We Got Your Destination Wedding Wardrobe Sorted

Indian weddings by themselves are extravagant and an experience of a lifetime. Nothing about them is forgettable. From the humble Haldi ceremony to the regal pheras, the Indian wedding is everything we want. Now, let’s combine our Indian weddings with destination weddings. The concept of a destination wedding has seen a sudden boom in the past few years; not only do we get to experience the best of our moments, but we also enjoy it in a lavish and beautiful location. Destination weddings offer us the chance to align our outfits with a theme. Perhaps it could be the lavish and regal Jaipur and Udaipur or the gentle summer of the French Riviera. Everything about a destination wedding amplifies the fun of a normal wedding. 


A destination wedding often borrows themes from the location. A wedding in Italy would borrow the scenic earthy and pastel tones, while that in Jaipur can be heavy on pinks and reds. There are so many things to be kept in mind for a destination wedding. Whether you are going for a designer saree for a wedding party or a lehenga, or even a suit, WeaverStory has you covered. WeaverStory understands the values of authentic craftsmanship that lasts for ages and the nuanced approach towards creating perfection. Therefore, we must try to introduce items that can be worn again and again and yet never lose their shine. Let’s take a look at some guiding pointers that will help us look the best at our destination wedding:

1. Understand the theme of the wedding:

Every wedding has a theme; it can be something as basic as wearing a certain color or perhaps a theme inspired by a film or a novel. Whatever it is, keep in mind that these themes are essential for the bride and groom. You don’t want to look like a sore thumb, and it’s also rude to wear something different, especially if the bride and groom have requested something. Generally, the theme can be basic black and white, but it can also be pastels or jewel tones. At WeaverStory, there is an outfit for every occasion; fret not. A designer saree for a wedding party like the Handloom Red Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Yellow Meenakari is an excellent option if the theme is bright, bold and jewel-toned colors. 


2. Always keep the weather in mind:

Weather is unpredictable everywhere. Unless there is a guarantee, which there never is. Perhaps there is a sudden downpour, or it gets too hot, or it starts to snow. Whatever the situation, get yourself ready for it. Go over the weather reports and check out the weather trends. If not, carry an extra outfit that suits all types of weather. If you’re going to a place which gets cold and chilly, don’t forget to carry a nice shawl. The Red Handwoven Jamawar Pure Pashmina Shawl With Sozni Kari Work is an intricate and nuanced shawl that’s a must-have in every wardrobe. This shawl will keep you cosy without dampening your look. 


3. Sarees are your best friend:

Sarees are easy to pack, and within a few folds, the outfit can be placed in our suitcases without taking up too much space. Sarees can be worn to literally all occasions, and they are versatile, gorgeous and simply elegant. There are many types of weaves available, and you can wear a different type of saree for each day of the wedding and still come out looking like the star of the party. Sarees like the Handloom Pink Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Saree With Zari Jaal is an excellent pick for sangeet nights and even the main wedding day. Party Wear Saree for weddings is some of the easiest to carry and looks absolutely graceful and gorgeous. 


4. Plan ahead for every occasion:

Planning is everything! Plan for the number of days you’ll be staying at the wedding. If it is a three-day or four-day occasion, plan each of your outfits throughout the day. From Haldi, cocktail parties, and Mehndi to the reception, everything should be planned weeks to days in advance. Make sure that the outfit is coordinated with the theme and that you have everything from matching jewellery to matching shoes. WeaverStory has an excellent collection of jewellery to choose from and match.

5. Do you plan to explore the destination?:

Often, the wedding organizers give the guests an opportunity to explore the destination. Make sure that you’re carrying extra outfits for that as well. Perhaps you’d like to visit the local restaurants. WeaverStory has excellent suits and sarees that fit such occasions; make sure that you’ve packed something for the travels as well. The Handwoven Ivory Spun Silk Kurta with Embroidered Cuffs and Ivory Striped Pants is an elegant option for your travels around the town; this lightweight and elegant outfit will keep you breezy all throughout the day. This outfit also does not take up much space in your suitcase, so you’re good to go! 


Author - Uma Shekhawat