Four Head-To-Toe WeaverStory Looks That You Need To Bookmark

Four Head-To-Toe WeaverStory Looks That You Need To Bookmark

Traditional wear is receiving accolades globally, and all thanks to the advent of social media, our weaves are getting the love they receive, and the craft is finding its space back in the world. Indian crafts and weaves have always been stylish; they exude a certain style and charisma that is unmatched. From gorgeous embroidery on blouses or the tedious work down on the loom, the Indian craft is a testament to perfection and timeless beauty. The Indian dress is not an isolated garment but a capsule wardrobe consisting of elegant sarees in different crafts, lehengas with matching cholis and dupatta, salwar suits and accessories like shawls. All of these come together to form an amazing wardrobe that is fashionable and yet rooted in our traditions and cultures. 

Indian outfits for women have always been a time of celebration in the country, from getting your first lehenga as a child, to getting your first saree for the farewell and your bridal trousseau followed by many such events, the Indian traditional dress keeps evolving in its meaning and adjusts itself to the occasion. With social media, the focus on daily wear and social wear has increased, and it’s essential to create an outfit that focuses on our personal style and matches the ongoing trend. WeaverStory is firmly rooted in the belief that our handlooms and age-old skills should be preserved and persevered, and what better way than to wear them! Let’s take a look at four head-to-toe WeaverStory Looks that need to be part of your wardrobe. 

1. The Perfect Indian Wedding Dress: Indian weddings are colourful, and it’s essential to be involved in them with a range of colourful outfits of your own. The Indian ethnic wear is vibrant and easily captures the attention of everyone. The peacock is India’s national bird and contributes to the vibrancy of our country. The  Peacock Blue Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Organza Dupatta and Blouse is the perfect ode to this magnificent and beautiful bird. The lehenga and blouse are prepared from the Katan thread. This thread is created by twisting several silk filaments. The Katan silk is soft and delicate silk that is lustrous and luxurious to the onlooker’s eyes. This outfit is perfect for weddings and is worth being a part of a treasured heirloom. The lehenga has 18 kali, and that makes it full and extraordinary. The Organza Dupatta is the perfect addition to the outfit and can be placed around the shoulders or held in the arms, wear it how you like it. 


2. A must-have salwar suit: Yet another head-to-toe look you must adopt from the Real Weaver collection is the  Plum Chanderi Tissue Kurta with Wide Salwar and Organza Embroidered Dupatta. This outfit is unique and a head-turner. The spaghetti-sleeved kurta set with an organza dupatta is the perfect combination. This can be the ideal Indian Wedding dress or the perfect outfit for an elegant evening function. The muted tones of these outfits match the earthy and jewel-toned Indian colour palette. The silk is chanderi, and therefore its exquisiteness knows no bounds. The attractive plum shade contrasts well with the ice blue embroidered organza dupatta. A delicate outfit that can be enhanced with subtle jewellery, this outfit is what dreams are made of! During the winters, a gorgeous shawl can be wrapped over the outfit. The  Yellow Handwoven Pure Pashmina Shawls with Kalamkari and Sozni Work can added the required oomph and elegance. 



4. Less is more: Less is genuinely more; not all Indian outfits are vibrant and colourful; there are some which borrow the earthiness of the looms and mills and create something so simplistic and wonderful that each one of us is enamoured by its seeming innocence. Yet, when it is adorned, it makes heads turn, and people stop to admire it. The Handwoven Off White Chanderi Skirt Set with Mirror Work Dupatta is a soothing outfit that feels amazing on the skin and proves itself as the perfect summer outfit. This outfit is the perfect addition to any daytime event you may have, whether it’s a haldi or a brunch. The simplicity of the outfit leaves the wearer with many opportunities. You can layer this outfit or wear it as it is. The set is handcrafted, handloomed, and made of 100% cotton.  This handspun cotton will keep you breezy in the summer months. We can add the Handloom Yellow Chanderi Dupatta with Zardozi Work. This lightweight dupatta matches the breeziness of the kurta .This outfit is a canvas which can be left on its own or painted with colours of your choice. 



Handloom Yellow Chanderi Dupatta with Zardozi Work

    Indian ethnic wear is versatile and can be worn in so many ways. The four outfits above are representative of the reservoir of the finest weaves and crafts that are present in our country. The four outfits are perfect for traditional or formal events. After wearing them, wrap them in clean mulmul and store them under dried neem leaves. WeaverStory aims to revive these works and present them to the consumers by drawing on age-old traditions that are endangered. 

    Author: Uma Shekhawat