9 Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees That You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

The fashion industry has been progressing extensively for the past few years. The emergence of advanced technology has greatly influenced the crafting of designer wear outfits. However, even the most renowned designers have found their keen interest in the handloom industry, wherein expert craftsmen design and create each handloom with the utmost precision and care. These designers are experimenting with traditional artistry and blending it into contemporary fashion silhouettes. We, at WeaverStory , offer designer sarees made with premium-quality and highly durable fabrics. Each of our sarees is handcrafted with utmost precision and care by expert craftsmen from various states of India. Some of our most treasured handlooms are the  Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees.

Each of the Katan Silk Sarees at WeaverStory is meticulously crafted by hand by the master craftsmen of Banaras, employing various weaving techniques. Each katan Banarasi weave is a distinguished masterpiece, different from the others. These designs differentiate themselves in terms of colors, patterns, designs, and weaving techniques. The immaculately crafted Katan Silk Sarees are often picked by fashion-forward women who love to experiment with their style yet love to pick traditional silhouettes that help them make a statement on various special occasions. We have handpicked 10 of our most exquisite Katan Silk Sarees you must add to your wardrobe right away! Without further ado, let’s get right into the world of WeaverStory katan silk sarees.

Femininity at its Finest


This  rani pink handloom is perfect for a fashion-forward woman to leave lasting impressions with her unrivalled aesthetic appeal. Oozing femininity, class, and elegance at every inch, this Katan Silk Sarees is a fine masterpiece worthy of all the admiration and compliments it receives. The pink silken expanse is richly decorated with exquisite florals made of delicate zari threads, making it appear drop-dead gorgeous. Make your sangeet attendance worth remembering with this saree!

Be Bold, Be Classy


This  Shikargah masterpiece is one of the most beautiful and exceptionally crafted silk sarees in our collection. The breathtaking handloom is a Magenta Shikargah Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Pure Zari  richly adorned with Shikargah motifs intricately crafted with silver zari work. The entire magenta silken expanse is inspired by the royal hunting scenes. Intricate motifs of flora, fauna, and regal elements are meticulously woven into the fabric, creating a mesmerizing pattern.Make a bold statement by wearing it to a friend’s wedding reception or perhaps even for a Diwali bash!

Illuminate the World with Brightness 


This scintillating  yellow katan silk saree is bright and pious, this yellow handloom saree is a bliss from ‘Banaras’. Finished with the softness of pure katan silk, it's easy to drape and comfortable. This saree is perfect for your cousin’s haldi ceremony.

It’s Time for the Timeless


There is nothing as arresting as a timeless  Pastel Grey katan silk drape  adorned for special occasions. This  Banarasi Saree introduces a contemporary twist to traditional drapery. Crafted from Katan silk, a pure silk variant cherished for its softness and natural sheen, it showcases a finely detailed Shikargah print. This enticing saree is a must-have for special occasions like award ceremonies and anniversary celebrations.

Romanticizing The Dewy Greys


Sometimes subtle elements can make a statement bolder than glamorous silhouettes. This  grey katan silk saree, for example, is a breathtaking masterpiece adorned with sona (gold) and rupa (silver) Kadhwa jaals scattered all over its expanse. The subdued tones of grey are accentuated with blue Meenakari designs and illuminating zari work. This statement piece is a must-have to slay through lavish cocktail nights and dinner parties.

Striking Showstopper


When looking to make a statement, draping yourself in the elegance of a striking  purple katan silk saree can never be the wrong choice! The saree is richly decorated with Jangla designs along with exquisite Meenakari artwork intricately crafted in delicate gold zari threads. The hints of red, orange, and green add to the saree’s unrivalled elegance. Whether it is your friend’s sumptuous wedding reception or your cousin’s wedding ceremony, this is perfect for you!

Subdued Tones of Green


The soft-toned green handloom is a festive must-have that can turn heads with its extraordinary aesthetic appeal. This banarasi saree is really lightweight, quite durable, and has a distinctive look that makes it well worth the money. This saree is perfect for mehendi ceremonies and other special occasions alike!

Midnight Saga


This midnight  Black Saree is an exceptional masterpiece crafted using the age-old Kadhwa weaving technique by the expert craftsmen of Banaras. The bewitching black katan silk expanse features an alluring display of sona (gold) and rupa (silver) jangla designs, along with intricate Meenakari patterns that add a touch of royalty to the saree. This showstopper is perfect for lavish reception ceremonies and other grand celebrations alike!

Epitome of Elegance


The eye-catching  maroon katan silk saree is a masterpiece skillfully handcrafted by the master artisans of Banaras. The saree adorns an exceptional display of sona rupa jaals scattered throughout its surface. The saree is perfect for grand festivals and wedding ceremonies.

We hope you liked some of our most exquisitely handcrafted Katan Silk picks. While these are just a few of them, you can explore a myriad of Katan Silk sarees on our website. Take a glimpse through the cinematic artistry of colors, patterns, and craftsmanship with our exclusive katan silk sarees. What are you waiting for? Bring home the class of Katan Silk, now!

Author: Simran Shaikh