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Today, we are living in an era of digitization, NFTs, polarization, free thoughts, social media and fitness. We are aware, social and more conscious. We are thoughtful, fashionable, love visuals and Instagram has won our hearts worldwide in all its entirety. We wake up to slay our hands on our gadgets to see what’s happening on Instagram and other platforms. We are attracted to the short videos and stunning visuals from various influencers, brands and other connects. 

Fashion industry has boomed manifold through social media leading to brands becoming famous and more profitable. The use of elegant grids, striking images, fascinating videos, and rich content has never failed to impress the audience. Fashion has taken its own space there and has become a cult segment for selling, coaching or passing any kind of information. Be it jewellery, clothes, beauty and other accessories, Instagram keeps up the trends.  And what lately has been trending are the sarees. They crown the fashion statement during this festive and wedding season and surely seem to be a preferred choice among women on Instagram based on the searches. Delving deep into its complexities, we are seeing a variety of saree styles.

As we know, saree is a long yard of fabric that is used and draped in various ways across a lot of regions in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Pakistan, making it a universal constant that emerged during the Rig vedas, still holds a very conspicuous presence. A classic heirloom that has passed from generations to generations and is still growing strong. A lot of Indian designers have aced the look and beautifully pictured and exhibited sarees in exotic fabrics like Chanderi, Silk, Kanjivaram , Banarasi, Chiffon, Organza, Crepe and the list is endless.

Saree is such a compelling garment which can be put to experiment in hundreds of ways. This free flowing long stretch of woven fabric makes a woman feel graceful with a touch of novelty. She is bound to make a statement. 

Some of the most trending saree choices on Instagram for you  -

 1. Pant Saree

A fascinating duo, Pant Sarees are raging and this fad never seems to halt. It is a union of the old and new, Western and traditional Indian wear. Tinsel town beauties such as Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan to name a few have been acing this look and adding the oomph factor. More so, this trend is navigating its way through various occasions especially the sangeets and cocktails.



A mere pant and a crop adorned with a beautiful drape makes your pant-saree look very enticing. It is functional, very comfortable to wear and yet enhances your style quotient. You can shake a leg or break the dance the floor, this ensemble is there to make you dazzle the evening while keeping your look intact. Pants look elegant in satin silk, katan silk with motifs that add the finesse of character and structure. These pants can be paired with plain colorful drapes.

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2. Kamarband Saree

A timeless drape - Saree has witnessed a lot of chic revamps and re-orientations over the period of time. One such look is a classic saree with belt. You may call it a belted saree or the Kamarband look, this style gives you a true vibe of modern aristocracy, while accentuating your waistline. As we know accessories play a vital role in enhancing any outfit the women wear, a saree looks structured when paired with a kamarband.

In fact this accessory has been extensively used in the ancient eras, in southern parts of India during the weddings largely. The bridal outfit were mainly Kanjivaram Silk Sarees adorned with embellished kamarbands to keep the sarees in place. More so, other kinds of sarees such as Banarasi, Chanderi, Katan Silk Sarees also looked elegant with the belt. These are now revamped and are available in a plethora of styles such as metals belts, bejeweled belts and fabric belts to name a few. Many famous Indian designers have prominently used kamarbands to style their muses and spread the fashion all around.




Ladies, the belts are surely going to add charm to your demeanor specially on the Banarasi, Bandhej, Patola and Baluchari sarees to name a few. The finesse that WeaverStory brings to their sarees is very magnificent. Artisanal excellence and generational expertise is what you see in the pieces.

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3. Pre-stitched Saree

Do you always need an extra hand to wear a saree? Do you get confused with the positioning of the pleats or which shoulder to have the pallu on? Well, there is a quick fix to your quandary - A pre-stitched saree or readymade or pre-draped saree. They normally have a matching underskirt and a drape pre-attached to it.  Very conveniently done, these sarees can be worn in no time and you are set to take off. 




This idea spread like a wildfire in the early 2000s and is an active style till date. In fact a lot of international audiences loved this concept who wanted to wear a saree without the hassle of draping and setting it. Today, a lot of young women prefer such sarees and they come in abundant designs, patterns, hues, styles and comfort. These outfits radiate comfort with sensibilities of class and culture.

4. Dhoti Saree -

An interesting outcome of reinterpreting a saree is the dhoti style. As we know, originally, dhoti was just a piece of fabric used by men to wrap around their waist and legs. And this truly inspired the designers to create the concept of dhoti saree. A dhoti saree is also named as Nauvari, a nine yard cloth that is worn similar to that of a Maharashtrian dhoti style but in more of a ready-to-wear or pre-draped arrangement and can be worn on leggings or a dhoti pant. 




This look is absolutely gorgeous and offers us an interesting relaxed fusion of the long yard. It is highly popularized by celebrities such as Samantha Reddy and Shilpa Shetty. Dhoti drapes come out really nice in sarees made in light fabrics such as chanderi, cotton silk, patolas. You may find a huge variety of such sarees on that will give your dhoti saree a poised look.

Patola Sarees from Gujarat

You are bound to attract a pool of admirers with this fad.

 5. Lehenga Saree -

Here comes the mesmerizing lehengas that take you to a whimsy of happiness and romance. Lehengas have always been a favorite among women of all age groups. Be it the day festivities or late evening celebrations, a lehenga does it all. A little twist to the dupattas, makes your lehenga appear like a saree. One turn of the drape on the top side, your lehenga saree is ready.




The flair, the drape, the fluid finesse, a lehenga saree gives is invincible.  Sometimes, we do get weary of conventional outfits and want to stand out in the crowd, and hence these sarees. You can drape the dupatta in the traditional saree pallu style, where you take one end of the pallu and drape it around and take it to the left shoulder or the scarf style or even a butterfly style where the pallu on the left shoulder is highly pleated and made thin. There are again a gamut of ways to do your lehenga saree to make you feel and look distinctive.

WeaverStory brings to you a range of opulent lehengas that radiate fusion royalty. Made from emotion and craft of the ancient era, these lehengas are handmade in abundant shades and designs. They come with pleasing organza dupattas that can be used for creating the saree-like drape.

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Try out these saree interpretations to feel the difference and enjoy the magic of dancing in it.

Author - Shalika