Ethnic must haves for Women : Exclusive Dupattas to own by WeaverStory

Indian ethnic wear has an undulating charm of its own persisting from historical days. People, all around the world, truly admire them for their shimmering designs, bold colour palettes, stellar textures and sharp silhouettes, Indian craftsmanship is something we are immensely proud of! 

While the list is never ending when we talk about ethnic must haves for women, a  Handloom Dupatta is a statement piece that can be paired well with all kinds of attire and duly complete an ensemble.  


From Past to the Present 

A dupatta is a long scarf or shawl that is worn with traditional Indian clothing and is an essential element often used to add a pop of color or a touch of elegance to an outfit. 

Popularly known as Odhni or Chinari, the history of this piece of cloth goes back to the Indus valley civilization and the Vedic times when it was a symbol of honour and pride and an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Du - means two and Patta infers to a piece of fabric hence forming The Dupatta, inspired from the head scarf and niqab worn in neighboring middle eastern countries. In earlier days, a Dupatta was worn by both men and women, along with being an indispensable part of the ensemble for royal kings and emperors. 

With time, the use of a dupatta has evolved and now it is mostly used to compliment the overall attire of women, hence completing and accentuating their overall look. Each diverse region of India has its own significant way when it comes to Dupatta - from fabrics, methods of weaving to distinct embellishments and handcrafted embroidery. It is draped in a multitude of ways and can be paired well with salwar kameez, lehenga, churidar, sharara, gharara and much more. They can also be used as a stole to elevate the look of everyday outfits or a veil on a wedding for a traditional look.  

Different types of Dupattas 

There are many different types of dupattas, each with their own unique characteristics and designs: 

  1. Chiffon dupatta :- With its soft, lightweight and sheer fabric, a chiffon dupatta is perfect for the summer season! Work like light embroideries, gotta patti work or other surface work techniques bring out the best in the dupatta. 
  2. Georgette dupatta :- A flowy fabric with a crinkled texture, georgette dupatta is one of the favorites amongst women! A go to piece for evening parties or day events which are great for embroideries, prints or even solid colors. 
  3. Cotton dupatta :- A breathable fabric this one is perfect for everyday wear because of its lightweight. Cotton dupattas are ideal for summers and look beautiful with block prints, floral hand woven designs and abstract patterns.  
  4. Banarasi Silk dupatta :- This one is a classic with its luxurious fabric, intricate designs and fine craftsmanship looks effortlessly elegant and royal with an Indian ethnic fit - suits or lehengas
  5. Bandhej dupatta :-  Alternatively known as the Bandhej Dupatta, these are one of the most colorful pieces made with tie & dye, an old technique from the royal land of Rajasthan. With a plethora of options available in unique patterns and vivid colors, they beautifully add a pop of color to your outfit.  
  6. Phulkari Dupatta :- From the state of Punjab, a Phulkari dupatta makes for an adorable piece fabricated with colorful silk threads and beautiful patterns. These multiple hues and handcrafted designs look unique and can be easily paired with plain kurta sets. 
  7. Ikat Patola Dupatta :- For the simple yet sophisticated, this is a classic Indian wove and a go to  Dupatta. The unique resist dyed textile technique brings a wavy abstract pattern to the fabric and the dupatta looks strikingly bold and vivid, perfect for an indo-western fusion.  
  8. Chanderi Dupatta :- A heritage piece and a valuable craft, chanderi dupattas are known for their soft transparent texture with elegant zari work in shimmering gold. They can be adorned with suits, kurtas and come in an array of deep colored hues that give a lovely look to any attire. 
  9. Chikankari Dupatta :- This intricately embroidered dupatta from the cultural city of Lucknow looks beautiful in every way! Coming in various colors - from bold red, blue, green to the softer shades of white and pastel, a Chikankari dupatta can elevate every ethnic look if combined with appealing mirror work or pearls 
  10.  Velvet Dupatta :- Your perfect company for winters, velvet is one of the most opulent fabrics known out there! Heavy embroideries work well on this soft fabric adding some glitz to the dupatta. The overall finesse looks absolutely gracious and will also keep you warm throughout. 

From WeaverStory’s collection 

Banarasi Dupatta Ikat Patola Dupatta Chanderi Dupatta Banarasi Bandhej Dupatta Hand Embroidered Dupatta 

Dupatta are super versatile and can be worn in several different ways - A half pleated dupatta style, the shoulder and wrist drape, a free falling dupatta or the shawl style. They  add a touch of zing to the outfit while bringing an essence of elegance with their contrasting colours and unique pattern designs! dupattas have a rich cultural significance in the Indian ethnic wear and are a must have piece in a woman’s wardrobe. Well, how many dupattas are too many dupattas

Author - Aarushi Sharma