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Handwoven Chanderi Sarees

Handwoven Chanderi Sarees

Sheer Romance. Sheer Chanderis

Indulge in our exquisite collection of sublime and intricate Chanderi saris handwoven in the very heart of the village that lends them its name. Distinguished by its unique Buttas or motifs and the alluringly transparent and delicate sheer texture, Chanderi has entranced and enraptured from royalty to the common man for centuries. Discover this romantic weave that is often remarked as 'Moonlit' Sonet!

What is Chanderi Fabric?

Chanderi fabric is known for its sheer texture, lightweight, and luxurious feel. It is produced by weaving silk and golden zari in the cotton yarn that results in the creation of the shimmering look. Its name comes from the small town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where traditional weavers practise the art of making textured sarees in cotton and silk studded with fine zari work and unique motifs. Usually chanderi fabric is used to make sarees but as fashion increases, we now have chanderi suits also.

Things that will make you fall in love with chanderi fabric:-

Royal border -Chanderi sarees are embellished with zari border, which enhance its beauty. Wide border handcrafted with zari work is enough to give you a rich feel. It's a perfect example of luxury and fine art.

Glossy look -Shine and the transparency of this fabric is remarkable and eye-catching. Lustrous texture of chanderi will make you feel like a Queen.

Unique motifs -Motifs handcrafted on this fabric are inspired by nature. Chanderi sarees are popular for their authentic motifs such as swan, peacock, trees, flowers, etc. These motifs depict the beauty of our nature and art of skilled craftsmen.

Easy to drape -Chanderi saree is lightweight and comfortable. It's easy to carry, perfect for all occasions like official gatherings, parties, marriages.

Represents culture -Making of chanderi fabric has been practised for generations. The art of handloom is an example of our Indian culture. Chanderi fabric connects us with our Indian values.

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How to wear a chanderi silk saree?

Styling outfits can be difficult but we will make it easier for you. As chanderi silk sarees are most preferred by women, because it's lightweight and easy to drape. There are several ways to wear a chanderi silk saree, it depends on you how you want to drape it.

Ways to drape -

Short Seedha pallu style :It's the oldest saree draping style. And the most comfortable and easy to carry. You can wear it with tagdi or belt, it will enhance your beauty.

Free-pallu:Nothing can beat the charm of free pallu style. It's in trend and if you know how to carry it properly, you will get a classy look.

Simple pleated pallu: the most preferred and elegant style is pleated pallu. People love it because it's easy to carry and perfect for every occasion such as office wear, parties, and small gatherings.

Where are chanderi sarees made?

Chanderi fabric comes from a small town called ‘Chanderi’, located in Madhya Pradesh. It's close to the Betwa river. It's a town of master weavers, who put their heart and soul into making chanderi fabric. It takes time and hard work to make such luxurious fabric and motifs. Chanderi is a village in Madhya pradesh, where craftsmen weave this fabric with their passion and love.

Demand Of Chanderi Sarees:-

The main market of chanderi sarees is in Madhya Pradesh. Another major market is in West Bengal, mainly Calcutta. Off white and dark coloured chanderi sarees are Loved and preferred in Bengal. Chanderi sarees are more loved by the rich Marwari women. Chanderi sarees are popular in every state for its classic drape. These sarees are famous in the Mumbai market also. Chanderi sarees are more expensive and luxurious than Maheshwari sarees because in Chanderi sarees designs and motifs are made by extra weft but in Maheshwari sarees, design is produced by extra warp.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Chanderi?

To get the original fabric, one must know how to recognize it. Nowadays there are several chanderi fabrics available but all of them are not original. To identify the authenticity of chanderi you should know few things:-

  • The motifs and boota are only handwoven, specially coated with gold, silver, or copper dust,
  • The pure Chanderi silk sarees have a unique sheen and texture that make them different from others.
  • Chanderi silk sareeshave an uneven surface, and will complete your traditional look.
  • Motifs in chanderi saree are inspired by nature such as swans, trees, lotus etc.
  • Handloom Chanderi sarees have a longer life than machine-spun ones. If you don’t want to put so much effort into searching for the original chanderi, then shop your Chanderi silk sarees from Weaver Story to complete your traditional look.

    The Origins and History of Chanderi Saree?

    The remarkable history of chanderi saree started since vedic period ‘Mahabharata’. According to an old saga, Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal found chanderi fabric. After that during the Mughal reign, chanderi became more popular and the first choice of Queens. As time passed, the revolution of fabric started in the 1890s when the weavers who lived in Chanderi town replaced handspun yarn with mill-made yarn. Now chanderi has become trendy and fashionable with heritage. As we know our Indian culture is deep, we are emotionally attached to it.

    India has one of richest traditions of woven textiles, chanderi is one of them. An age-old art of India, which is in trend now. Dating back to 5,000 years hand weaving remains today one of the most popular textile art. Hand weaving is not the use of the warp and the weft; it’s a means of creativity, emotions, which allows an imaginative person to make this authentic drape.

    How to maintain Chanderi Saree?

    Taking care of chanderi fabric is essential as it's luxurious and expensive. If you want to maintain your saree’s shine for a long time, then you must know how to take care of chanderi fabric.

  • Only dry clean it, but if you want to wash it in an emergency then use mild detergent.
  • Keep it away from harsh chemicals such as perfumes.
  • Change fold regularly, and store in pure cotton fabrics.


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