Collection: Sahej - ek nayi shuruwat

These sarees were conceptualised as a part of a financial independence project called Sahej. The sarees woven in this collection are 100% woven by women in Chanderi

Project Sahej is led by Smt Naseem Bano along with Saida, Nooreen and Saba in Ashok Nagar District Chanderi. What started as a concept during the pandemic led us to explore and meet progressive families who allowed us to connect and train these young girls. This is a small but significant step in making them financially independent. The sarees are very simple and plain weave as this is the first attempt but a very significant one.

These collection is a true representation of the fact that sarees are the Fabric of India. These delicately woven Chanderi Sarees are a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship woven in a modern color palette appealing to young India.