Celebrating The Bond In Style: 4 Sarees That Fit The Occasion

Celebrating The Bond In Style: 4 Sarees That Fit The Occasion

In a mythical time, many epochs ago, an angry Lord Krishna hurled his divine weapon, the Sudarshan Chakra, on his cousin Shishupala - said to be the third and last incarnation of Vishnu’s gatekeeper, Jaya. Krishna once promised to slay his cousin if he committed more than a hundred sins. In the court of Indraprastha, Shishupala made the grave mistake of initiating abuses against Lord Krishna and hence faced the wrath. During this event, Krishna cut his finger with the Chakra! Horrified at seeing him bleed, Draupadi tore a piece of her garment and tied it around his finger. An indebted Krishna repaid his dues in Duryodhan’s court many years later- we all know the story of the cheerharan. 

The mythology behind Rakshabandhan isn’t restricted to an isolated event in our mythology. There are stories of Goddess Laxmi and Bali, Lord Yama and Yamuna and many others that showcase the significance of the beautiful bond between a brother and sister. Many stories in the rich Hindu scriptures mark the significance of this beautiful festival. The sublime bond between siblings is something created and crafted by the gods. There is nothing linear about this relationship; while love is the recurring theme, this relationship brims with a protective responsibility against one another and a bond that can put the greatest camaraderie to shame. It’s filled with mischief, love, fights and even scheming. Such is the nature of this beautiful bond. 

However, in the past two years, many siblings have missed the opportunity to dress up and celebrate the event, but Rakshabandhan 2022 promises to be different. It’s time we take our best clothes out and bring back the celebration. Covid-19 stole two precious years from us but this year promises to be a resurrection of love, nostalgia and a collective childhood. So, huddle your siblings around the laptop and let’s go saree shopping for this Rakshabandhan will be bigger, bolder and better. 

We have listed down four different style of sarees to help you celebrate this bond in sheer style and elegance. The beauty of the nine yards is the perfect ode to this pious bond of a brother and sister. Let’s take a look: 

1.Bringing forth the exquisiteness of pink and silk: there is a light-heartedness to pastel colours that go so well with this informal yet wholesome festival of Rakshabandhan. There is a certain allure of a simple silk saree with delicate motifs that bring out the decadence of this festival. A sister draped in a pure Katan silk Banarasi saree will surely bring a smile to any brother’s face. The opportunity of dressing up in this finery shouldn’t be missed. Handloom Pink Pure Katan Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Saree With Zari is the perfect pick for Rakshabandhan. If you’re shopping for a new saree online, this can be a blind choice. The wearer is guaranteed to look resplendent in this delicate silk saree. A Katan Silk Banarasi is a heirloom piece which makes its space in your trunks, ready to be worn and passed down to posterity.


2.Organza never disappoints: in the past few years, we’ve seen a resurgence of the organza silk. From the most prominent celebrity to your BFF at a wedding, we’ve seen them all grace this gorgeous fabric around themselves for a good reason. Organza silk is the right balance of lightweight and celebratory that we’re looking for; therefore, it fits perfectly on the day of Rakshabandhan. Not only is organza lightweight, but it’s also modern in its approach; the accompanying blouse is a raw silk fabric and matches perfectly. The Handloom Aqua Blue Organza Saree is a showstopper; with its delicate embroidered motifs, the saree brings good luck and lots of love to its wearer. This saree is also the perfect gift by every big brother who loves to dot upon his little sister. This vibrant fabric will make you the centre of attention, just like every sister should be! 


3.A delicate mukkaish work will make you the talk of the event: it’s easy to wear something normal to Rakshabandhan; however, with a little effort and an extra few minutes for draping, one can make this festival a total hit for themselves. 2022 is all about going big, and the Baby Pink Handloom Saree with Mukkaish Work is just the right pick for this event. This Real Weaver creation is the perfect pick if you’re shopping for a saree online. A georgette is perfect for draping; this saree is easy to handle and is the perfect pick for a cute function and a humid environment. 


    Sarees are some of the easiest garments to wear and bring out the graceful goddess within every lady. Let’s not keep our drapes for weddings but use and enjoy their allure daily too. Rakshabandhan 2022 is perfect for going all out and enjoying our bond with our brothers. Wear these sarees and click pictures with your cousins and siblings. If you’re a brother, add a saree to your beloved sister’s collection. A marriage of tradition and modernity, a saree is the perfect pick for the modern Indian woman who aims high in life yet remains routed to her culture. This Rakshabandhan, celebrate a bond like none other and dress with all the invigoration you possess. 

    Author: Uma Shekhawat