A Smart Style Guide For Winter Weddings

Come winter season, we’re all reminded of the cosy blankets and quilts, a crackling fire warming up our sock-clad feet, our mother’s warm gajar ka halwa, the misty morning and oil bottles placed under the sun for a much-needed head massage. Winters in India and around the world are beloved, there are so many traditions and festivals that fall under the winters, and each is grand and celebrated with great pomp and show. Winters also mark the wedding season, starting from October to February.

The excitement for the wedding is palpable, but dressing up for a winter wedding can be tricky. We must be mindful of certain points that can help us nail a balanced look. Otherwise, we’ll either be shivering in the cold or decked up in too much wool that our outfit simply doesn’t get its moment. Whether we’re wearing a winter wedding sarees or a lehenga, we must keep in mind certain points. At WeaverStory, we have an excellent range of clothing that will help us stay warm but look the best as well. So, let get take a look:

1. Try going for heavy silks  :-

Silks are some of the warmest items that we can do for a winter wedding. Heavy Banarasi Silks offer us the warmth we need; the perfect saree for a winter wedding will be a luxurious Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees. You can match the saree with a heavy brocade blouse; the heavier the silk and its work, the warmer and cozier you’ll feel. While these sarees are not ‘weighty’, they are beautiful in the way they feel and look. The Yellow Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Sona Rupa Jaal. The gorgeous yellow of the saree will brighten up your mood. 


2.  Always carry a luxurious shawl :-

One of the best saree styles for a wedding party has to be the idea of layering. Layering helps us stay warm whilst making a style statement. For your saree for a winter wedding, you can buy a coat that matches the style. If a cape or coat isn’t available, then you can go for a luxurious Pashmina shawl. These delicate shawls offer so much through their unseeing simplicity. Simply rest the folded shawl on your arm or drape it elegantly around your shoulders. The Handwoven Pure Pashmina is the perfect pick for a winter wedding saree look


3. Suits are your best friend :-

Why go for a saree when you can wear a stylish suit in brocade? As mentioned before, brocade is your best friend during the winter. A brocade suit set will be the perfect pick. It's easy to wear and can be layered with shawls and jackets, just like a saree. The Handloom Mustard Yellow Pure Katan Silk Brocade Kurta with Pants and Organza Dupatta is one of the best pieces for a wedding. The vibrant color and the luxurious fabric make it a must-have this winter. Saree styles for a wedding party are popular; why not give this simple suit a try? 


4. Keep the extremities warm :-

Our hands, feet, and face suffer the most from cold, and it's important that we keep them warm. Try wearing leg warmers or socks underneath your outfits. If you’re wearing a lehenga, it’s easy to hide away the sock-clad feet! You’ll be thankful, especially if it's an outdoor wedding. You can also strategically wrap your saree pallu in a way that your hands stay warm. Leg warmers are also a great option. You can also wrap the saree pallu around your shoulders to keep your ears covered. A shawl is always helpful here.

5. Wear what feels comfortable :-

At the end, opt for an outfit that feels the most comfortable at a wedding. Winter weddings can turn sour if you’re chattering your teeth the entire evening. If you’re comfortable with sarees, then go for them; you can also wear thermal bras under your blouse for an extra layer of warmth. Investing in thick coats and capes that are appropriate for a wedding will prove to be an excellent investment. Of course, a cup of warm coffee or a small bowl of warm moong dal halwa will be a steady partner.

6. Don’t shy away from full sleeves :-

Full sleeve blouses in silk can be your best friend, they are stylish, and many celebrities often opt for full sleeves to give them not just a chic look but also the necessary warmth.

7. Wear bright clothes :-

Winters are cold and gloomy, and it’s easy to start feeling the seasonal blues, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Try wearing as many bright clothes as possible. Go for red ,yellow, pink, pastels and gold. These colors will keep you feeling bright and lively and make your wedding even more fun. The red pure katan banarasi silk Saree is perfection. This bright red saree with delicate Zari work will make you a star of the wedding party. So what are we waiting for?

Handloom Red Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Gold Zari Jaal
Sarees for winter weddings are perfect, but so is a suit and skirt-blouse combination; winter weddings can be enjoyable as they can be enjoyed whilst we sip on warm beverages and decadent desserts. Winters can quickly turn depressing, gloomy and bleary; however, with the right outfit and an even better mindset, we can bring in a much-needed cheer to this season. Everyone seeks comfort so don’t mind huddling close to your friends as you watch the dreamy pheras. 

Author - Uma Shekhawat