Trendy Accessories to Enhance Your Banarasi Saree Look This Summer

A  Banarasi Sarees is among the most treasured handlooms in India. Having its origins over 1000 years ago, this sacred weave has been intensely coveted by women having a deep admiration for handloom textiles and a discerning eye for breathtakingly fashionable garments. The brilliance of the craftsmanship of the expert artisans of Banaras is reflected in these exuberant Banarasi Sarees. Making each Banarasi Saree takes several days, depending on the intricate detailing required by the pattern work that is demanded. 

This generations-old weave was most cherished by the royals of earlier times and has retained its popularity to this date. From sumptuous cocktail parties and pre-wedding traditions to the actual pheras and special occasions alike, Banarasi Sarees are the ones to surely steal the spotlight. These transcendent pieces of clothing are highly durable and possess an extraordinary, timeless appeal, which makes them an ideal choice to treasure as family heirlooms.

Every Banarasi Sarees by WeaverStory is a story in itself. From the painstaking efforts of the expert craftsmen in carefully crafting each thread into a fine masterpiece to making them available for you to fall in love with their unrivalled aesthetic appeal and engraving a spot for them in your wardrobes, every Banarasi weave story is the one we truly treasure closer to our hearts. Today, with this article, we bring to you eight trendy accessories to style these supremely elegant Banarasi Sarees with.

Layer Your Way through Styling

Summer weddings and other similar occasions during this time call for outfits that make you feel comfortable as well as look supremely elegant. If you are someone who is no stranger to making an entrance, pairing your wedding Banarasi Saree with a layered necklace set would be your best bet.


Multi-layered necklace sets have been admired and treasured for their unparalleled aesthetic appeal for centuries The Zeenat Handcrafted Pure Silver Necklace Set With Moissanite Polki And Ruby is one of the most elegant masterpieces, exclusively brought to you by WeaverStory Impeccable design and craftsmanship, and the authenticity of the premium-quality materials used in its making. The square-shaped studs connected with Moissanite Polki stones into a string make it an applause-worthy design. You can choose to wear this beautiful necklace set with a green Banarasi Saree or perhaps even choose the road of contrast by wearing it with a blue Banarasi Saree. Either way, you are destined to steal the show.


Cinch your Banarasi with a Kamarbandh

A  pure Banarasi Saree can accentuate your curves in the most beautiful ways. Accessorizing it with the most alluring pieces can effortlessly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Don’t know how? Just cinch your waist with an exquisite traditional Kamarbandh, and you will be ready to set the stage on fire. Once considered the most coveted traditional accessories by kings and queens, this accessory has paved its way through contemporary fashion. Kamarbandh is a traditional waistband that will hold your pallu in place and allow you ease of movement during ceremonies.

What does that mean? It means that adding a kamarbandh to your enticing summer sarees will help you dance your way through the special occasions while seamlessly looking like a million dollars. The best part is that you can elevate the elegance of your bridal Banarasi Saree with a customized kamarbandh that perfectly matches your outfit. You can get a custom kamarbandh made using different metals, stones, and varied crafting techniques to perfectly blend it with the jewellery you pick.

Pair your Slinky Banarasi Drape with a Unique Choker

There is no going wrong with a choker necklace paired with a breathtaking Banarasi Saree. You can always pick a choker necklace design that best matches your Banarasi Saree. When confused about which choker necklace to pick, you can always turn to WeaverStory to find some of the most exquisite choker necklaces in the world. Each design is precisely handcrafted with love and brilliance by the master artisans of Jaipur.


The Handcrafted Pure Silver Choker With Peacock Motif, for example, will prove to be a regal twist to your glamorous Banarasi Saree. You can find a plethora of such masterpiece choker necklaces on our website.

There is no going wrong with Temple Jewellery

There is no going wrong with traditional masterpieces like these. Temple jewellery has gained traction for its unrivalled appeal, intricate detailing, and fine craftsmanship. This classic-contemporary jewellery not only adds a touch of royalty and opulence to your Banarasi Sarees but also makes you feel closer to the roots of Indian culture, religions, and traditions. These captivating jewellery pieces are adorned with temple tops, divine figures, and designs alike, which add an unparalleled charm to your traditional drape. This combination will look perfect for occasions like big, fat Indian weddings or traditional Pooja rituals at home.

Be no stranger to Statement Pieces

If there is one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd, it is the confidence you have when your look is completed with a statement piece. The essence of the Banarasi Saree oozes from its unrivalled charm and unexampled aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for something that adds to its imperial appeal, your best bet would be picking a statement jewellery piece.


The Rukhsar Handcrafted Oxidised Pure Silver Bangle , for one, is a statement piece that is destined to not only elevate the elegance of the Banarasi weave but also make you the talk of the town. It flawlessly brings in the drama and keeps people hooked on how classy you look.

Add Pants to your Banarasi Masterpiece

Adding pants to some of the most eye-catching Banarasi Sarees has been in vogue for quite some time now. However, only some fashionistas have been able to pull off the look like a pro. This wedding season or perhaps even for other special occasions, ditch your petticoat and pair your banarasi with a dhoti or denim pants. With a style statement as extraordinary as this, you are destined to leave lasting impressions on the people around you.

Other than these, you can also pair your exquisite Banarasi drapes with the timeless charm of a gajra or a bunch of red roses adorned in your bun. To amp up your style quotient by pairing extraordinarily appealing Banarasi Sarees with incredibly beautiful jewellery pieces, exploring our website is a must. After all, when it comes to complementing handlooms with exquisitely handcrafted accessories, there is no better place to be than WeaverStory !

Author: Simran Shaikh