Moissanite Polki: Jewellery that Deserves a Spot in Your Wedding Jewellery Collection!

Brides today can be all fashion-forward, love to experiment with styles, and often look for ways to modernize traditional outfits. But when it comes to choosing her dreamy bridal attire or selecting accessories for her wedding trousseau, she often inclines towards wedding wardrobe staples like a hand-embroidered lehenga or a traditional Banarasi Saree. Such traditional masterworks make her feel closer to her roots, culture, and traditions. Well, this was about outfits; how can we overlook the star of the show: exquisite wedding jewellery? When it comes to bridal jewellery, uncut diamonds, often recognized as polki jewellery, are considered the best picks for the much-needed bridal bling. If you are wondering what exactly is polki, here’s an article that speaks all about it and shows an extensive range of WeaverStory's Moissanite Polki jewellery you can adorn at your wedding or perhaps even at your best friends’.

What is Polki jewellery?

Polki refers to an uncut, unpolished diamond that is used in its natural state without employing any chemical or physical treatments. Often preserved in their original rough state, they have a non-faceted polished surface, and they are typically cut to adhere to their initial stone structure. Each polki stone has a distinct aesthetic appeal, which is why you will not find two pieces that look exactly alike. It is, in essence, one of the oldest types of cut diamonds, having originated in India long before western cutting techniques were invented. Polkis are incredibly expensive given that they represent the purest form of the diamond. When adorned with timeless pearls and coloured gemstones, a polki necklace set tends to look even more appealing than it already is.

Here’s How Polki Came to India

This art of employing uncut diamonds to make exquisite traditional jewellery traces its history back approximately 2500 years, when it was brought to India by the Mughal rulers. Shortly thereafter, it eventually made its way to the courts of the Rajputs and, later, to royal families throughout the country. Each of these monarchs tailored the polki technique in accordance with their personal preferences. Today, expert artisans like the craftsmen of Jaipur are continuing the legacy of producing exceptional polki jewellery with designs that blend well with modern fashion connoisseurs.

The Distinguished Polki Settings

Moissanite Polki jewellery is abundantly available on the market today. When shopping for your wedding jewellery, you might discover three types of polki settings in which these exquisite jewellery pieces are set. The techniques for making these masterpieces include :

  • Jadau: The Hindi term for embedding pertains to jewellery in which polki diamonds are embedded in silver or gold foil, giving them a lustrous appeal as light reflects on them.
  • Takkar: This setting entails assembling embedded polkis edge to edge without using any kind of metal packing.
  • Badroom: This setting has a tulle style with Polkis encased in 24K gold in a Jaali pattern.

    Everything Uh-Mazing About Polki

    While a polki set may keep you hooked on its aesthetic appeal and will serve as the epitome of elegance when adorned as a jewellery set for wedding ceremonies, you are bound to feel lured by its lavishness and its ability to enhance any of your wedding looks impeccably. Here are a few things that make Moissanite polki jewellery truly special and heirloom-worthy.

    • Uncut diamonds are frequently adorned with multi-colored enamel or ornamented with exquisite Meenakari work.
    • They are even blended with timeless pearls and gemstones to add a splash of color. Their elegance is transformed into something truly spectacular when embellished with resplendent rubies and ethereal emeralds.
    • This craft necessitates a substantial amount of expertise and diligence, as each piece can take days or perhaps even months to finish, depending on the intricate nature of the design demanded.
    • The Takkar technique takes about one or two months to make each masterpiece polki accessory. This is because the polkis must be carved and polished to an identical shape and size.
    • Moissanite polki jewellery is available in all bridal must-haves, from bridal earrings and polki bangles to an extraordinarily appealing bridal necklace set.

    WeaverStory: Exquisite Moissanite Polki Wedding Jewellery You Must Add to Your Collection Now!

    WeaverStory boasts an extensive range of wedding jewellery that can effortlessly make you the talk of the town. Each of these artworks is exclusively brought to you straight from the expert artisans of Jaipur. The "Pink City" is not only famous for being home to some of the most beautiful palaces and forts of India but is also recognized worldwide for the brilliance of craftsmanship by Jaipur artisans in creating pure silver jewellery and for excellent quality multi-colored gemstones.

    1. Necklaces :

    WeaverStory, with its widest range of  polki necklaces, introduces a vibe fit for the royals and jewellery designs modern enough to blend well in a contemporary setting. With necklaces like Kaanchana,  Hemani,  Faezaah,  Jasmine, and many more, you are destined to look like a million dollars. 



    2. Necklace Sets :

    Donning these with your enticing lehengas or bewitching  Banarasi Sarees can promptly take your style quotient to the next level.  Necklace sets by WeaverStory showcase unrivalled class and elegance. Each piece exudes royalty and opulence in its own beautiful way. For queens who turn heads, you can explore necklace sets such as Farwah,  Charvi,  Aasia,  Ambar, and many more.



    3. Earrings:

    These  pieces of jewellery are certainly the easiest picks for experimenting with a classic or perhaps even a bold look. For a more elegant, timeless look, you can opt for something like  Effat earrings and  Bhavini studs, whereas for a bold, statement look, you can accessorize yourself with  Jhoomar earrings or Akshara earrings.



    4. Rings:

    These are accessories that can seamlessly add a touch of glamour and elegance to your overall look. With  WeaverStory's  rings like  Meher,  Ninad,  Aamina, Phuketu, and many more, you are destined to feel at ease with styling your outfits and be showered with compliments like never before!



    5. Bangles and Bracelets:

    An Indian wedding ensemble is incomplete without a supremely elegant bangle or bracelet. With  bangles like  Pacheli and Munira and  bracelets like  Inaya, Pounchi, and  Rabail, you are fated to look drop-dead gorgeous.



    When it comes to wedding jewellery, there is no going wrong with accessories made of timeless moissanite polki. With the widest range of moissanite polki jewellery,  WeaverStory brings you an opportunity to add class, elegance, and extraordinary beauty to your jewellery collection. Why wait any longer when you can explore and purchase exquisite polki jewellery at  WeaverStory now? Go on and shop now!

    Author: Simran Shaikh