Best Dupattas To Style For Different Occasions - By WeaverStory

Let's be honest ladies, only we can understand the significance of a densely meticulous and gorgeously hand crafted dupatta, spread over a simple and minimalistic attire. A zari embellished dupatta with an intricate border is in itself a complete outfit, whereas a bad quality dupatta can ruin your entire look with less than the click of a hand. But how difficult it is these days, to bag a diverse and alluring collection of dupattas without checking out dozens and dozens of markets with intensive labor. So that's where our hard working team of WeaverStory comes to your aid and steals the show, by bringing to you an enchanting list of their best dupatta fabrics and designs to style for different ceremonious occasions. 

Keeping up with Kanjivaram

Originated in the Kanchipuram village of South Indian estate, Kanjivaram Silk fabric deserves to be on top of our list of most eloquently elegant dupattas, curated with utmost perseverance and intricacy, from the finest breed of raw and authentic Mulberry Silk threads. Paying homage to the ancient craftsmanship culture of our heritage, this traditionally ethnic ensemble is prominently known far and wide for its dense zari interlacing of 100% sterling gold and silver, its unwavering durability and of course, the perpetual versatility of this dupatta.


WeaverStory's  Handloom Orange Pure Silk Shikargah Kanjivaram Dupatta With Real Zari Border is a vivacious masterpiece embellished with a uniform pattern of meticulous brocade work and tassels of delicacy hanging around the edges. The border of the dupatta is inspired from the vintage hunting tales and the temple scriptures from the glorious past, adding a sense of homesickness to the ingenious color palette of blood red. Pair this dupatta with either black, red, white or yellow for an ultimate WOW moment! 

Get zealous with ZARDOZI

Literally translated to "gold hand weaving" in Persian language, Zardozi interlacing was anciently reserved for the royal members of majesty and was traditionally used to decorate the artefacts and appliances of Mughal significance. How can a souvenir of our glorious past, something so historically precious and rich, not add class to your chic outfit! Adorned with a regal Mughlai border and dense zardozi motifs of flowers and pearly leaves, WeaverStory's magnum opus  Hot Pink Zardozi Work Dupatta With Mughal Border is ready to steal your hearts with just a glance.


The shaahi color palette of plum and fuchsia perfectly complement the sterling zardozi craft of blonde hues, adding an innovative aroma to the vintage hand loom textile. Zardozi technique involves massive amounts of diligence and intricacy, and its heaviness makes this dupatta appropriate for any high profile party event. 


Ladies, let's promise ourselves that this wedding season we won't let anything compromise our sense of fashion, and not even when it's too hot to wear something heavy. Because why worry, when we have something as breathable as Organza to carry! Traditionally acclaimed for its lightweight, flimsy and cozy fabric, Organza tissue is used to hand loom bridal wear and ethnic ensembles since its origination. While the sheer and slippery texture adds to the comfortability of the dupatta, the impenetrable zari interlacing and vintage motifs of 100% pure gold synchronize with the fancy mood of the occasion.


WeaverStory's stunningly exquisite Yellow Handloom Organza Dupatta With Hand Embroidered Border is the utmost embodiment of a bright sunny day spent in the fragrant fields of jasmine. Couple this dupatta with a suitable color shade like red, black or monochromatic orange to become the life of the party and be forever known for your classy taste in hand embroidered ensembles. 

Prepared to illuminate with IKAT PATOLA

Curated in the metropolitan city of Patan in Gujarat, the patterns of Ikat and Patola are handcrafted meticulously with the delicate filaments of Mulberry Silk, by the tying and dyeing method of textile, to obtain the elegance of each required motif specifically. Embellished with an ethnic history of triumph, the ikat patola dupattas were originally hand woven for the rich and royal Gujarati women, making the fabric an integral part of the bridal trousseau or stridhan.


Designed by WeaverStory, our Green Handloom Pure Mulberry Silk Ikat Patola Dupatta defines royalty, tranquility, and elegance thread by thread thus evoking a sense of grandeur and unmatched class These dupattas are a walking personification of minimalism, carrying a calm and unfussy aesthetic in each and every section.

Chaar chaand with CHANDERI

There's something so elegantly gorgeous about Chanderi Silk dupatta, embedded with sterling gold zari work and floral motifs of intimate artistry, that words aren't enough to express the sentiments of admiration. Hand crafted in the heart of our country, Madhya Pradesh, the Chanderi Silk textile is prominently acknowledged for its dense and uniform interlacing pattern along with a vibrant history of ethnic glory.


WeaverStory collection of Chanderi dupattas include our magnum opus Handloom Mustard Pure Chanderi Silk Dupatta With All Over Sona Rupa Booti .Adorned with a mesmerizing All Over Sona Rupa Booti pattern, this exquisite piece captures the essence of elegance. Woven with extreme labor and manual hard work, these dupattas generate a sense of respect for our rich customs while also maintaining innovation in its pastel color palette, which is highly suitable for a daytime occasion. 


Known world famously as the tie and dye method, Banarasi Bandhej dupattas are a product of utter craftsmanship and intricacy, which involves preparing each section separately to obtain the required results. The Banarasi Georgette, also popular for its crepe-like consistency, adds to the lightness of the fabric while the abstract art of Bandhej textile makes the dupatta dense and innovative.


WeaverStory's  Handloom Green Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Dupatta With Floral Border is a must-have for any ethnic event. Adorned with an impenetrable bond of zari interlacing and floral motifs of pure gold, this dupatta is a masterpiece of our collection. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka