Upcoming Trends for Summer Weddings in 2023AC

If you've already made the decision that 2023 is the year you want to get married, it can be overwhelming to look into the top fashion trends for Indian wedding outfits. In the era where Pinterest and Instagram guide not only the bride and groom’s look but also of the immediate family and friends, shopping for wedding wear can get very stressful.

Brides today want their outfits to speak volumes about her sense of fashion and uniqueness. The modern Indian bride is an independent woman who doesn't mind taking chances and wants an outfit that reflects her personality in the best light possible. It’s not only about getting the perfect Instagram shot but also about individual expression. And to top it all, outfits, now, are  also expected to be comfortable. What should you be looking to get now that it is evident that choosing the heaviest outfit in the store is no longer the only option?

Indian Summer Weddings in 2023 are expected to be a mix of tradition and modernity, with bold colours, fusion wear, and minimalistic styles all set to be popular. A easygoing, contemporary appearance has been described as the bridal trend for this year. Pastel tones were taking the place of classic reds in 2022, but they soon transitioned to more creative colour schemes. Intriguing shades of white, mustard, bronze, and blue, as well as blingy 3D decorations, crystals, bustier cuts, interchangeable ensembles, and outfits that tell stories, may be found on the modern bridal colour chart in 2023. The wedding fashion in 2023 is expected to be more extravagant than before!Here are some of the key fashion and bridal trends to look out for in 2023:

  1. Bold Colors: Brides and grooms will be embracing bold, bright hues in their wedding outfits. From fuchsia and emerald green to saffron yellow and turquoise blue, expect to see a range of eye-catching colours.
  2. Pastel Hues: For those looking for something a little more understated, pastel shades like lavender, mint green, and powder blue will be popular for summer weddings. These soft colours are perfect for creating romantic and feminine looks.
  3. Fusion Wear: The fusion of traditional Indian and Western styles will continue to be a key trend in 2023. Brides will be opting for fusion lehengas , sarees , and gowns that combine traditional elements with contemporary styles.
  4. Light Fabrics: When it comes to summer weddings, it's all about staying cool and comfortable. Light, breathable fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and organza will be favoured for wedding outfits, helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable even in the heat.
  5. Floral and Nature-Inspired Designs: Expect to see plenty of floral and nature-inspired designs on bridal wear in 2023. From floral prints and foliage patterns to botanical motifs, these designs will add a touch of freshness and natural beauty to bridal outfits.
  6. Embellishments: Bridal outfits will be given an extra touch of sparkle and shine with delicate embellishments like pearls, crystals, and beads. These embellishments will add a touch of glamour and luxury to bridal outfits, making them perfect for special occasions.
  7. Jadau and Kundan Jewelry: Traditional jadau and kundan jewellery will be a popular choice for brides in 2023. These pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and bangles, will add a touch of regal elegance and sophistication to bridal outfits.
  8. Minimalism: Simple, elegant, and minimal styles will also be in trend in 2023. Brides will be opting for clean lines and minimalist adornments, creating looks that are both sophisticated and understated.
  9. Light Dupattas:  Dupattas in sheer, light fabrics will be popular in 2023, as they offer a touch of coverage without feeling too heavy. These  dupattas will be the perfect complement to summer wedding outfits, helping to keep the bride cool and comfortable.
  10. Groom's Fashion: The  groom’s fashion will also reflect the bold colour trend, with brightly coloured Sherwanis and Indo-Western jackets being popular choices. Expect to see grooms making a statement with their wedding attire, choosing outfits that are stylish, bold, and modern.

While some brides would never consider going to their weddings wearing anything other than the customary ruby red, there is a growing group who are keen to experiment. In this area, subtle pastel tones are an absolute triumph and seem like the perfect choice for a summer wedding. The calmness that comes with pastel tones completely offsets the scorching heat and the entrile bridal party looks

A lot of leading Bollywood celebrities such as Anushka Sharma, Kiara Advanu, Neha Dhupia and Neha Kakkar, to name a few, choose to dress in pastels for their big day. The colours rose quartz, pink, peach, white, and gold are popular selections for the pheras ritual. This colourful story can be readily expanded to include all of the wedding-related activities, not just for the bride and groom but also for the rest of the bridal party. 

Here are some of our picks keeping the trend for 2023 for summer weddings in mind to help you ensure that you and your bridal party looks their best on your big day -

  • A royal addition to your wedding trousseau, this timeless outfit is a beautifully designed piece that brings to life the Mughal era like none other.The beige blouse with the sought-after sweetheart neckline looks every bit gorgeous, featuring hand-embroidered resham work and zardozi embroidery all over it.
  • The perfect, in-trend outfit this lehenga is a timeless classic. Made from opulent katan silk fabric, this includes an organza dupatta with gota work and a blouse made of fine silk. 

 Rangkaat Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Pista Green Dupatta and Blouse

  • Leave the crowd spellbound as you twirl in this handloom multicolor banarasi lehenga made of the finest katan silk. The entire lehenga is elegantly designed traditional lehenga in modern color palate. Embrace all your festivities with this versatile katan silk lehenga. Accompanied with pure silk blouse and organza dupatta.
  • This beautiful, intricately handwoven banarasi lehenga is a masterpiece and comes with a matching pure silk blouse and organza dupatta. Stunning Shikargah Motifs drawn from flora and fauna enhance the entire appearance, making this a worthy addition to your festivities.

 Lavender Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Kimkhab Saree

  • This exquisite Lavender Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Kimkhab Saree is an elegant masterpiece woven by some of the finest craftsmen of the holy city of Banaras  is an epitome of luxury and resilience, this Saree will surely amplify your ensemble's sophistication and exuberance. 
  • A versatile and  traditional stapel,  this graceful  banarasi saree  where the ornaments of authentic Silver brocade work perfectly complements with the olive green hues of the Saree, along with those of the attached blouse piece, making the whole ensemble look like a dream come true!
  • This beautiful peach handloom saree, has an unrivalled charm that can effortlessly keep you hooked on its aesthetic appeal and up your style quotient when draped in its exuberance. The peach handloom is made out of Gajji silk threads, each of which is intricately crafted by the hands of the master craftsmen of the holy city of Banaras.

Author - Aditi Bapna