7 Accessories to Enhance Your Chanderi Saree Outfit

Famously known for their lightweight design, intricate details, and unrivalled magnificence, the Chanderi Sarees are handlooms particularly created by masterful weavers from the regions of a small, historic, and beautiful town called Chanderi. That’s right! Chanderi Sarees got their name after their place of origin. Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India, initially known as the state of Gwalior kings (the Scindiyas), has now transformed into an amazing weaver’s town with adequate government intervention. Let’s know a little bit more about how Chanderi came into the industry of textiles and fabrics.

History of the Chanderi

According to legend, the Chanderi fabric traces its roots back to the Vedic era, when Shishupal, Lord Krishna's cousin, originally established the fabric. Chanderi fabric was the most sought-after choice among queens and gained a lot of admiration during the Mughal era in India. The Scindiyas patronized the Chanderi Sarees weaving industry through 1910. It was the era when a golden thread first featured on cotton muslin sarees. Weavers in Madhya Pradesh discovered Japanese silk in the 1930s, soon after which they began replacing the wrap within cotton sarees with Japanese silk, resulting in the emergence of the mesmerizing Chanderi silk. From then until now, a Chanderi Sarees has never lost its charm and has been among the most preferred garments of choice by women of all ages.

Accessories and Chanderi  Designer Sarees

What makes Chanderi Sarees special is their lightweight nature, sheerness, and the intricate details they are embellished with in terms of bootis and motifs. Although the elegance of Chanderi silk sarees or perhaps even a  Chanderi cotton saree is enough to steal the hearts of everyone that lays eyes on it, you can always accessorize it in your own quirky way. If you don’t know how to style your Chanderi Sarees so that you stand out from the crowd, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 7 accessories you can use to enhance your Chanderi Saree outfit.

1. Elegant Chanderi Saree with a Beautiful Jacket

If you are uncomfortable with the look of swaying pieces of jewellery on your Chanderi Sarees, you can accessorize it with jackets with intricate designs and effortlessly amp up the look. Some jacket blouses come in simple and subtle colors and looks fantastic when paired with a choker and a matching bangle, while others feature an extraordinary combination of coloured threads and stones, making them perfect for adding oomph to a simpler cotton Chanderi Saree.

2. A necklace set that makes a statement

Wearing a  Chanderi silk saree for wedding ceremonies and not accessorizing it with an exquisite necklace set like this one could be a silly mistake you wouldn’t want to make. Be the bride that makes a statement like no other with this Anamta Necklace Set With Moissanite Polki And Swarovski Handcrafted in Pure Silver



Its extraordinarily detailed design showcases a unique combination of new, royal shapes of stones and gold plating on the entire set. This masterpiece of jewellery is precisely designed by artists at WeaverStory with intricate details in terms of emerald and pearl drops and mesmerizing details throughout. This beautiful necklace set is made in pure silver with a pop of green color, which makes it destined to leave the people around feeling awestruck.

3. Elegant Saree Belt for Your Chanderi Outfit

Waist belts assist you in flaunting a slim waist and enhance your overall look. The renowned ancient masterpiece "Kamarbandh," or waist belt, is making a comeback to take over the fashion industry. Both gold and silver waist belts have been integral parts of Indian traditions, and they continue to look stunning with handlooms. Stone-studded saree belts, too, are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to add a quirky twist to your elegant Chanderi silk saree, simply add a leather belt with a gorgeous buckle to match the elegance of your saree. Adding a waist belt for saree is probably the easiest way to give a modern twist to your ethnic look.

4. Wear a Kada  to elevate the look 

A traditional Indian outfit always looks a little more elegant when adorned with unique bangles. The, for example, is precisely handcrafted with pure silver and designed using floral motifs all over its surface. If you are someone who desires to amp up the beauty of a pure Chanderi saree with a peculiar piece of jewellery that can make you stand out in the crowd and add a touch of royalty to your look, WeaverStory's Rukhsar Handcrafted Oxidised Pure Silver Bangle would be the perfect pick for you! 


5. Stunning brooches for a fabulous Chanderi saree

There is no denying that, as elegant as the saree appears, it can be difficult to carry around for some women who do not wear it regularly. This is what distinguishes a Chanderi Saree, thanks to its lightweight and entrancing aesthetic appeal. Sure, holding the pallu and the pleats in place has been a struggle for every woman who has ever worn a saree, but adding a stunning brooch can help you with that problem quite efficiently. Using a brooch is a simple technique for keeping your saree in place while adding an oomph factor to the entire look.

6. Stun everyone with beautiful studs

There is no going wrong with exotic earrings. Whether you are styling a simpler, gorgeous Chanderi cotton saree or a more intricately designed silk Chanderi saree, wearing an exquisite earring such as the Urva Stud Earrings With Moissanite Polki Handcrafted in Pure Silver by WeaverStory will prove a perfect companion to walk into the room and instantly become the talk of the town at any occasion.

Urva Stud Earrings With Moissanite Polki Handcrafted in Pure Silver


These exotic earrings are made in pure silver and are gold-plated throughout the surface, making them perfect to make your favorite Chanderi saree outfit stand out from the rest.

7. Stylish Clutches To Make The Statement Like Never Before!

Sure, you carry your mobile phone everywhere and perhaps even other things like home keys, car keys, makeup retouching products, and more, but when you are wearing a saree as stunning as Chanderi, carrying these things in hand can break your entire look. Carrying everything in stylish clutches or perhaps even a traditional potli can help you walk in style without worrying about making your outfit look shabby.

Style your Chanderi saree in your own quirky way with stellar accessories. Find the most beautiful, intricately designed jewellery at WeaverStory and amp up the elegance of your Chanderi saree outfit now!

Author: Simran Shaikh