Must-Have Outfits for Haldi : Yellow and Green Katan Silk Sarees

Big fat Indian weddings are king-size celebrations for a couple embarking on the journey of holy matrimony. These celebrations last for days and consist of several fun-filled rituals and traditions that the bride, groom, and their close friends and family engage in. One of the most memorable and fun functions is the Haldi ceremony. The close friends and family members apply a paste of haldi (turmeric) on the face, neck, hands, and legs of the bride and the groom.

The significance of this tradition stands differently in different religions; however, it primarily lies in the colour, medicinal properties, and beliefs related to haldi. Some people believe that applying haldi before the wedding day keeps the evil eye away, some apply haldi considering the fact that it cleanses the skin and provides glowing, healthy skin for the wedding day; and some people consider it a symbol of blessing. Haldi is generally considered auspicious and is often associated with happiness, purity, and new beginnings.



Haldi Ceremony: A Celebration Made Memorable with WeaverStory

The purpose of engaging in this ritual is to prepare the bride and groom for beginning a new life filled with love, care, and compassion. This amazing event is filled with fun, dance, music, flowers, and haldi. The Haldi ceremony has certainly become a significant part of themed wedding celebrations. Wearing yellow or green outfits is most commonly a part of such themed celebrations.

The colour restriction might make you feel overwhelmed when shopping for the wedding season. However, you can never go wrong with an exquisite pure Banarasi saree. Keeping all your fashion concerns in mind, WeaverStory brings to you some of the most captivating yellow and green Banarasi sarees you can add to your wedding collection, now!

1. The Classic Charm of  Yellow

The  Yellow Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Sona Rupa Jaal is a supremely elegant work of art that will make you look like a million bucks at the Haldi ceremony. Whether you desire to dance through the celebration or just have fun applying haldi to the bride and having scrumptious food, you are destined to have a comfortable day while slaying the celebration in this saree. The lustrous fabric of this yellow-golden Banarasi saree is intricately designed with sona rupa jaal using the cutwork weaving technique, giving this masterpiece its one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal. The magnificent traditional patterns adorning the heavily embellished border and pallu add a touch of royalty to its opulence. Just pair it with a stunning gold-plated pearl choker, and you are all set to be the showstopper at the haldi ceremony.


2. The Gorgeousness of the Green

The  Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Khimkhab Banarasi Saree With Over Zari Jaal is a perfectly designed masterpiece you must add to your wedding collection now. Everything about this green Banarasi saree is worth cherishing. The heavy golden zari work handcrafted over the gorgeous green expanse of the katan silk fabric makes it look like it is pulled straight from the imperial closets of the royals. Every inch of this magnificent Banarasi saree exudes opulence, royalty, and unparalleled charm. A vintage gold necklace set and a bun with gajra will enhance its beauty. Drape yourself in its luxury and walk into the Haldi venue as if you are dressed to kill.


3. The Magnificence of a Banarasi Saree

The Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Double Zari Banarasi Saree With Mughal Booti is  perfect for your haldi ceremony. There are very few handlooms in the world that can effortlessly steal your heart with their exuberance, and this is one such Banarasi saree. The intricately crafted Zari work on this absolute pure katan silk gem add to its already unrivalled elegance. You can pair a contrast-coloured blouse with this masterpiece, or maybe pair it with a Silver necklace set made out of moissanite Polki and green emeralds to complete the look. While this Banarasi saree is a statement piece in itself, pairing it with accessories and giving it your contemporary twist will help you steal the show at the haldi ceremony like a pro!



4. The Contemporary Take on the Traditional Saree

We would never make the mistake of not mentioning the  Handloom Olive Green Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Kadhwa Booti And Aada Border when discussing adding a contemporary twist to the traditional Banarasi saree! While the olive-green expanse does enough justice to its extraordinarily appealing fabric, the elegant Kadhwa Booti decorated all over the pure Katan silk fabric makes it look even more eye-captivating. This heirloom-worthy handloom is a fabric that makes you feel closer to the traditions and culture of India, while its contemporary, intricately designed golden artwork gives this saree its modern twist. Olive green is the colour picked by confident women with fine taste in fashion. If you are someone who loves to add a quirky twist to wedding outfits, this is the perfect pick for you!



5. The Subtle Beauty of Simplicity

The radiant Pale Yellow Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Kadhwa Booti is a simple yet supremely elegant saree. This Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Kadhwa Booti a perfect choice for any occasion. This saree showcases the exquisite Kadhwa Booti technique, where tiny floral motifs are meticulously hand woven throughout the fabric, creating a mesmerizing pattern.  Pair this epitome of elegance with an orange-coloured designer blouse and gold-plated necklace set with orange moissanite Polki stones to look drop-dead gorgeous at the haldi ceremony.


These are just some of the many extraordinarily beautiful yellow and green pure katan silk Banarasi sarees available at WeaverStory; you can explore many more of these on our website. With incredibly beautiful Banarasi sarees crafted with impeccably talented hands, we assure you a handloom you will love to slay and an heirloom you will want to treasure for future generations.

Author: Simran Shaikh