Zar-e-Tilla: A special edit of Kurta Sets Straight From The Heart of Kashmir

Dek: WeaverStory delves into the history of Tilla embroidery and how the craft connects our communities through shared vision and commitment.

The sartorial magic lies in the beauty of textiles. One might put a tag to it, but the tale of Indian textiles has a long-drawn history of building communities, strengthening their identity, encouraging empowerment, and preserving them through generations. The value of craft and the correct use of natural resources and distribution often lead to a system that not only appreciates but also upholds a collective dream. And we at WeaverStory take pride in bringing the cherished crafts of the country directly from the weavers to you.

Below, explore the exquisite craft of Tilla embroidery and its translation into striking kurta sets for the winter months.

What is Tilla?


Kashmiri Tilla embroidery, also recognised as Zari work, originates from the Kashmir Valley in India. Known for its intricate utilisation of metallic threads, predominantly gold and silver, this exquisite embroidery technique creates elaborate patterns and distinct motifs like paisleys, floral blossoms, and chinar leaves in pure silk fabrics and sometimes in cashmere too.

Tracing the history of Kashmiri Tilla

Tilla embroidery boasts a recorded history that spans centuries. It is believed that the craft initially originated in Persia, also around Central Asia, but saw its roots gracing the Indian subcontinent later. While the Mughals may have introduced Tilla to India, its true allure blossomed under the skilled artisans from the Kashmiri Hill Valley. Adorning garments worn by royalty and nobility, Tilla embroidery stands as a testament to the fusion of regal influences and indigenous artistry, weaving a tapestry of timeless elegance.

Introducing Zar-e-Tilla: A collection in celebration of Kashmiri Handicrafts


Unveiling the timeless artistry of Tilla Dozi, our collection Zar-e-Tilla is a sublime mix of Kashmiri heritage and artisanal luxury. Woven from pure Habutai silk, our display features stunning kurta sets embellished with motifs inspired by Kashmir’s rich cultural legacy. From enchanting chinar leaves to delicate paisleys, each piece is meticulously hand-embroidered in graceful gold and silver threads, whispering the region’s robust artistic narrative.

Saturated in a rich palette of jewel tones and vibrant festive hues, the timeless cuts and flowing drapes endow the wearer with the opulence of tradition and splendour in equal measure.

Bookmark our curated edit of pieces that are not just consciously made but are also versatile enough to be worn on various occasions.

Bright Yellow for Gloomy Days

Are you tired of autumn/winter colour trends and want to explore bright shades this season? Trade gloomy greys for a mood-boosting shade of canary yellow for leisurely days out under the winter sun. Our pure silk hand-embroidered kurta set comes heavily adorned with Tilla embroidery around the neckline and features a pair of Afghan pants to complete the look. To style it up, try opting for big, bold polki jhumkas and a stack of bangles to finish the look.

Pristine White for a Sunday Brunch Party


With the invites already stacking up for the upcoming festive season, a pristine white kurta set dipped in gold and silver threads might be a great choice for a brunch party. Spun into a gold wallpaper pattern, our pearl white pure silk Tilla-embroidered suit makes for the perfect ensemble. Equal parts traditional and contemporary, this one is for every minimalist to bookmark. Style it further by opting for small ear studs and minimal makeup to finish the look. Our advice? Add a fragrant gajra for a more traditional appeal.

Save the Red for Wedding Celebrations


Do you find the process of getting ready for weddings a huge task and often reach out for pieces that are rooted in comfort? Here’s a perfect match that will keep you comfortable and polished this wedding season. Our pure silk red kurta set has a resplendent neckline covered in complementary golden threads. The A-line kurta comes with in-seam pockets and a matching dupatta that also features hints of embroidery around the hemline. If you’re planning to wear this to a wedding function, try styling it with a gold potli bag, a stack of bangles, and a pair of gold jhumkas to complete the look.

Navy Blue for a Special Day at Work


From our cherished drawer of Indian wear classics, a simple yet stunning coordinated kurta set is ideal for days at work when you want to look your best. With sustainability in mind, it’s time to invest in pieces that will work in your favour for years to come—call them the timeless classics. Our navy blue kurta set in pure silk fabric comes beautifully adorned with Tilla embroidery all around the neckline. Meticulously hand-embroidered with silver threads, the blossoms and paisley patterns on the sleeves are intricately crafted, adding an elegant touch to the overall ensemble. A style tip? Pair the set with a pair of oxidised silver earrings and a pair of jootis to finish off the look in comfort and style.

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Author- Haiqa Siddiqui