Regal Display of Men’s Wear Outfits: Eid Edition

Eid is an auspicious day celebrated by millions of Muslims across the globe as they mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is an occasion for feasting, praying, and spending quality time with family and friends. Dressing up in brand-new clothes, exchanging presents, and relishing scrumptious meals with family and friends are typical festivities. While the women are going to doll up in exquisite sarees and breathtaking Anarkali suits, the men too have the opportunity to look as dashing as ever! With the blessed day of Eid approaching, this is the perfect opportunity for you to spice up your fashion game. It is time for you to showcase your impeccable taste in fashion and refined sense of style with a collection of men's wear outfits you can slay this day. WeaverStory brings you the timeless classics: the kurta set, Pathani suit, and Nehru jacket, each of which is brimming with a distinct aura of elegance and grandeur.

Our kurta sets and collection of Pathani suits for men are the epitome of fashion excellence, handcrafted using the most exquisite fabrics and intricate designs that are destined to make you stand out from the crowd. Regardless of whether you are looking for a men’s kurta pajama set to wear at a traditional family gathering or perhaps an exquisite Nehru jacket to don at a festive dinner party with your friends, you can find every Eid outfit you have been looking for on our website. Let’s give you a tour of some of our most arresting Eid outfits you can dress yourself up in for the auspicious day.

The Blue Pathani Suit: The Choice of the Sultan


The prowess of the sultan reflects the magnificence of the outfits he chooses to adorn himself with. Our  dark blue Pathani suit for men is the perfect masterpiece to make a bold entrance at a grand celebratory gathering for Eid. The classic blue men’s kurta is a raw silk masterpiece thoughtfully handcrafted to amp up your style quotient. The silk kurta is incredibly comfortable to wear and is designed with a band collar and button placket for a classy look. The medium-length, straight kurta is decorated with exquisite dabka embellishments and sequin embroidery closer to the placket, adding a touch of royalty to the Pathani suit. The full sleeves of the bold blue kurta make it an apt pick to wear through various seasons and occasions. This kurta is accompanied by a free-size salwar that is precisely handwoven with Chiniya silk fabric and designed with pleats.

The White Pathani Suit: The Essence of the Nawab


When looking to make an entrance, you can never go wrong with a white Pathani suit. This classic  off-white Pathani suit is meticulously handcrafted with Chiniya jacquard fabric. This epitome of elegance is adorned with diamond-shaped bootas richly decorated all over its expanse. The white men’s kurta features an American collar and button placket, which add to its stylized look. The medium-length kurta comes with full sleeves and is extremely comfortable to wear. This magnificent work of art comes with a free-size salwar that is precisely handwoven with Chiniya silk fabric. The pleats on the salwar add to its aesthetic appeal. In this kurta, we bet you are going to look as breathtaking as "Eid ka Chaand."

Black Kurta Set: The Must-Have in a Fashion-forward Wardrobe


Men with a discerning eye for fashion apparel and a keen interest in collecting timeless classics know the significance of adding a stunning  black kurta set to their wardrobe. This bold black kurta set is a perfect fit for celebrating Eid with your close friends and family. This medium-length black kurta is designed with a band collar and button placket, which makes it look supremely elegant. The arresting raw silk kurta is extremely comfortable to wear and proves to be an ideal pick when looking to experiment with fashion elements. You can pair this kurta with our breathtaking deep blue Nehru jacket. Let’s give you a glimpse of one of our finest creations.

Deep Blue Nehru Jacket: Fit for the Royals

This Nehru jacket is a deep blue katan silk masterpiece meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. It is a sartorial statement piece that is richly adorned with eye-catching bright blue paisley bootas. The striking aesthetic appeal of the Nehru jacket is destined to get you showered with endless compliments. The button placket and band collar complement the stylish silhouette of the Nehru jacket, adding a modern look to its traditional aesthetic. This jacket can be best paired with our black kurta set, as mentioned above. You can even add a pocket square and a brooch to the jacket to make it appear truly royal. Overall, this look is perfect for celebrating Eid with your community at a grand celebratory event.

Pista Green Kurta Set: The Grandeur of the Green

The Holy Quran describes green as the symbol of life and rejoicing and as the color of life and paradise. This color holds great importance in Islam, so why not celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid with an elegant Pista green men’s kurta set? Our Pista green kurta is meticulously handcrafted with raw silk, making it a comfortable and supremely appealing addition to your wardrobe.


The medium-length kurta is thoughtfully designed with a band collar and button placket to make it look stylish. The full sleeves of the kurta are destined to make you look stunning and give you a classy look. This enticing kurta is accompanied by a free-size, raw silk churidar to help you complete the look. When going for dinner at your friend’s place, you can wear the kurta as is; however, when attending a lavish Eid party, you can perfectly pair it with an ethnic Nehru jacket.

We hope this article helped you select your Eid essentials in a breeze. While these are just a few of the plethora of men's wear outfits, you can explore more on our website right away. Our entire WeaverStory team wishes you all, our WeaverStory family, Eid Mubarak.

Author: Simran Shaikh