Trends In Men’s Ethnic Wear By WeaverStory

Nowadays, while the women folk have this eventful opportunity before them to wear any outfit wherever they want and whenever they want, why not place our handsome men in the very same situation? WeaverStory's exquisitely majestic collection of ethnic men's wear provides a paramount and intimate realm to the men, so that they can nourish and nurture their inner diva with multiple color choices and comfortable apparels. Ranging from chudidars to silky and buttery vests, our vital pile of traditional ensembles is quintessential to the ever changing identity of a modern man in today's advancing era. Here's a list of all the attires that could highlight the macho machine layered inside the persona of a dapper dude! 

The Charismatic CHURIDAR

Prominently known far and wide for our Silk ethnic collections in women's apparels, WeaverStory makes a striking introduction of the Royal fabric in the masculine realm of elegance and personable looks. Displaying the unmatched attributes of high resistance and perpetual versatility, combined with a comfortable and breezy summer vibe, the slipper Silk fabric remains perfectly superior in the traditional territory of the men folks. The subtle designs of our vibrant churidar kurta sets are embellished with an overpowering aesthetic of unfussy and cluster free nature. Multiplicity of both hybrid and monochromatic hues grants a tasteful and vast color palette to the hunks of our community, while the flimsy and light nature of the material keeps them cool and calm during the heat wave.


Our attractive and minimalistic  Light Pink Raw Silk Mens Kurta Churidar set appeals to both the body and soul of our new customers, while also presenting them with the gracious opportunity of getting dressed up for a daytime as well as an evening occasion. Pair this ensemble with some punjabi jootis and the girls would be singing Kukkad Kamaal Da in no time! 

Famished with FLORAL JACKETS

There's one thing that I want all of you guys to say with me, FLORALS DO NOT MEAN FEMME ANYMORE! Because let's be honest, who can look better in a floral ethnic Nehru Jacket, on top of a plain breezy kurta, than a man who is undaunted and dashingly comfortable with his masculinity? WeaverStory's floral jacket and kurta sets are a physical as well as spiritual embodiment of a fragrant field of lavenders, swaying around freely under a light blue summer sky. The Velvet makes the fabric highly cozy and regal, while the enigmatic color palette of the vest contributes to the modern matrimony of ingenuous traditionality of our rich Indian heritage.


Our classy  Offwhite Handcrafted Velvet Stitched Nehru Jacket With Floral Jaal is beautifully adorned with a dense and sophisticated web of floral motifs, hand loomed and stitched with minute intricacy and diligent craftsmanship. These Nehru Jackets can uplift any look, any day, especially the daytime garden parties and the luxurious high profile events. 

The Pure Elegance of PATHANI

What sounds more masculine, exotic and culturally hybrid than a hot pathani themed salwar and kurta combo, that would make you look like an absolute echo of Shahrukh walking down the aisle! Lucky for you, WeaverStory's heartthrob of a ethnic collection also includes an exclusive and selective collection of meticulously hand crafted Silk Pathani kurta with salwar, radiating the mysterious aura of a luxurious Maharaja. Ornamented with the delicate yet long lasting and resistant filaments of 100% authentic Silk, these pathani sets are definitely to die for. Available in a starking range of darks and lights, the color palette perfectly serves the demand of male customers, accessible to them right from the hard working artisans of our triumphant culture and glorious nation.


The chic and stunning   Handcrafted Dark Blue Raw Silk Pathani Stitched Kurta With Salwar exudes confidence and comfort in the very same parentheses. The liberating and loosened kurta blends supremely along with the Silk fabric, made with utter talent and subliminal skills. 

The Luxury of KATAN SILK

Placing themselves at the very top of our collection are the ethnically famous and criminally underrated Katan Silk kurta sets with dual colored Nehru Jackets. Hand crafted by some of the finest craftsmen of our generation with a graceful and dedicated hand, these kurta sets are a perfect combination of innovation and traditional genealogy of our ancestors' artistic wealth. While the majestic aura of the Nehruvian jackets and the motifs of floral regality provide a certain sense of intimacy and glory to the ensemble, the minimal simplicity of the kurta set adds to the impenetrable density of the attire as a significant match for a wedding occasion.


Our out of the world Deep Blue Handloom Tanchoi Banarasi Nehru Jacket With Boota is a metaphor for heaven on the earth. Adorned with the intricate and minutely delicate Booti patterns, this attire reminds us of an enchanting era of sheer magic realism. Carry this with absolute confidence to make yourself the most fanciful bachelor among the relative aunties!

The Valuable and vivacious EMBROIDERED VELVET

We have been saving the best of our collection for the last with a royal and sublime collection of fascinatingly embroidered velvet jackets along with the variant and vibrant hues of the kurta set. Mirroring the vintage lives of ancient patriarchs, rulers and domineering kings, the buttery smooth texture of Velvet, that was previously reserved for the members of majesty only, is now brought directly to you by our skillful and poignant team of WeaverStory. The magnificence of these kurta sets reside in their largely available color palette and aromatic memorabilia of the unforgettable past in each and every one of that piece.


The gorgeously designed and meticulously embroidered  Dark Green Handcrafted Velvet Stitched Nehru Jacket With Nakshi Embroidery is an accessory of a lifetime that would increase your voracious appetite for our ethnic ensembles. The jacket is perfectly suitable for a night time event where you get to be the most confident version of you. 

Author  - Ayushi Sikka