Accessorize Your Bridal Wear - By WeaverStory

Let's be honest ladies, we are living in the era when accessorizing an outfit enchantingly and precisely is more exhausting and tense than choosing the ensemble itself. Accessories are not a subsidiary item anymore, they're not just trivial jewellery pieces that you can shop for last minute, they are a vibe; they can make or break the most mesmerizing moment of your life. So why take a risk and leave the significant matters for last, when you can easily find some of the finest accessories at your very own WeaverStory website. Ranging from Bridal Shoes to some heavily studded chokers, we are the trend setters of ethnic market and we are here to add prosperity to your charismatic day with the grandeur of our stunning accessories! 

Slay the hell out of our BRIDAL SNEAKERS

Our hard working and diligent team of WeaverStory has done something that no one could have even dreamt of, we have launched our very own diverse and ornamental product of exclusively designed Bridal Shoes. Embellished with the dense and varying intricacy of beads, sequins, tassels, crystals, floral zari brocade work, organza flowers, pearls, shimmery mirrors and gota embroidery, our ethnic shoes are a perfect amalgamation of the age old bridal customs with an aura of contrasting vintage modernity. Getting recognized as the ultimate accessory to an innovative attire, these are crafted to transform the women into an emblem of femme fatale boldness and bravery.


Our Green Handcrafted Zari Embroidered Sneakers With Beads And Sequins are a heavenly treat to the eyes as well as the soul, making a direct appeal to the heart of the traditional experts. The ingenious greens of the material add enigma to the traditional modesty of the shoes, while the density of sequencing strives to reach perfectionism. 

Reach the pinnacle with our PASHMINA SHAWLS

There is something so luxurious and majestic about the appearance as well the sublime making of  Pashmina Shawls that puts them on a high pedestal of sheer grandeur and royalty. Hand crafted from the finest Cashmere wool and birthed with intensive and meticulous methodology, WeaverStory's exquisite pile of fresh  Pashmina Shawls are a stunning item to add to your list of wedding trousseau and accessories. This collection is definitely our soulful magnum opus that deserves the reputation and expensive appeals that it gets.


Our gorgeously fanciful Handwoven Beige Pure Pashmina Men's Shawl With Kalamkari And Resham Soznikari is a heavenly work of art, combining the mosaic of experiences in a single fabric made with utter diligence and craftsmanship, to capture the triumphant past and the glorious scriptures. 

It's all about the EARRINGS! 

What gives us more pleasure than a stunning pair of hypnotic earrings that would pair quintessentially with our ethnic apparels? WeaverStory presents to you our diverse and handsome collection of heavily embellished earrings, with a starling variety ranging from lengthy jhumkas to enormous studs, from moissanite polkis to rubis, from melons to pearls, from red enamels to beads. The rarely accessible stones of the earrings add to the selective regalia of the ornaments while the innovative designs and patterns grant it the versatility and resistance that we are all searching for.


Presenting a meticulous amalgamation of both ethnic and modern, we have our  Hania Handcrafted Pure Silver Earrings With Moissanite Polki to exaggerate the floral studs look. The innovative design is a perfect matrimony between the traditional heritage of our country with the evolving generation. 

Charismatic grip of the CHOKERS

Uplifting the aura of an ethnic attire with a densely studded and designed choker is a different kind of traditional aesthetic that can never be substituted or replaced. WeaverStory's amazing pile of outstanding chokers and tight necklaces accentuate your neckline with a graceful touch while also generating a sophisticated vibe of subtlety. An attractive and seductive blend of all the tastefully expensive stones such as emeralds, silvers, rubies and pearls, we aim to achieve superiority through our customer satisfaction and artistic success.


The awe striking  Aafia Handcrafted Choker In Oxidised Pure Silver has a magnificent heaven on earth presence, that differentiates it from the rest of the crowd. Pair this intimidatingly zealous choker necklace with a simple saree or lehenga to exude class even from distance. 

Define Bourgeois with BANGLES

Nobody likes their hands empty, especially when it comes to a traditionally exotic attire, and our skillful team at WeaverStory understands your sentiments better than anyone! Our extensive treasure of bangles and bracelets are a dream come true with their sheer modernity mixed rationally with a sense of chic culture in our minds. Ornamented with extravagant stones and an utterly expensive taste, these arm accessories will grant you the reputation of a classy showstopper among your relatives in absolutely no time.


Our vigorous  Aliah Handcrafted Bangle With Pearls will make your hands look like a mermaid's, with its minimalistic aura and a studded design pattern. The pearls are a status symbol of royalty and regality, and what shows it more than a single bangle of pure bliss. 

Go rogue with our rusty RINGS

WeaverStory's fine collection of gorgeously embedded and heavenly embellished rings are to die for. Encrusted with the resistance of hard rock enamel and semi precious stones, our rings radiate confidence and a high profile presence. While the aristocratic aesthetic of the item grants them the reputation of persistence and constancy, the subtle ingenuity in their ephemeral essence is an emblem of their diverse engagement with today's post modernist society.


The sultry and Hellenic  Eirah Handcrafted Ring With Semi Precious Stones saves it's entire soul inside the crimson blood shade of the rusty red, while the hand crafted semi precious stone pays homage to the exotic ethnic genealogy of our rich heritage. Couple this sexy pieces of jewellery to sculpture yourself into a transcendental goddess of culture and class. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka