Baluchari Sarees from Banaras

Collection: Baluchari Sarees from Banaras

Every saree tells a story

Stunning in visuals and rooted in this enigmatic land, the Baluchari is the symbol of the Indian Diversity. Our Baluchari Sarees come to life in Banaras. Each saree speaks volumes through elaborate and intricate details in the palla and the borders of the sari. Striking motifs are borrowed from rich Indian scriptures, while some borrow their beauty from the patterns of the British Empire.

Woven by a family that won the first national award for textiles in 1953 and going on to winning a Padam Shri and multiple national and state awards subsequently. This artistically curated collection is rare to find. Each saree is woven in the finest of silk from the Malda region and the yarn is dyed in organic vegetable dye.

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