Chanderi Sarees: The A-Z of Different Chanderi Handlooms at WeaverStory

Hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India, Chanderi is an antediluvian craft that was once extensively treasured by the royals and has never lost its fandom since the yesteryears. The Chanderi fabric has been named after the town of Chanderi, where the finest craftsmen of India create classic Chanderi handlooms that are then treasured by people from across the world. Widely lauded by the connoisseurs of the finest handlooms, the transcendent Chanderi fabric is the outcome of a peculiar combination of silk (as warps) and cotton (as wefts). This fabric is highly coveted for its unrivalled charm, finesse, sheer texture, and lightweight. Chanderi fabric is made by weaving silk and golden zari into traditional cotton yarn, resulting in a shimmery appearance. Before we dive into the various Chanderi master works at WeaverStory, let's have a closer glance at their history and origin.

The Engrossing Footprint of Chanderi Weaves in Indian Culture and Heritage

According to the legend, Chanderi was first created by Shishupal, Lord Krishna’s cousin, during the Vedic era. It is believed that even during the times when the Mughals reigned in India, this fabric was a highly sought-after choice among the queens. However, the evolution of Chanderi began in the 1890s when the weavers in Chanderi switched from hand-spun yarn to mill-made yarn.

The royals of Scindia patronised the Chanderi saree in the year 1910, and a gold thread motif surfaced for the very first time in the base frame of the cotton muslin saree at that time. It also prompted the introduction of silk yarn and, over time, the utilisation of dobby as well as jacquard. With the evolving consumer scenario and ever-progressing fashion trends in mind, the cluster went on to weave yet another variety of fabric in the 1970s that blended a silk warp with a cotton weft. Among the many delightful motifs, the Chanderi handloom adorned 'Chatai,' 'Nalferma,' 'Jangla,' 'Mehndi wale haath,' 'Dandidar,' and many more. Chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh encountered Japanese silk in the 1930s. They soon began to replace the warps of cotton sarees with it, giving rise to the Chanderi silk variety.

*Fun fact: The locals of Chanderi consider this handloom simply woven air ("buni hui hawa").

WeaverStory Chanderi Handlooms

Presently, the traditional Chanderi Silk Saree is most treasured by women from across the world as heirlooms that can be passed onto future generations. Women with impeccable taste in fashion and an astute eye for traditional Indian handlooms often choose a Chanderi Silk Saree for wedding ceremonies and special occasions alike. Generally, Chanderi is believed to produce fabrics including pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton.

WeaverStory, just like other impressive handlooms from across India, cherishes every bit of Chanderi’s history and heritage and strives to bring you some exquisite masterworks in the form of Chanderi sarees. Let’s take a glimpse at different Chanderi fabrics woven into six yards of grace and sophistication, exclusively brought to you by WeaverStory.

The Supreme Elegance of a Pure Cotton Chanderi Saree

Chanderi cotton weaves are must-haves for summer. Even though they are made out of cotton, these Chanderi sarees are much lighter and more transparent than the usual cotton fabrics. These breathable, lightweight fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns and prove to be great additions to wardrobes, even for workwear outfits.


The Handloom Red Pure Cotton Chanderi Saree All Over Flower Motifs by WeaverStory is a supremely elegant masterpiece that is delicately woven into opulence by the finest artists of Chanderi.

This cotton Chanderi saree holds a special place in our hearts as it is a conceptualised piece of art that seamlessly represents our initiative of the financial independence project "Sahej." This impressive project was led by Smt. Naseem Bano, Saida, Nooreen, and Saba in the town of Chanderi. The simple idea behind this project was to connect with progressive families who would allow them to train their young girls and make them financially independent.

The red Chanderi saree is thoughtfully handcrafted using the eknaliya weaving technique with a modern colour palette to allow you to style yourself in elegance in multiple ways. Handwoven by women from scratch, this breathable masterpiece features a zari border that elevates its elegance. You can use this masterpiece as workwear attire or pair it with heavy jewellery and slay through special occasions like a pro!

The Ethereal Charm of a Pure Cotton Silk Chanderi Saree

This parrot green Chanderi saree is made out of pure cotton silk. Cotton silk is the most admired pick among Chanderi weaves. In this weave, the weft is silk and the warp is mercerized cotton. The cotton blend makes the Chanderi weave an ideal pick for summer.


The Lime Green Handloom Pure Tissue Silk Chanderi Saree  is an easy-to-drape masterpiece you can adorn at work as well as pair with heavy jewellery and Kamarbandh to steal the show at your best friend’s mehendi ceremony.

This Chanderi saree is also an indispensable part of the "Sahej" project initiative and is handwoven by women of Chanderi using the age-old eknaliya weaving technique. Given its subtle beauty and simplicity, yet unparalleled charm, adding this masterpiece to your closet would be the best decision you could make.

The Captivating Appeal of the Tissue Chanderi Silk Saree

If you are looking for airy Chanderi sarees whose aesthetic appeal and sheer elegance can effortlessly help you stand out from the crowd, you must opt for the tissue Chanderi Silk Saree at WeaverStory. These sarees are often picked for their unique luster and unexampled charm.


The Handloom Rust Tissue Chanderi Silk Saree With Contrast Border is a masterpiece that belongs to our "Mehrunisa" collection. This delightful handloom is made using the intricate eknaliya weaving technique and features a beautiful contrast border that makes this saree a scene-stealing addition to your wardrobe.

The Sophistication of the Chanderi Silk Saree

These are the heavenly pure silk versions of Chanderi weaves and are often admired for their silky, lustrous texture. Their aesthetic appeal is comparable to that of Kanjivaram and Banarasi weaves, making them the most sought-after pieces of art among fashionable women. The luxurious feel, lightweight fabric, and unrivalled aesthetic appeal make these heirloom-worthy handlooms perfect for wedding trousseaux.


The Mauve Handloom Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With Eknaliya Bird Motif is one of the most admired handlooms of WeaverStory. Exclusively brought to you straight from the "town of looms"—Chanderi—this magnificent work of art is a Chanderi silk saree with a zari border that looks simply gorgeous when adorned for any special occasion. From the Mauve colour and fine Chanderi silk fabric to the  elegant zari border, everything about this purple Chanderi saree is worthy of admiration and the compliments it receives.

We hope this blog helped you understand the A to Z of different Chanderi handlooms at WeaverStory. You can explore many more of these extraordinary handlooms at our flagship store or on our website now!

Author: Simran Shaikh