4 Tissue Silk Sarees That You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Fashion may be defined as the style of clothing, but elegance and class come from within. It is a woman’s choice of clothing, her aesthetic, and her personality that make a difference. Women often pick silhouettes that accentuate their curves and fabrics that make them look extraordinarily elegant. Tissue Silk Sarees are considered among the most prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe. Tissue Pattu sarees are often the garments of choice for women with a discerning eye for fashion and a strong desire to make an entrance while leaving lasting impressions on everyone that lays eyes on them. Tissue sarees are exquisite handlooms, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted by hand by expert artisans in India.

Each work of art takes days to weave, and the painstaking efforts of several craftsmen craft each thread of the silk fabric one by one with the utmost attention to detail. Each of the Banarasi Tissue Silk Sarees exclusively brought to you by WeaverStory has certain things in common. These exquisite sarees have a distinguished sheen which will leave you feeling awestruck. The fabric has a certain crisp and rough texture, while its feel remains gentle and soft. A tissue saree has one impressive quality that makes it an ideal pick for countless special occasions on your calendar: it is extremely lightweight, which is why it is easy to carry all day long through a multitude of events. Let’s give you a tour of some of the finest  Tissue Silk Sarees by WeaverStory you must add to your ethereal saree collection now!

Win-win for the wine


When it comes to dark shades and hues, there is no going wrong with a wine-colored tissue silk saree. WeaverStory brings to you the finest wine  Banarasi brocade saree for you to slay through sumptuous events like cocktail nights and lavish Diwali parties. This glamorous  Tissue Silk Sarees has a wine surface richly adorned with illuminating gold zari work. The tissue saree is made using the intricate Kimkhab weaving technique, which in Persian translates to "a little dream." This dreamy drape is a must-have showstopper you would love to drape yourself in. With gold parallel lines and Banarasi brocade artwork, this saree is destined to leave lasting impressions on everyone around it. When paired with the enticing wine-colored blouse piece it comes with, you are bound to stay hooked on its aesthetic appeal.

Golden Hour


Want to look as serene and divine as the golden hour? This Gold tissue saree is the one for you! This lustrous work of art is a pure silk saree adorned with Jangla designs made of delicate silver and gold zari threads all over. The illuminating weave is crafted using the age-old Kadhwa weaving technique by master artisans in Banaras. This saree is fit for the fashion-forward woman who desires to look as royal as the queen and as elegant as herself! This saree is perfect for traditional events like Ganpati pooja and the wedding ceremonies of your best friend. The exquisite floral designs are inspired by the Mughal royals and exude royalty like no other. The unrivalled charm of the saree makes it look like it was pulled straight from the imperial closets of the royal queens and princesses from the bygone Mughal era. We believe that perfection lies in the details; hence, we bring you this saree along with the similarly crafted blouse piece that draws your attention with its unique aesthetic appeal.

Hand Embroidered Tissue Silk Saree


Indulge in extravagance with our Purple Hand Embroidered Tissue Silk Saree with Zardozi Border. Draped in the finest tissue silk, this saree whispers tales of opulence. Its ethereal texture caresses your skin, the resplendent zardozi work that graces the saree's border is a labor of love. Each intricate motif is carefully hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, ensuring that every thread is a stroke of perfection. To add an extra layer of luxury, the zardozi border is framed with a touch of raw silk. This saree is not just a piece of clothing, it's a work of art that tells your story without uttering a word.

The divinity of the Gold and Red


This illuminating  Gold tissue silk saree is exquisite, especially since it is exclusively brought to you from the holy land of Banaras. The expert artisans from Banaras craft every single thread of this silken masterpiece by hand, one by one. They used the age-old Kadhwa weaving technique to make this extraordinarily appealing tissue silk saree. The shiny gold saree is richly decorated with Meenakari jaal all over its expanse. The handcrafted luxury has a peculiar gold aesthetic adorned with hints of red and teal colors amidst the floral expanse. The resplendent red border featuring exquisite floral patterns in gold steals the show. You can wear this traditional, slinky drape to any given special occasion coming your way. Pair the saree with a contrasting pearl and emerald necklace set and a bunch of roses in your bun, and be prepared to become the talk of the town. Since it comes with a similarly designed red blouse piece, completing your look will be a breeze.

At WeaverStory, we not only admire and appreciate the painstaking efforts of each of our artisans but also strive to bring to you the finest handlooms you would love to dress in time and again. Each of our Tissue Silk Sarees is worth treasuring as heirlooms for future generations. While these are just some of our finest Tissue Silk Sarees, you can explore many more on our website right away. We offer a plethora of options in terms of colors and patterns to help you find the one that best fits your fashion tastes.

Author: Simran Shaikh