Trending Lehenga Color Schemes For This Year By WeaverStory

Eagerly waiting for the wedding season is something we all do with utter restlessness paired with immense excitement. What should I wear for the chief ceremony? What color hues will seem suitable for the mehndi event? Should I experiment with something a bit bold? : These are just a few questions that flood our mind as soon as we head forward in that tiresome shopping spree. But let's cut the chase and come to the point ladies, the most important thing that we tend to ignore in a time of hustle bustle is the color palette of our ethnic ensemble and the jewellery of its matching. A suitable color choice can surely uplift a basic outfit, meanwhile on the other hand, a bad one can equally spoil a sassy choice. So presenting our team of WeaverStory as your guardian angel, here we are with a list of lehenga color schemes that will live up to the hype this wedding season!


Reigning the wedding market with its paramount color shade that somewhat lies between dark purple and blood red, the exquisite hues of deep wine are a recent obsession of the new generation of brides and ethnic buffs. While dense crimson and mahogany provide them with their modest and long withstanding India marriage customs, the subtle tipsiness of the new bold shade add to the seductive and courageous nature of the ensemble.


Instead of counteracting each other, these two things perfectly pair together in WeaverStory's  Handloom Wine Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga With Silver Meenakari, by metamorphosing a timid woman into a strong feminine entity who takes over whatever she wants! Embellished with intricate zari interlacing and silver floral motifs, this ravishing lehenga is a heavenly delight.


There are some things that you can never go wrong with, and one of them is making a heartily investment in pink or purple shades of lehenga, especially for a wedding of the year! The feminine color palettes of pink and purple, when handcrafted in an ingenuous manner, can transform you into a Disney princess and what better way to design a ethnic ensemble when it comes to our diligently skillful team of WeaverStory.



Our magnum opus  Handloom Rani Pink Banarasi Katan Silk Kadhwa Shikargah Lehenga is a stunning blend of a rani pink lehenga and a purple dupatta, encrusted with dense Shikargarh motifs of flora and fauna. Woven in pure gold alloy, this lehenga takes pride in its rich Indian heritage yet also offsets it with a modern summer desi girl aesthetic.


There is something so lushful, classy and sophisticated about every shade of green that elevates the cluster free and sublime aesthetic of the India ethnic ensemble. Whether it's the royal depth of a dexterous dark green lehenga, or the calming aura of an unfussy Patel green color palette, green adds a rich aroma of vividness to the traditionality of bridal customs and proves to be a bold and certainly the right choice for your gorgeous wedding outfit. In honor of this, we present to you WeaverStory's two separate shades of green, both contrasting yet fulfilling in each of their own ways.


While  Emerald Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Lehenga Meenakari goes with a majestic night ceremony vibes,the subtlety of  Handloom Pista Green Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Meenakari is appropriate for daytime dhamaka. Both equally adorned with dense zari interlacing and an ornamented dupatta, these lehengas will transform you into a family diva!


Presenting WeaverStory's fancy color combinations because why go for just one color when you could just take advantage of two! Our exclusively charismatic collection of dual shaded lehengas are a treat for the eyes as well as the soul, with their heavy zari borders and double hues of dupatta and lehenga.


In our Handloom Navy Blue Pure Katan Silk Gul Banarasi Lehenga With Kadhwa Meenakari, the royal blue lehenga adds sublimity to the bold and seductive hues of crimson red. While the Meenakari borders of gold heightens the aura of traditionality, the modern silhouettes elevates the ethnic ensemble.


There is no color as serene and divine as the palette of white and beige. Combining a clutter free aesthetic of off white with the dense zari border of floral motifs is definitely a choice worth making, because who wouldn’t want to look as lustrous as a white swan on a big wedding day! WeaverStory's team brings to you a diverse collection of not just white but a whole gorgeous pile of light pastel shades that would keep you cool, breezy and chic during a summertime wedding.


Embedded with handcrafted flowers, the White Handloom Pure Georgette Banarasi Lehenga With Zari Jaais a handsome embodiment of the Garden of Eden itself. If you want to get as many compliments as possible, just pick this lehenga blindly.


We all know this as a fact that no wedding is complete without a sprinkle of red. The color of modesty as well as courage, the epitome of a raging sex appeal and a seductive aura, red IS everything! The purity of rituals and customs requires a touch of red and so does your gorgeous, lovely skin texture, and with this in mind, we present to you our  Red Handloom Pure Katan Silk Bharatpur Shikargah Banarasi Lehenga with a fine meticulous blood red shade, adorned with a heavy gold zari interlacing.


Words aren’t enough to describe the heartfelt homage that this ethnic attire pays to our native artisans, while also sticking to the modernity of the Banarasi Silk textile.


Yellow is the color of youth, of agility, something that is something hard to forget and what would be a better color to wear on such a happy occasion as a wedding? WeaverStory's prosperous collection of yellow and mustard hues are not just suitable for the main event but the whole chain of functions like sangeet or haldi.

Our intricate  Yellow Banarasi ehenga is an unforgettable and pious marital bond between the color palette of a marigold flowers and the fine gold interlacing of zari, making this lehenga a complete combo of traditionality and modernity.
Author - Ayushi Sikka