Five Lightweight Sarees You Need to Steal The Show At The Next Summer Wedding.

The wedding season is here but with the scorching summer heat and humidity, finding the perfect outfit that is both stylish and comfortable becomes a challenge. Among the plethora of choices, a lightweight yet elegant saree stands out as the quintessential choice for a summer wedding. Embodying grace and timelessness, sarees have the remarkable ability to make any woman look stunning. To help you shine at any summer wedding, we have curated a list of five lightweight and best sarees for summer weddings that are sure to steal the show with their exquisite fabrics, vibrant colours and intricate work. Read ahead and explore the best summer wedding sarees collection.

A Lustrous Yet Airy Silk Sarees 


A  silk saree is a timeless classic that never fails to make a statement at weddings. However, for summer weddings, opting for a lightweight silk saree ensures you look your best while feeling comfortable throughout the celebrations. You can choose between an airy Kora Silk , Kosa Silk, Mysore Silk, earthy Tussar Silk or Bhagalpuri Silk, all of which are lightweight and resplendent in their own ways. These sarees not only look regal but are super breathable thus making them ideal for hot and humid weather. This is also why they are leading the list of summer wedding sarees right now. Pair your silk saree with a contrast blouse and minimal jewellery to create a stunning and graceful look.

A Charming Chanderi Saree



Chanderi sarees for summer weddings make for a fool-proof pick. Known for their sheer texture and delicate work, these make for an excellent choice for any wedding event—be it a sun-dappled wedding ceremony, a fun mehendi or a traditional sangeet. Chanderi Sarees are woven with a mix of silk and cotton, giving them their light-as-feather weight and breathability. In soft pastel shades or vibrant hues, they’re typically coated with intricate gold or silver zari work making them the perfect blend of sophistication and style. Team your Chanderi saree with a sleeveless blouse and accessorise with statement earrings to complete the look.

A Beautiful Georgette Saree


Georgette has always been synonymous to ease and comfort which is tops our picks of summer wedding sarees. Combine its airy and flowy texture with the rich artistry of Banaras and the result is pure magic. Georgette sarees drape beautifully and are easy to carry, making them an ideal choice for long wedding ceremonies. You can find these sarees in a wide array of colours and captivating zari work that adds a touch of freshness to your look. Complement your saree with a stylish halter-neck blouse and choose subtle makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

A Majestic Banarasi saree



Banarasi sarees are synonymous with grandeur and opulence, but they are not limited to heavy fabrics. For summer weddings, opt for lightweight Banarasi sarees that are crafted from organza or soft silk. These sarees are adorned with intricate brocade patterns and zari work, creating a royal and regal appearance. The lightweight fabric ensures ease of movement, allowing you to dance the night away without any discomfort. Pair your Banarasi saree with a contrasting blouse and adorn yourself with traditional jewellery for a mesmerising look.

A Vibrant linen saree

Linen sarees are gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts due to their exceptional comfort and modern appeal. These sarees are lightweight, breathable, and perfect for summer weddings. Linen sarees come in a spectrum of bright and lively colours that exude joy and celebration. The minimalist design with subtle embroidery or motifs adds a touch of elegance to these sarees. Team your linen saree with a matching or contrasting sleeveless blouse, and opt for a chic hairdo to create a contemporary and classic look.

Stealing the show at a summer wedding is all about finding the perfect balance of style, comfort and elegance. These five lightweight summer wedding sarees for 2023 listed above – Silk, Chanderi, Georgette, Banarasi and Linen  – are your go-to choices for the upcoming wedding season. Remember to select vibrant colours, intricate work and fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Accessorise thoughtfully and don't forget to wear your confident smile; it is the ultimate accessory that complements any saree! So, get ready to dazzle and make heads turn with your stunning saree choices at the next summer wedding.

Author- Sushmita Singh