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Trends in Banarasi Silk Sarees: What’s new and upcoming in 2023

  • 4 min read

Sarees, India’s national apparel is truly a statement piece - and an essential part of women’s wardrobe since the time of the royals. Owing to its rich cultural and heritage traits, Banarasi wins hearts every time and at every special occasion - never ceasing to make a woman feel wonderful. Banarasi sarees are a beautiful result of the craftsmanship of the weavers in Varanasi, earlier known as "Banaras" - making it one of the best known locations for finding this silk fabric. From wedding celebrations to ceremonial events, the saree’s smooth texture and natural sheen add an essence of regality to anyone who adorns it. 

Let’s delve deeper to know why Banarasi remains one of the most endearing of all with these new and upcoming trends: 

The link between modern and traditional 

With the widening gap between the old and the new, amongst an array of choices out there -  people constantly want to be reminded of their roots. There are only a few things that instigate this feeling of nostalgia in us -  food, architecture designs and fabrics. The Banarasi beholds a rich history where it came into existence during the Mughal era, when the city of "Banaras" played a significant role in India’s flourishing textile industry. The distinct zari and real gold threadwork was a unique highlight with intricate motifs inspired from nature and Mughal architecture. Undoubtedly, a Banarasi saree is an epitome of our heritage, we can only imagine how a woman feels while wearing it, no less than a royal queen. 

Designers bringing it back to life 

All top end designers have an exclusive Banarasi collection and are on an endeavor to bring back this remarkable fabric with a fresh breath of air! Across a range of unique designs in sarees, they are beautifully experimenting with inventive designs and offbeat vivid colors. From gotta patti, zardosi work to motif patterns, every design works like magic on the pure silk fabric with its sparkling elegance. Making for a go to choice for designers! 

Suitable for all women  

Banarasi sarees are suitable for women of all ages and times and are still a demanding piece of all options available out there! The fabric is perfect for alluring compositions and work of art - from block prints, hand painting and much more. The most commonly handcrafted motif designs are inspired from beautiful flower patterns, animal designs, abstract prints and the mughal scriptures, architecture. With an array of options in attractive hues, it is a perfect fit for every special occasion. 

Bollywood’s top choice 

The Bollywood buff in us will be happy to know that the  Bollywood divas simply admire Banarasi sarees (you will find at least one of them carrying one gracefully at an event or even at their weddings) and love adorning it. From the legendary style icon Rekha Kapoor who is most often spotted donning a Banarasi Silk Sarees beautifully to modern brides - Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Dia Mirza - who wore this traditional fit during their different wedding functions in each of their own unique styles. 

Wedding attires for bride to be 

Banarasi sarees are an embodiment of grandeur and finesse with a charming element. This exquisite piece is a top choice amongst a ‘bride to be’, grabbing a significant place in Indian weddings for its royal finesse. The lustrous texture, intricate designs in gold or silver thread work renders an excellent ensemble for a decorous style. The Mughal inspired design themes in pure silk have a sparkling elegance that leaves a great impression! This one is a staple for Indian weddings and definitely a must have for the trousseau. 

Go-to outfit for a winter weddings 

Somewhere, we all dread weddings in the winter season - lack of options to wear, the uncomfortable chill in the bones and what not! But if we look at the positives -  sultry summers are at a bay, clear and healthy skin is your dear friend, one can enjoy the special delicacies (Gaj Ka Halwa) and can surely carry a stylish ensemble! Banarasi sarees make for a gorgeous attire for winter weddings with their regal hues, leaving a lasting impression on everyone and making the gloomy winter vibe vivid. One of the most opulent materials along with velvet it always outshines amongst the crowd.

From Weaver Story’s collection 

Lilac Dual Tone Banarasi Saree 

An adorable dual tone Pure Katan Silk Banarasi in a heartwarming lilac shade. 


Peach Pure Tissue Silk Saree 

A distinguished finesse beholds this Pure Tissue Silk Saree in shades of a lovely peach and violet borders. 



Pure Handloom Silk Saree with Cutwork 

In a stunning dark purple shade this Pure Silk Handloom Saree has an old-world charm with floral motifs all over. 


Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

A refined finesse defines this Kora Silk Banarasi saree in an enchanting shades of maroon with horizontal stripes in gold. 


Wine Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree

The appealing paisley motifs on Pallu in Pure Katan Silk and the bold wine color makes this a ravishing piece. 


Pale Blue Silk Saree with Meenakari border

The subtle and soothing shades of blue on Pure Katan Silk look truly pleasing with a uniquely scalloped meenakari border. 


Peacock Blue Handloom Saree with Rangkat Pallu 

A multi hued handcrafted piece is perfect for a stylishly discerning woman.


Author - Aarushi Sharma