Are modern brides swapping their usual reds for a refreshing mix of pink, azure, and ivory?

Find new updates on how to ace bridal wear the unorthodox way! 


Red. A colour known for its fiery undertones has been a prominent fixture in bridal caskets for more than two centuries now. But of late, there’s been a shift away from the idea—not one of those radical trades, but a subtler, more seismic move away from the daring colour of passion. The once-crowned Viva Magenta has long lost the Pantone prophecy, and a splash of hot pink, aubergine, and gilded ivory is poised to conquer trend reports this coming year. The palette sees a beautiful chemistry of vibrant hues brewed from concoctions of pigments like indigo, pomegranate, lime, and madder. So, the question lies: why are brides opting out of this prototype of classic romanticism?

Little girls, when four or five, have spent days painting their perfect wedding mood board, plastered with magazine cut-outs of Bollywood cover girls dressed in cake-like lehengas and artisanal jewellery. Weddings in India offer a clear dichotomy of cultures, a wonderful clashing of traditions and rituals that ultimately results in a plethora of sartorial decisions, including colours, embroidery, and patterns—elements that may sometimes make or break a look.

Tradition has a huge part to play in Indian weddings, but for adventurous brides, a refreshing colour palette is taking the lead this season. Ahead, we list down creative, new alternatives to the traditional vermilion that pay homage to your long-lost wedding mood board, featuring WeaverStory’s new bridal collection, Rivaayat

The Allure of Pinks 


Barbie-core was at its peak last year. The unlikely muse, who’s a favourite among young girls, has invaded the bridal mark sheet of brides designing their dream nuptials. When you think about it, it’s clear that modern brides want to take the ultra-feminine route with hints of cotton candy on their big day. For a look that’s both playful and feeds your inner child, go for our Hot Pink Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Lehenga with a blouse to match the Barbie fever. Confections in rich Bandhani, smattered with resham thread work and intricate embroidery, can only dictate a bride’s dream wedding ensemble. And while the opulence of craftsmanship translates in design, the modern-era bridal verdict green-lights a colour palette intense on authenticity and creative inclination.

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Weaving Cerulean Dreams 

The cool, classic shade of icy undertones chronicles a new wave among the bride’s timeless repertoire of warm Pantone hues. This season’s new favourite is just a little bolder than baby blue but lighter than your regular Prussian and strikes a perfect balance for bridal creations. Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, this one’s versatile enough to master both. However, pairing the right embroidery with your blues can be quite tricky, but fret not; we have put together a few looks that will help you ace your wedding look in style.

Want to add a sprinkle of azure to your wedding mood board? Opt for these handcrafted Banarasi lehengas from Rivaayat. Crafted from luxurious katan silk and raw silk, these pieces are destined to be your go-to festive attire. Amidst a sea of red-wedding looks, a regal blue ensemble is bound to stand out.


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The Bold Glamour of Black

We have often seen people say, “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour," so why abandon this timeless hue on your big day? The colour black has been the biggest pariah in Indian weddings. The narrative of black being associated with all things dark and grim is about change as women today are rendering their own fairytales and are intent on moulding their wardrobes that are reflective of their persona.

To second your mystical fantasy, here’s our Black Dual Shade Hand Embroidered Zardozi Banarasi Lehenga with a handcrafted blouse to match up.


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The Radiance of Yellow 

Still sceptical about committing to this bright, sunny shade for your big day? Traditionally, yellow has been the colour reserved for Haldi ceremonies, or in some cases, the Mehendi too; however, a vibrant canary can be a great transitional piece for your wedding festivities, allowing you to swiftly ace any function through the day and night when styled correctly. We suggest you swap the polki maangtika for big, bold emeralds at night.

Find your perfect shade card below, ranging from honey, amber, and lime.




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Lustrous Ivory 


When you think of ivory, it comes to mind as a palette cleanser—a clean slate, a blank canvas where creativity runs wild. To think of it, it’s like an antidote to what constitutes "Indian bridal wear.” The new-age bride holds her wand to happiness and is not afraid to trade a riot of colours for something more demure and understated. The most beautiful thing about embracing this tranquil shade is that it gives you a choice to add a pop of colour later when you style it with a vibrant jacket or dupatta, making it a versatile piece. Take this as a cue to a new era for bridal couture, where deep reds and fuchsia coexist seamlessly with ivory.

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Author- Haiqa Siddiqui