Priya Mani Raj: Style that’s a class apart

South Indian actresses come with a unique sense of style that is rooted in our Indian culture. Whether it is the lavish sarees like Kanjeevaram and the beautiful jewellery rooted in our traditions, everything finds a connection with our rich heritage. We, at WeaverStory , are constantly yearning to blend in our beautiful traditions along with contemporary style and bring to you pieces that look like a complete dream. So when we learnt that Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer, professionally known as Priyamani, donned our saree recently, we couldn’t contain our excitement. 

Priyamani’s career trajectory is interesting and covers a diverse array of films and mediums. Beautiful, elegant and talented, Priyamani’s personal style is yet another factor that sets her apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Known for her work all across the Southern states of the country, Priyamani was born and raised in Bangalore in a Tamil Palakkad Iyer. Her association with sarees and traditional clothing began during school when she modelled for various saree and clothing brands. Blossoming into her own, she ventured into films, giving out one gem after the other. Films like Pellaina Kothalo, Paruthiveeran and Yamadonga have been career-defining; they were commercially successful and fetched her various accolades. While these films were popular in the southern states, it was her performances in Raavan, Rakht Charitra and a dance number in Chennai Express that made her a household name in India. Most recently, her work in Family Man has only increased her popularity, with the entire country waiting for the third season of this nail-biting thriller.


Priyamani’s personal style is an eclectic mix of Indian and western; it’s refreshing and keeps us clicking the like button on her social media handle. From lavish silks to breezy dresses and even bold pants and blouses, she has kept us hooked to her style. With a following of over a million and high engagement, her personal style is lapped up by her fans. 

Recently, at Filmfare Awards, she gracefully adorned a luxurious saree and blouse from WeaverStory. The combination was scintillating, and everything about it was angelic and heavenly. The saree is from our Noorie collection, special hand-embroidered sarees created for festive occasions. Everything about the saree was simply beautiful, with Priyamani’s natural charm blending effortlessly. 

The Hot Pink Handloom Embroidered Organza Saree with Raw Silk Sleeveless Blouse is an eclectic and bright piece; this is a lightweight saree perfect for festive occasions and a favourite amongst those who don’t desire to wear heavier and much more decadent pieces. The saree is from the weaving cluster at Farrukhabad and comes with hand-embroidered zari motifs. This sari can be worn to red carpet events, just like Priyamani and enhanced with simple jewellery. The saree’s simplicity is enough to steal glances. The saree is paired with Hot Pink Raw Silk Sleeveless Blouse with Hand Embroidery. The blouse contrasts the simple saree with its heavy embroidery. The pure raw silk forms a perfect base for the rich zari embroidery all over. This blouse is an example of master craftsmanship in our country. It is luxurious and sits perfectly with the saree. 


Priyamani’s graceful look personifies WeaverStory's tireless work in reviving the beautiful crafts and cultures of India. Each piece is created with the love and hard work of our beloved weavers. Each saree at WeaverStory is worthy of getting passed down to many generations. It is luxurious and leaves us appreciative of our heritage and crafts. Whenever adorning the saree, accessorize it with an inner glow, confidence and style, as if life were your own little red carpet. 

Author: Uma Shekhawat