Kanjivaram silk Sarees?

To enjoy your rich kanjivaram silk Saree for generations, you need to take proper care of it and follow certain rules.

1. Never store the Saree in plastic or any cardboard box.

2. Always use a muslin cloth to wrap it and keep it away from heat, light and moisture.

3. Keep them on flat shelves, never suspend them on hangers.

4. Never use naphthalene balls, deodorants or perfumes on kanjivaram silk Sarees.

5. Open the Saree every 3 - 4 months, air it for a few minutes and put it back to storage.

When it comes to washing or cleaning of kanjivaram Sarees, Always go for professional dry cleaning only after 2-3 uses. After you use the Saree, make sure to air it. You can go for dry cleaning after that and iron to restore the folds.

What is the difference between Banarasi and Kanjivaram silk Sarees?

Banarasi and kanjivaram both are in great demand for their own qualities. These Sarees are something that everyone looks for when it comes to picking outfits for special occasions.

There are certain criterias which we can use to differentiate between Banarasi silk Sarees and kanjivaram silk Sarees like origin, fabric, designs and artwork.

Banarasi Sarees originated from Varanasi city in north India while kanjivaram silk Sarees originated from Kanchipuram village in Tamil Nadu.

Banarasi Sarees are mostly featured with vivid colours, intricate designs and exquisite patterns with a huge variety. It can be the weaving difference, style or the fabric. Like shikargah Banarasi Sarees, tanchoi, tussar, kora are a few most popular styles that people go for when they’re looking for Banarasi silk Sarees.

While kanjivaram silk Sarees have stripes, checks and patterns. They also come with a great range like classic kanchipuram silk Sarees, kanjivaram Sarees with temple borders, plain kanjivaram Sarees and kanchi pattu Sarees.


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