Hand Embroidery That Will Steal Your Heart

India, the land of diverse cultures, religions, and traditions, is home to some of the finest, most intricately crafted woven handlooms. The phenomenal craftsmanship of a variety of expert artisans reflects the peculiar, heirloom-worthy artworks they create. You can explore a myriad of these handicrafts in various states across the country. One of the most impeccable handicrafts of India is the art of impressive hand embroidery. You can find distinguished hand embroidery in different locations all over India. From the Chikankari and Mukkaish embroidery of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Gota from Jaipur and Rajasthan, to Kamal Kadai from Andhra Pradesh, Kantha from Bengal, and Phulkari from Punjab, to name a few, you can find a plethora of these impressive artworks here.

Hand Embroidery in India

Needles and thread have collaborated for centuries to weave magic on the canvas of highly prized silks as well as other textiles to establish eternal pieces designed to be worn for special occasions. This collaboration often came into existence in the form of hand embroidery—the art of painting with needle and thread, which requires painstaking handwork and unexampled creativity to transform into an heirloom-worthy craft for people to treasure. Hand embroidery is believed to have a rich, extensive tradition in India. Patterns, styles, and colors of the artwork vary from state to state and are highly influenced by their nature and religion. Different needlework is carefully selected for a specific look and finish based on the base fabric as well as the desired texture and patterns. Needle art traces its history back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the discovery of needles in archaeological digs! Whilst the art of embroidery has been practiced all through history, it is the nostalgic feeling brought to you by the inspirational fashion designers creating masterworks and romanticizing the concept of paced living that strikes a chord today.

Hand Embroideries at WeaverStory

Even with its centuries-old roots, the art of hand embroidery has found its place in the fashion world today as inspired artisans continue to embrace this art form as a form of self-expression in the most unconventional, ornamental styles. We, at WeaverStory cherish the impeccable craftsmanship of Indian artisans and strive to bring you some of the most impressive artworks you can adorn for various special occasions in your life and treasure for future generations. Our determination to bring you the world’s most unique handicrafts has made us bring you a few of India’s finest hand embroidery pieces. Let’s give a tour of intricately designed WeaverStory's  hand embroidered sarees you will want to add to your closet right away.

Kashmiri Tilla: The Royal Intricacy

Tilla is one of the most exquisite crafts in Kashmir. The artwork is primarily embroidery executed on needlepoint with either gold or silver thread. Traditional adornment has been considered the selection of royalty since centuries ago, and it has consistently been chosen by elite women throughout the generations. Its glistening hues have long been utilised to bewitchingly decorate classic shawls, phirans, stoles, sarees, and much more. Tilla embroidery was initially created with real silver or gold. The precious metals were hammered as well as flattened to create threaded wires, which were employed to embellish items of clothing and jewellery. Through each passing year, the silver or gold would age like a masterpiece, procuring an antique aesthetic.



The Green Kashmiri Tilla Saree by WeaverStory is one of the most elegant silk sarees you must add to your closet. The Moonga silk saree is richly decorated with gold and silver Kashmiri Tilla work, making it an ideal pick to slay through a variety of special occasions.

Fun fact: Kashmiri Tilla and Zari, though frequently used interchangeably, are two entirely different things. The Kashmiri tilla has a metallic underwire coated in gold or silver, whereas the zari utilizes a silk thread base coated in gold or silver hues.

Mukkaish Work: The Glistening Art of Embellishments

Mukkaish refers to metal embellishment, in which one takes fine strands of metal and twists them into patterns and perhaps little dots by hand. This age-old embroidery from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is either used to bedazzle Chikankari garments or to create complete motifs and textile products of the Mukkaish jaal. Mukkaish work has traditionally been limited to Persian motifs or small dots so that it does not hurt or pinch the wearer's skin. The idea was to employ the mukkaish work just to complement the attire. However, designers today play with various motifs, like geometric ones, to give it a contemporary twist.


If you are looking to add a Mukkaish masterpiece to your ethereal wardrobes, the baby pink designer saree  is a must-have. The georgette saree is intricately embellished with Mukkaish work, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The satin V-neck blouse only adds a glamorous touch to its sheer elegance.

Zardozi: The Imperial Craft of Gold Strings

Zardozi is a type of needlework that stemmed from Persia and is widely recognized in India. The term is derived from two Persian words: "zar", which means gold, and "dozi," which means embroidery, resulting in gold embroidery. Zardozi is now used to describe the process of sewing ornamentation onto different fabrics with metallic-bound threads. Lucknow Zardozi seems to have more ornamental and heavy designs, with motifs that have a 3D quality to them. It has a similar style to Delhi Zardozi work, while designs in Hyderabad and Agra are more minimalistic, with an emphasis on simple but large patterns. Nature has continuously served as the source of inspiration for all motifs. The national ecology of India pervades all Zardozi embroidery, from florals, leaves, and tree branches to birds and animals. Feeling allured by its ethereal charm already?



Bring home the wine crepe georgette saree by WeaverStory . This mesmerizing work of art seamlessly showcases the fine needlework artwork and brilliance in attention to detail of the Farrukhabad artisans. The richly decorated hand-embroidered border made out of zardozi floral motifs gives the saree its unrivalled aesthetic appeal.

There are just a few of a plethora of the most amazing hand embroidery designs exclusively available at the WeaverStory flagship store and on our website. You can explore a wide range of exquisite sarees online and invest in some of the finest artworks now!

Author: Simran Shaikh