What Goes into Picking The Perfect Bridal Dupatta?

While Pashmina Shawls are the best ways to embellish a simple suit with something luxurious; however, at WeaverStory , we have an entire range of bridal dupattas that will make you go gaga. While sarees and lehengas are everyone’s favorite but once in a while we crave the ease of salwar-kameez. Keeping this in thought and our gorgeous brides, we present to you some bridal dupattas . For every bride, it's important to dress up in finery, even after the wedding is over, and for this reason, we have five gorgeous dupattas, each crafted by the best artisans and woven by talented weavers. Our bridal dupattas should be bold, classic, fine and luxurious, and these five pieces here will give you a glimpse into what finery at Real Weaver is ! Each piece is one of a kind, and we must cherish them deeply, let’s go over them : 

1.Red Pure Katan Silk Handloom Kadhwa Jangla Banarasi Dupatta

It’s common knowledge that most brides in the country are advised to wear bright and beautiful colors like red, yellow, green and pink. Here we have an example of one of the best dupattas that a bride could bring into her collection. This gorgeous red dupatta is perfect for the new bride who is giving the world a glimpse of herself in all the finery. The Dupatta comes with a gorgeous kadhwa jaal all over. The zari on the dupatta is simply exquisite, and it is one of those pieces that can be paired with multiple suits . We can wear this dupatta in countless styles.


2. Parrot Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Shikargah Banarasi Dupatta

Going for something that is luxurious, traditional, rich and fine. This bridal dupatta is bound to steal the gazes of everyone. The bride can pair this dupatta with a gorgeous Banarasi Lehenga or even a silk suit. This dupatta is an example of beauty; the exquisite craftsmanship on the lehenga illustrates the depth of talent our amazing craftsmen possess. Any bride would be grateful to have this treasure in her wardrobe. Mehendi Green is considered to be auspicious, and this beautiful dupatta with Shikargah motifs is the perfect option that you can include in your wardrobes. Woven in the Kadhwa technique, you must bring this piece into your wardrobe. 


3. Handloom Red Brocade Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Dupatta With Pink Selvedge

Brocade is love, and this beautiful red dupatta is here to show us that. The dupatta is created with fine threads of Katan silk and embellished with fine brocade jaal all over. For a new bride, this luxurious piece is like nothing else; it can bring up the simplicity of a salwar and trouser combination. As a new bride, we are bringing with us days and days of fatigue; it’s normal to not want to dress up too much. In that case, this beautiful brocade dupatta comes to your rescue. You can don a simple suit and simply drape this dupatta around your shoulders. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that the Katan is a beautiful fabric, and to have a fine work like the brocade jaal done all over is only a gift we should be proud of. 


4. Pink Handloom Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Dupatta With Zari

Let’s take a lightweight and breezy dupatta into our bridal dupatta collection. Georgette is a luxurious fabric and is perfect for the summer season when we crave something light yet decadent. The Georgette fabric, too is woven by the Banaras cluster, and we all know how gorgeous our craftsmen at Banaras are. We can pair this dupatta with an embellished skirt or even a beautiful muslin lehenga. This dupatta can also bring up the simplicity of even the most mundane outfits. You can pair this outfit with some embellished jootis and statement jewellery to complete the look. The dupatta is truly a piece that will be cherished for the generations to come. 


5. Black Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Patola Dupatta with Cutwork Weave :-

Let’s take a look at something different yet gorgeous. We are all aware of the auspicious colors but this black Patola dupatta will steal all the attention. Patola is a lustrous craft that takes years and years of expertise. This dupatta explores the traditional aspect of the Patola but also brings out its symmetrical and geometric patterns in a modern way. This makes the dupatta perfect for the modern Indian bride who maintains an identity of her own whilst staying true to her roots. This Patola Dupatta at WeaverStory is one of a kind and deserves to be a part of our wardrobes, so what are we waiting for ?


At WeaverStory , we understand the importance of creating an experience for our precious brides and therefore, with bridal dupattas, we are bringing to you the luxury of a saree in a smaller yet impactful form. We all love the comfort of our suits, but sometimes they can be considered a tad bit too simple; with the five luxurious dupatta choices above, we are bringing to you an option to elevate that simple look with the addition of only one single item. All one needs is some statemnet jewellery , and a swipe of our favorite lipstick, and we’re good to go! Apart from the five dupattas above, WeaverStory has an exquisite collection of other bridal dupattas , each waiting for your perusal. 

Author: Uma Shekhawat