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Chaap - A touch of eternity

Chaap - A touch of eternity 

"ताने बाने सा उलझा एक रिश्ता सा जोड़ बैठी
मैं बाबुल की लाडली नए घर अपना "छाप" छोड़ बैठी

मां के प्यार से बुनी वो साड़ी ने सहलाया
बनारस के आंगन सा दिल मेरा फीर भर आया "

When a piece of textile becomes a memory to enchant forever it takes the form of a priceless heirloom that leave "छाप" in one's heart to cherish forever.
Discover our exclusive range of handloom bridal silk sarees handcrafted with love by our skilled weaver's from "Banaras". The sarees are embellished with pure zari and amazing techniques. The city of ghats is filled with spectacular weaver's who pour all their love to bring you such elegant textiles. The collection is definitely a gift, to adore, to drape divinity and a memory to stay in one's heart.