How to Dress Like Your Favorite Bollywood Celebrity?

Ever since the golden age of the Hindi film industry, we’ve seen our favorite actresses create trends and rages on the silver screen. Whether it’s the iconic Sadhna cut, Sharmila Tagore’s bouffant, Mumtaz’s iconic orange saree or Zeenat Aman’s counter-culture-inspired outfit while she croons Dum Maaro Dum. Even today, Priyanka Chopra’s Desi Girl saree remains a classic, and the many wedding looks by our beloved celebrities continue to create waves amongst the public. We’ve all made mood boards, pinning our favorite looks, mulling over every look and running around the market to find something similar. The entire process is enriching and a great way to identify our tastes and likes. However, there are specific tips and tricks that you can use to look like your favorite Bollywood celebrity. 


1. Always go for quality:

Bollywood celebrities always go for quality; it’s essential to understand the fabric and its work. If you’re purchasing a sarees , make sure that you understand the weaving technique; there are many poor or synthetic quality fabrics available in the market these days which promise you a look like your favorite celebrity, but they look quite the washed down version. Instead, opt for a classic yet good quality piece that will enhance as it ages through the years. Don’t consider this a purchase but rather an investment into the better dressing and collecting a piece that will forever hold its own in the years to come. The Handloom Yellow Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree  is an eclectic piece made with superior Katan Silk; talented artists and a must-have exquisitely create this saree in every wardrobe. 


2. Try something unique:

Celebrities are all about trying out unique color combinations and exploring different styles and fits. This is done to stay trendy and push the limits of your self-exploration. We must also try bringing a few unique pieces into our wardrobes; these pieces can be an expression of ourselves and stray from the classic choices we’ve adopted. It’s time to get sartorial and experiment with our tastes. Experimentation and embracing uniqueness are excellent ways of staying fresh and trendy. The Handloom  Patola Saree  is an exuberant piece which combines excellent quality and eclectic yet classic designs, pushing the edge and redefining ourselves. This saree is a must-have in our wardrobes. 


3. Define your style: 

Every celebrity has a style which defines their sense of dressing. If we see classic Kanjeevaram Sarees, we are reminded of Rekha’s looks; she’s always embraced rich silk sarees and put forth a bold step in the media. She’s always dressed up in a way that is luxurious, and yet her personality does not get outshined by the dazzle of the saree and the jewellery. They complement her beautifully and illuminate the bright quality she possesses of elegance, love and grace. Just like her films, Rekha remains evergreen, and that’s because she remains true to her style. A saree like the Black and Silver  Kanjivaram Saree with Pure Zari Border exemplifies your personal style in a rich yet elegant manner. This saree does not overpower the wearer’s beauty. It’s a saree that’s a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe and is created for special occasions. Deepika Padukone, too, donned a luxurious burnt orange Kanjivaram for her wedding and bedazzled the viewers. 


4. When in doubt, trust the classics:

Not all celebrities make bold choices; some like to stick to the classics and the basics and yet outshine everyone else. This is a rather clever move on days where you don’t want to wear something unique or simply aren’t the kind of person to experiment too much. Classics are called classics for a reason. They are timeless and reinvent themselves in every era. These dresses have remained true to their traditions and have always pushed forth an idea to keep it simple yet regal. Celebrities like Vidya Balan have always embraced classic sarees and lehengas. Even on international platforms like Cannes, they weren’t afraid to keep things simple. We, too, can learn something hear. A classic design or weave will always make us look like a star. There is nothing wrong with not wearing the ‘it’ item of the season. Reiterating Rekha’s style, since times immemorial, she’s donned her luxurious sarees and continued to outshine even the young fashionistas. You can don a Chanderi Saree  to any occasion and look like an absolute star.


5. Let the outfit be you and not vice versa: 

It’s easy to go overboard with your choices and then feel uncomfortable. Our outfit shouldn’t be our identity but only a part of it. It’s important to carry our dress in a fashion that makes heads turn and makes us look confident and phenomenal. All Bollywood celebrities are capable of shining bright in their outfit to the point that the dress becomes a part of them. At no point should you look overwhelmed and drowned in an outfit? Even the colour choices of the outfit can make your look washed. Be careful; it’s always better to go basic and in your comfort zone instead of looking uncomfortable and worried. If you cannot carry a saree, a public occasion is not the place to try. Perhaps a lehenga can be more up your speed. A Rangkaat Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Pista Green Dupatta and Blouse is a beautiful and luxurious choice. This effortless lehenga will make you the talk of the town and bedazzle the onlookers while you twirl away in comfort and ease. 


Dressing up like a Bollywood celebrity requires skill, self-confidence, appreciation for our bodies and a mindset of glamour. We are creating a statement with our outfits! Whether it is an eclectic Patola or a classic Kanjeevaram , it’s important to carry it with pizzazz. At WeaverStory, everything is designed to make you shine bright like a diamond!

Author: Uma Shekhawat