Chhalawa : Love is a Journey of Self-Discovery


In the realm of emotions, the colour red has long been intertwined with the notions of anger and rage. Yet, what if we were to transcend conventional narratives and perceive red as an emblem of self-acceptance and self-love? What if, by redefining our perspectives, we let this vivid hue serve as a gentle yet resolute reminder to direct our energies inward, allowing us to nurture our own hearts, discover our own minds, and put ourselves above all else? 


With our new campaign Chhalava, we embark on a captivating journey delving into the ascent of a woman amidst betrayal, as she gracefully navigates through the diverse stages of loss with unwavering resilience. 

At the beginning of her loss, denial acts as a shield against the overwhelming ache of betrayal for the woman. As she comes face-to-face with the stark reality of her loss, she withstands the emotional anguish.

Embracing the void proves to be a formidable challenge, and her perception of the world undergoes a deep shift.


In the progression of loss, a newfound phase emerges, accompanied by an overwhelming surge of anger. The woman finds herself in profound emotional turmoil. The sheer magnitude of sentiments demands to seek solace in anger, as it serves as an outlet for emotional liberation.

Embracing the void proves to be a formidable challenge, and her perception of the world undergoes a deep shift.


In the face of loss, the woman experiences an overwhelming need to bargain that compels her to employ any means necessary to diminish the anguish. In this phase of loss, she finds herself attempting to undertake certain actions in exchange for liberation from the ceaseless torment that engulfs her being.

As she navigates through the journey of loss, there comes a moment when her mind settles and she begins to confront the unforgiving reality that unravels before her.
Within this phase, her initial bouts of panic subside, as the veil of emotional confusion slowly dissipates, and the enormity of the loss becomes ever more pronounced and inescapable.

The final stage of loss is acceptance. As the woman arrives at this juncture, it does not imply that the anguish of loss has dissipated entirely. Rather, it signifies that she has ceased to oppose the circumstances and has relinquished the idea to transform it into something different. She directs her attention towards the path that lies ahead, seizing control of her destiny and embarks on a new journey of self-discovery.



Wardrobe: WeaverStory
Creative direction and styling: Chandan Kumar 
DOP / Cinematographer: Ankit Chatterjee 
Photographer: Shankar Jangir 
Post Production: Ankit Chatterjee
Muse: Juhi Sharma
Makeup: Prem Thakur, Vandan Roy
Assisted by: Yameen Ali,  Moments by Nitesh


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