Iconic Banarasi Patola Sarees You Must Add to Your Closet Now

India is a country known for its diverse culture, different religions scattered across the nation, delicious lip-smacking food, and nonetheless, the incredible art of creating majestic handlooms. From the Kanjivaram Saree of Tamil Nadu to the  Banarasi  Saree of Varanasi, the impressive  handloom industry of India boasts a variety of weaving techniques, designs, and fabrics scattered across different parts of the country. Each artwork is created by expert artisans and is a distinctive masterpiece you wouldn’t find anywhere across the world. These handlooms, through their designs, weaving techniques, and unrivalled aesthetic appeal, effortlessly showcase the elements of Indian heritage and culture.

The Queen of Silks: Patola

One of the most admired and treasured handlooms of India is the "Queen of Silks," the patola. This masterwork is a creation from the land of Gujarat, known for its time-honored, painstaking weaving technique and display of peculiar designs. Originating from the northern zone of Gujarat—Patan—this century-old double-ended ikat weave technique is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It is this technique that is passed on from generation to generation to create patola handlooms that have an aesthetic appeal, which makes it almost impossible for one to differentiate between the two sides of the fabric.

The Incredible Design Elements That Make Patola a Statement Piece You Must Have

Patola. derives its name from the Sanskrit word "pattakulla" and is the plural version of the word, Patolu. This heirloom-worthy handloom was once treasured by the royals and has been highly coveted as a symbol of status by the people of Gujarat. These handwoven works of art are often extensively worn at grand weddings and added as an inevitable part of a Gujarati bride’s wedding trousseau. Also having its traces in South India, this age-old weave has now become one of the most prized possessions of women all across the world.

Patola Sarees are meticulously created through the resist-dyeing process that employs the warp and weft technique. Weaving a magnificent patola takes about three people almost four to seven months, consequently making it costly as well as time-intensive. The yarn undergoes several tying and dyeing cycles in a specific order of colors. The enticing Patola sarees are colored using various natural dyes such as turmeric, natural lakh, indigo, cochineal, pomegranate skin, Katha, marigold, and henna. You will be surprised to know that the displacement of even a single yarn can easily disrupt the design arrangement and make the entire set defunct.

Patola sarees often showcase an alluring display of geometric patterns and abstract designs. You can often find a Patola silk saree richly decorated with Kalash, elephants, flowers, paans, human figures, or maybe with designs inspired by the architectural works of Gujarat. Each of the sought-after Patola designs has a unique name. You can identify them as:

  • Paan Bhat : This adorns pan-shaped leaves along with motifs of blossoming flowers, parrots, elephants, and female dancers.
  • Nari Kunjar Bhat: This is the border with an eye-catching design of floral and elephant motifs.
  • Navratna Bhat: This is an alluring display of square-shaped patterns.
  • Fulvali Bhat: This is a mesmerizing expanse of floral designs and patterns.
  • Rattanchowk Bhat: This is an exquisite representation of geometric designs and patterns.
  • Iconic Banarasi Patola Sarees by WeaverStory

    Imagine if an exquisitely crafted Patola silk saree can give you an extraordinarily appealing handloom like this, what a perfect blend of Patola and Banarasi Saree can do to your ethereal saree collection! Redefining the luxury and elegance of the traditional Patola, WeaverStory brings to you a distinctive collection of Banarasi Patola sarees you can’t wait to add to your closet. With a premium collection of handcrafted Banarasi sarees with a blend of Patola, these magnificent sarees are destined to sweep you off your feet.


    This saree is artfully woven from Katan Silk, celebrated for its sumptuous sheen and luxurious texture. The deep red base creates an entrancing charm, elevated by an impeccable drape. The vibrant pink and gold border melds seamlessly with the intricate Meenakari work, encapsulating the essence of Banarasi expertise. Coupled with the Patola motifs and delicate cutwork on the pallu, the saree embodies timeless sophistication.


    This saree is crafted from Katan Silk, prized for its shimmering sheen and supple feel. The off-white base offers a serene feel, for its elegant drape. The vibrant pink border is complemented by the intricate Meenakari work, a nod to traditional Banarasi artisanship. The Patola patterns on the pallu, enshrine the saree in timeless beauty. This scene-stealing traditional saree is perfect for grand celebrations like your best friend’s wedding ceremony or a Mata ki Chowki at your cousin’s.

    The Red Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Patola Saree - a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship and luxurious allure. The exquisite patola weave is a work of art in itself, featuring intricate geometric patterns and vibrant hues that create a hypnotic interplay of colors and textures. We bet you are going to steal hearts in a fraction of a second.

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    Author: Simran Shaikh