A Mystical Connection Between Hand Embroidery and Emotions

Hand embroidery is a peculiar craft that has elevated the legacy of Indian culture and heritage for centuries. Blessed upon the artisans by their ancestors, the intricate craftsmanship of creating hand embroidery showcases the brilliance of needle and thread work in the most beautiful ways. With its long-standing tradition in India, the age-old craft of hand embroidery—the art of painting with the needle—has impressed millions across the world. Treasured for its unrivalled aesthetic appeal, especially when crafted on heirloom-worthy handlooms, hand embroidery can come in a variety of options varying in terms of colors, detailing, craftsmanship, and techniques. 

India is home to a myriad of magnificent hand embroidery, varying from one region to another. To name a few, you can find Mukkaish embroidery in Lucknow, Kantha embroidery in Bengal, Kamal Kadai in Andhra Pradesh, Gota Patti in Jaipur and Rajasthan, and many more in different regions of diverse India. Hand embroidery, in particular, defines slow fashion, which requires a calm, focused mind to create artistic masterworks that can be adorned in silhouettes like motifs crafted on fabrics. It is the art form that impressively reflects the triumph of manpower in creating handicrafts over modern technological advancements. To discuss this craft in detail and its significance in the current fashion industry, WeaverStory has curated this article for you.

WeaverStory Hand Embroideries: The Splendor of Needle and Thread Engraved on Handlooms

The artistry of creating embroidery and surface embellishments on delicate handlooms is taken care of by the impeccable  WeaverStory team and collaborative artisans from various locations across the country. While hand  Embroidered Sarees are something you can easily find everywhere, their uniqueness and distinguished artistry will seem to be lacking. At  WeaverStory, you are only offered authentic handicrafts, particularly those crafted with brilliance and utmost care for distinguished aesthetic appeal and remarkable longevity. Let’s give you a glimpse of some of our bespoke styles.

Embroidered Sarees

Hand embroidery infused with the elegance of a versatile, time-tested silhouette - a saree can add much-needed vavavoom to your sartorial elegance. With a broad spectrum of hand embroidery masterworks, including Gota Patti, Kashmiri Tilla, Mukkaish, Zardozi, and appliqued Sozni needlework intricately decorated on a variety of fabrics like Chanderi Silk, Moonga Silk, Maheshwari Cotton Silk, Organza, and Crepe, WeaverStory brings to you a collection of  embroidered sarees you just can’t get enough of.


Each of these scene-stealers is crafted with the utmost care and precision on premium-quality, authentic fabrics to provide you with an epitome of elegance you can’t wait to drape your curves in.

Embroidered Blouse Options

What’s a saree without a blouse? Still a designer masterpiece! But doesn’t it just get better when your designer blouse is equally gorgeous as your supremely elegant handloom saree? With weddings and celebratory events filling your calendars faster than ever, you are bound to feel the rush of investing in fashionable designer attire that will make you stand out from the crowd. Hand-embroidered masterpieces do just that and more in such cases. You might bring home a designer Embroidered Sarees, but without a matching or equally elegant blouse, your ensemble is destined to feel incomplete. Moreover, investing in hand-embroidered saree blouse designs can open the gates to experimenting with many more fashion silhouettes. At  WeaverStory, you can find saree blouses varying in colors, fabrics, and designs. Here you can explore  blouse designs, including a Banarasi blouse design, a Paithani blouse design, a Gota Patti blouse design, and more.

Embroidered Dupatta Collection

A dupatta, also known as a chundari or odhni, is a piece of clothing commonly used to cover the head and shoulders. It has now transformed into a fashion element that can seamlessly enhance the elegance of the classic-contemporary outfits you wear. Hand Embroidered dupattas at WeaverStory are thoughtfully designed and crafted by expert craftsmen to enhance your outfit’s aesthetic appeal. The wide range of colors, fabrics, and designs of the Hand Embroidered dupattas makes it easy for you to style your Lehenga, dress suit, or perhaps even your indo-western gown.

Embroidered Suits

Hand-embroidered suits are staple additions to any woman’s wardrobe who desires to leave everyone around her mesmerized by her aesthetic appeal. The unrivalled charm of WeaverStory hand-embroidered suits makes them ideal picks to slay through a variety of traditional and casual celebrations.

Embroidery Customization: The Hottest New Trend Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

From Deepika Padukone’s wedding attire to Shloka Mehta’s post-wedding celebratory lehenga, brides today invest a lot of their time and emotions into adding elements that represent their relationship values, memories, initials, Hindu mantras, lines from their love letters, and more to their wedding trousseau ensembles using intricate hand embroidery. Who doesn’t love personalization anyway? With the gates of experimentation opening with fashion silhouettes, traditional craftsmanship, and emotions engraved in embroidery with great ecstasy, we are delighted to be here for it!

WeaverStory Hand Embroideries: Made-to-Order Artistry for Your Personalized Wardrobe

Being a handloom-centric brand that enshrines the brilliance of Indian craftsmen creating iconic masterpieces for people across the globe, WeaverStory could not have missed out on an opportunity to offer its valuable clientele exquisite hand embroidery masterworks crafted with love for you! With great pleasure, we are pleased to inform you that WeaverStory has now taken a leap into modernizing traditional Indian textiles with silhouettes richly ornamented with embroidery customized as per your requirements. Yes! That’s right! Our garments and embroidery can be made-to-order as per your styling requirements. Let’s learn the whats and hows of this concept.

What garments can be customized?

We customize dupattas, sarees, dress suits , kurtas, sarees, and blouses as needed.

What kind of customization is provided?

We can help you add personalized embroidery on a variety of fabrics and even customize the colors and sizes of the masterpieces you pick from our collection.

*Please note: If the fabric you wish to customize is handwoven, the customization may depend on the stock available.

How long does it take to receive the customized piece?

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to deliver your made-to-order piece.

How to contact us for customizations?

You can contact us via:

  1. Whatsapp: 8920968424, 9810646345, 9810552115.
  2. Write to us: care@weaverstory.com or support@weaverstory.com.
  3. Visit us: We have flagship stores in Delhi and Hyderabad, where you can come for walk-in inquiries.

Stay tuned to WeaverStory for more such content and to explore the world of handlooms like never before!

Author: Simran Shaikh