Banarasi Saree Trends For The Summer Of 2023 - By WeaverStory

Our country is a land of rich culture and intensive diversity; from food to languages, we take pride in our extreme assortment, especially when it comes to an intricate sense of hand woven ethnic clothing. Curated in the holistic city of Varanasi, by some of the finest artisans of our nativity, and brought to you by our hard working team of WeaverStory, here’s an elegant collection of Banarasi Sarees that can make your summer wonderfully stylish while also keeping the matter light and breezy!

A Daytime Rendezvous with the BANARASI KORA TISSUE

Ladies, let’s not lie, every time the heat wave starts to hit, we find ourselves stuck in this stressful dilemma of whether we should choose fashion over comfort or just completely ditch the idea of wearing a saree at all. But not this time, as our Banarasi Kora Silk Sarees are here with a flimsy fabric and an ornamented border. Synonymously known as the organza tissue fabric and produced centrally in the Chhattisgarh estate, Kora Silk textile has an  utterly delicate, lightweight and minimalistic aesthetic, beautifully contrasting with a dense floral pattern around the edges to add traditional charisma.

Fuchsia Pink Dual Tone Handloom Pure Kora Silk Banarasi Saree With Booti by WeaverStory is a netty ensemble, perfectly embellished with a meticulous web of pure silver motifs, and a absolute treat to be worn on a bight summertime occasion. 

An Eventful Evening with the BANARASI KIMKHAB SILK

Since the term Kimkhab literally translates to “little dreams” in Persian, how can a fanciful saree, adorned with royal zari interlacing and crafted from the Kimkhab Silk fabric, not make you feel like a enchanting empress walking down the aisle on an eventful occasion!

Previously reserved for the majestic Mughals in the ancient times, Banarasi Kimkhab sarees are popularly recognized for their intricate brocade weaving around the borders, along with heavy floral and vine-like clusters or bel spread over the entire attire.


Our Handloom Black Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Kimkhab Saree With Meenakari is a heavenly package of metallic silhouettes over the royal hues of navy.

A Pastel Affair with the Plush BANARASI COTTON


The one precious fashion trend we’ve learnt so far is that lush pastel hues and the congeniality of their aura is going to rule the spring of 2023; add the breathability and durability of the high-end Banarasi Cotton Silk and voila! You got yourself a charismatic and tasteful deal. WeaverStory brings Handloom Sage Green Pure Cotton Banarasi Saree With Border  to you, rich in artisanal craftsmanship and sombre seduction. The light-toned color palette tranquilizes the entire mood of the ensemble while the impenetrable interlacing makes it appropriate for a chic garden party. 

 BANARASI KATAN SILK as the Trendy Trousseau

A Banarasi saree is a worthy investment, full of artistic labour and skill, and a gorgeously hearty present to your daughter on her sacrilegious wedding day, especially our Katan Silk Sarees. The making of Katan Silk fabric is a patient and diligent process as it involves intertwining two or more filaments together to create a single thread, thus, adding to its value and royalty. Ornamented with Mughlai motifs and paying a tribute to their rich architecture, these sarees are a perfect blend of Renaissance antiquity and an ingenuous colour palette.


Our Handloom Offwhite Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Patola Saree With Pink Border is a marriage of dense gold brocade work and a Pink border, making it a supreme choice for a marriage ceremony. 

Dance the Cocktail Away with Sexy BANARASI SHIKARGARH

One thing that is most certainly common between the summertime and the pre-wedding cocktail parties is their sizzling hot and sultry aura! And how can you not steal the show with a fusion ensemble of modern seductive colours and a vintage Banarasi Shikargarh craft? Inspired from the ancient hunting games of the Mughals and other royal members, the Shikargarh technique of weaving makes intensive use of meticulous flora and fauna motifs in their interlacing, while also keeping the art innovatively dense. Adorned with heavy artisanal zari, Banarasi Shikargarh is one of the most majestic and appealing categories in the sarees, radiating a charismatic as well as a sensuous vibe at the same time.


Couple WeaverStory's Handloom Magenta Shikargah Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Pure Zari with a backless or deep cut blouse and some ethnic statement jewellery to rock the party till four in the morning. 


Selecting a saree for a summertime wedding requires a lot of dedication and compromises, either in the realm of style or comfortability. But what if we told you that WeaverStory's Banarasi Georgette Sarees are an exquisite blend of sophisticated urbanity and ethnic lightness? 

Named after a French designer and later hand crafted on the banks of the sacred river Ganges, Banarasi Georgette fabric is a pioneering innovation in the field of traditional ensembles and is characteristically popular for its airy, flimsy and crepe-like consistency. The texture of these sarees exude a sense of modern dexterity while the heavy brocade interlacing of zari elegantly complements with the porous uniformity of the fabric, to suit any high profile fashion event.


Our Maroon Handloom Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Saree With Zari weave is another thoughtful testament to the fusion of tradition and contemporary finesse. The maroon hue creates a soothing visual impact that's both enchanting and invigorating. Pair this saree with some gold jewellery pieces to complete the look. 


Might be on the bottom of the list, but WeaverStory's Satin Silk Sarees are always the top choice for Banarasi attire buffs around the globe. Smooth like cream and boldly salty like butter, Satin Sarees are probably the smartest choice of ensembles during the summertime and especially, because of their durability and never ending era of fashionability. Curated with extreme perseverance, although this greasy and rich texture is quite hard to obtain, it ultimately shines like a bright North Pole star! Our Peach Handloom Plain Satin Banarasi Saree with Gold and Silver Zari Border is a classy blend of all the required elements of attractiveness, making Satin Silk Sarees your number one choice. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka