Handwoven Chanderi Sarees That Will Take Your Breath Away

Chanderi Sarees  are traditional, yet they find an undisputed space in modern times. These sarees are created for the modern woman who intends to create an image and identity of herself on her terms. It’s astounding how a saree finds itself in such a powerful yet personal process. Lightweight fabrics like organza, tissue and chanderi are a hit amongst women because of their ease of wear. They are elegant yet luxurious. The Chanderi saree is made from cotton and silk and is famously named after its city of origin. The Chanderi saree finds itself in mythologies and history and is the perfect personification of love, peace and charm. 

The Chanderi saree is known for its translucence, a sheer fabric that wraps around easily. The Chanderi saree is perfect for a woman from all walks of life. We can wear these sarees at weddings and embellish them further by wrapping pashmina shawls around us. Here we have five chanderi sarees, each perfect for any occasion that you have:

1. Red Double Shade Handloom Pure Plain Chanderi Silk Saree With Tissue Border

Silk Chanderi sarees are beautiful and versatile. This red Chanderi saree is everything that every modern working woman should have in her wardrobe. This simple saree is perfect for cocktail parties and can be worn to offices as well. The saree is created by expert craftsmen at WeaverStory using the complex eknaliya technique. The saree is authentic and true to its route. We can pair a stylish halter neck blouse with this saree for a cosmopolitan yet traditional look. The lightweight chanderi fabric will truly make your day breezy and beautiful. 


  Red Double Shade Handloom Pure Plain Chanderi Silk Saree With Tissue Border

2. Pastel Blue Handloom Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

Yet another traditional chanderi silk saree that can be donned at a quick brunch with our friends or can even be a part of a stylish work wardrobe. This saree comes in a beautiful pastel blue colour .The saree can be paired with some rustic silver jewellery or even some dainty gold jewels. The saree is breezy and elegant, and despite its simplicity, it holds itself in the crowd. This saree is created for a successful woman who knows herself and her ambitions and isn’t afraid to follow them. 


3.Yellow Handloom Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With All Over Chand Motif

Next in line to authentic, beautiful and uniquely created Chanderi sarees is this gorgeous yellow chanderi saree. This piece creates a delicate aura and invites anyone craving some peach and tranquility in their lives. This saree is perfect for every boss lady out there who intends to inspire her team and take them to new heights. The saree is simple yet elite in its approach. We can wear simple pearls with this saree and carry our favorite bag. A Chanderi saree like this one doesn’t need much as it holds itself well. Painstakingly created to remain close to the Chanderi tradition, this saree deserves a place in all of our wardrobes. 


4.Beige Handloom Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With All Over Sunflower Motifs

Upping the ante with this luxurious yet breezy pure Chanderi silk saree, this piece is for everyone who desires to participate in festivities and luxurious events. While this saree is somewhat muted but it holds the quality of bringing out the personality of its wearer. The saree is handcrafted by the best of the weavers, and the Eknaliya technique truly shines. The delicate dusting of zari booti all over the saree only adds to the delicate charm and allure. This saree is a must-have in every wardrobe. We are all charmed and flirted with by Kanjivaram and Banarasi Saree; try bringing home a Chanderi to understand yet another type of love. 


 Beige Handloom Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With All Over Sunflower Motifs

5.Handloom Pastel Olive Plain Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With Maroon Mashroo Border

Embellished with a heavily vivid Mashroo Border of golden ornamentations, WeaverStory's heavenly Chanderi Silk Saree pens a whole new image of exotic ensembles for us, while also maintaining the modesty associated with the pastel color palette. Pure and Plain Olive green shades are a stunning personification of a newly weds honor and courage, which also makes this Saree an unforgettable part of the traditional custom of stridhan. Pair this exquisite ethnic ensemble with a matching blouse piece to enhance the beauty of the whole occasion.


A chanderi saree gives us the luxury of a Kanjivaram, a vibrancy of a Banarasi, the modernity of a Patola and Bandhej saree, the allure of silk tissue and a purity that is intrinsic and beautiful. All of these beautiful qualities are further transferred into the wearer and what we end up with is a woman who is deeply feminine and considers it a blessing. The Chanderi is created for a woman who moves through life like a river flowing through the jungle; she works herself around the obstacles and yet retains herself through them. A Chanderi saree at WeaverStory identifies the needs of such women and creates pieces that are unique, classic and yet authentic. We understand that our power relies on our roots and age-old traditions. The five sarees above are only an example of the exquisite collection of Chanderi we possess at WeaverStory. Come visit us at stores or our online website for an experience of a lifetime. 

Author: Uma Shekhawat