9 Trendy Wedding Jewellery To Amp Up Your Outfits

Wedding Jewellery is a must-have in the bridal trousseau. Regardless of how supremely elegant your wedding attire is, it is the bridal jewellery that truly makes a difference. During the wedding shopping extravaganza, every piece of bridal jewellery may look arresting; however, it is of utmost importance to pick the right one. A select few women with fine taste in fashion and a discerning eye for traditional masterpieces handpick an exquisite jewellery set for wedding nuptials. From wedding earrings to bridal necklace set options, everything comes adorned with intricate diamond work disguised as polki jewellery.

WeaverStory takes pride in offering an exquisite display of intricately crafted bridal jewellery set options exclusively brought to you from the craft cluster of Jaipur. The pink city, known for its breathtaking monuments and forts, is also known for its impeccable craftsmanship in creating impressive pure silver jewellery pieces for weddings and other special occasions. In this article, we’ve got you covered with 9 trendy Wedding Jewellery options you must add to your collection of extraordinary accessories now!

The Farida Necklace Set

Regardless of whether you are the mother of the bride or groom or perhaps even the bride herself, a necklace set as imperial as this is destined to make you look like a queen.


The Mughal-inspired  Farida necklace set includes an ethereal bridal necklace and bridal earrings. Let’s take you through its breathtaking aesthetic appeal and the brilliance of its making: this long necklace is a moissanite polki masterpiece adorned with tiny, timeless pearls, a drop-shaped emerald stone in the centre, and green watermelon tourmalines hanging along with tiny white motis. The bridal earrings are similarly crafted by expert craftsmen from Jaipur. This polki set is perfect for those looking to leave lasting impressions..

The Iqra Swarovski Necklace


The ethereal  Iqra Swarovski necklace is an ultra-chic, glamorous masterpiece perfect for contemporary, casual settings. This statement piece looks surreal when adorned with a deep V-neck gown worn at the sumptuous wedding reception. The Iqra necklace is decorated with rectangular Swarovski stones connected with tiny triangular and circular Swarovski stones, giving the contemporary design a touch of elegance and luxury. The ultimate shine of the sterling silver is then accentuated with a drop-shaped Swarovski hanging at the bottom. Add this necklace to your collection and be prepared to steal the spotlight on any special occasion.

The Gulnaar Choker Necklace


When looking for traditional necklaces that fit well with your contemporary vibe, the Damini Handcrafted Moissanite Polki Necklace Set with Pure Silver becomes a must-have. This festive-favorite necklace adorns an oval moissanite polki pendant with an emerald gemstone in the center. This standout piece has strings of red melons connecting the pendant to the adjustable string. This enticing masterpiece is perfect for cocktail nights, sangeet nights, wedding receptions, and other special occasions alike. 

The Eirah Ring


You can find a myriad of highly fashionable rings on the market today; however, there are a select few pieces that can keep you hooked on their aesthetic appeal. The  Eirah ring is a peculiar work of art, adorned with red semi-precious stones that are carefully selected and arranged in a certain way to make it stand out. The statement ring can give any of your outfits a glamorous look and elevate your style quotient in a fraction of a second.

The Ikasha Earrings


If you are someone who loves to make an entrance, the Iksha earrings are the ones for you! Meticulously handcrafted by the expert craftsmen of Jaipur over a gold-plated, pure silver base, this stunner is destined to leave everyone around feeling awestruck by its design and aesthetic appeal. Regardless of whether you pair these scene-stealers with a heavy bridal lehenga, a designer Banarasi saree, or perhaps even an ethnic Anarkali suit, you are destined to make heads turn.

The Azzah Bracelet


Adding a polki bracelet to your regal ensemble is the easiest way to add class and elegance to the outfit. The  Azzah bracelet is a moissanite polki masterpiece that can elevate the elegance of just about any silhouette you choose to dress into. The gold-plated, pure silver bracelet has been precisely handcrafted by the expert craftsmen of Jaipur, who make this stunner worthy of being treasured for years and worn on a multitude of special occasions.

The Phoolsaj Hathphool


While polki bangles are often picked to elevate the elegance of a traditional outfit, hand accessories like the  Phoolsaj hathphool have become popular additions to the jewellery collections of fashion-forward women. The moissanite polki hathphool is attached to an elegant polki ring crafted in the same floral design as itself. The hathphool is then connected to the hook and eye through strings of tiny white moti. Accessories like this are destined to steal the spotlight and make you look like a million dollars.

These are just a few of our plethora of moissanite polki designs and distinguished Wedding Jewellery pieces you must add to your collection right away. Explore our website and pick your favorite Wedding Jewellery pieces now!

Author: Simran Shaikh