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Kanak - The Unparalleled Charm of Tissue Silk Sarees

  • 4 min read

Thewhite saree or themuslin saree holds a lot of power within itself; there is something about it that unites everyone with its simplicity. That simplicity is taken up a notch with the silk tissue fabric, simplicity joins hands with luxury, and we’re presented with the gorgeous silk tissue saree. The silk tissue saree is characterized by an enchanting translucence and a delectable sheen that attracts the onlooker towards the wearer. There is charm and a sort of unending beauty to Silk Tissue Sarees. These sarees are easy to drape and perfect for someone who is new to wearing a saree. The silk tissue saree is perfect for evening events like a wedding reception or even a cocktail party. There are a variety of silk tissue sarees available, and the saree changes in design with every region. Let’s take a look: 

1. Kota Tissue Saree :- this saree is an elevated version of the Kota Dohrias saree worn popularly in Rajasthan. The saree is distinct from other tissue sarees and is characterized by a small box-like pattern.

2. Chanderi Tissue Saree :- the chanderi silk tissue saree is like wearing air; that’s how light and breezy this saree is! This saree is easy to wear and can even be worn to morning functions like a Haldi ceremony.

3. Uppada Tissue Silk Saree :- the Uppada Tissue Silk is regal, and many South Indian Actresses often adorn this saree at various events. The saree can have a check like a pattern or even small bootas.

4. Kanchipuram Silk Tissue Saree :- yet another example of excellence, Kanchipuram Sarees are known for decadence. For some rich clients, the silk tissue is also weaved with real gold zari to add to the grace. This lightweight saree is a dream for every saree-lover.

5. Banarasi Tissue Saree :- loved by everyone, the beauty of a Banarasi Silk Tissue is incomparable. The Gold Zari work unfurls another level of luxury that is simply incomparable. 

The Kanak Collection at Weaver Story deep dives into the Banarasi Tissue Saree and brings out sarees that stir the souls. Here we have a few examples from this gorgeous collection. Hopefully, they will showcase the luxury that is a charming Silk Tissue Saree. 

1. Handloom Gold Silk Tissue Organza Banarasi Saree With Kadhwa Asharfi Boota :-

Such is the allure of a tissue silk saree. It's like angels have descended upon earth and themselves weaved fabric with so much grace and love. This saree in thetissue fabric adds a simple yet grand elegance to anyone wearing it. This saree combines the angelic elements of the tissue with the graceful Banarasi Kadhwa Asharfi Boota. Like the stars scattered on the canvas that’s the night sky, these motifs, too, will light up the wearer’s personality. This saree is worthy of passing down to posterity; simple yet bold, we can match this saree with a variety of blouses



2. Handloom Lime Green and Teal Pure Silk Tissue with Kadhiyal Border and Pallu :-

Regal, unique and bold, thisgreen Banarasi saree elevates the tissue fabric with the bold and gorgeous Kadhiyal broad border. This is one of those sarees that cannot be found in every wardrobe; such is the rarity and beauty. The saree is handcrafted to perfection and is a treasure to be owned. The delicate motifs spread across the saree add to the elegance of the saree. This saree is perfect for a bride or for anyone who intends to felicitate a special moment in their lives. The saree itself feels like a jewel, and therefore we can pair it with some gold ornaments and an elegant hairstyle; perhaps you can adorn your hair with your choice of flowers. 



3. Light Mauve Handloom Pure Silk Tissue BanarasiPatola Saree with Cutwork Weave :-

This saree is everything we want a piece to be. It has the elegance of a Banarasi Sarees and a Patola Saree, the allure of the tissue fabric and the gentle yet heavenly light mauve color. This saree deserves to be a part of the trunk where we store all things precious and beautiful. The saree is perfect for a wedding event or a wedding reception and can be paired with delicate diamond jewellery. The geometric pattern of the saree with an elegant zari border explores the precision and cleanliness of the design and work. For a winter wedding, you can also drape a nice pashmina shawl over your shoulders and a further step into a world of luxury and decadence. 

Light Mauve_Handloom_Pure_Silk_Tissue_Banarasi_Patola_Saree_With_Cutwork_Weave_WeaverStory


4. Handloom Gold and Red Pure Silk Tissue Banarasi Saree with Meenakari Jaal:-

We know the richness of ayellow Banarasi saree but have we ever tried a gold silk tissue saree with Meenakari jaal, and Kadhwa work? It’s truly Banaras at its best. This Handloom Gold and Red saree are perfect for a wedding reception. The tissue fabric accentuates the gold, and the red offers a luxurious contrast. We can pair this saree with traditional gold ornaments. It’s truly a guarantee that everyone will be staring at you; such is the promise at Weaver Story Cover the saree with a muslin cloth to extend its life for many years to come. The perfect heirloom, this saree with being cherished by your family. 



The silk tissue saree truly hides a mystery in its weaves, while the comparison with organza is natural, but the two couldn’t be more different. To the discerning eye, a silk tissue saree is perfection personified. We will find a variety of works done on a tissue fabric, it can be a delicate zari, or it can be an embroidery. With the Kanak collection at Weaver Story we see Banaras explored on the fabric ,and it is done so with patience, love and precision. Owning a saree from the Kanak Collection is like gifting yourself with the beauty that never fades. 


Author: Uma Shekhawat