5 Reasons Why Chanderi Cotton Sarees Are Perfect For Special Occasions

Our Indian subcontinent is blessed with a variety of arts and textiles. Just like our population, the Indian subcontinent’s textile industry is also highly diverse. The designs, clothing and raw materials that go into creating them change from region to region, which is why we have such a rich heritage. In Jammu and Kashmir, we have the Pashmina ; from Uttar Pradesh, we have the beautiful Banarasi weave; from Rajasthan and Gujarat, we have the Bandhej and Patola. Similarly, we have the Chanderi weave, which originates in Madhya Pradesh. Just like Kanjivaram and Banarasi, Chanderi Sarees are the pride and joy of the Indian handloom. Just like most sarees, there are a variety of chanderi sarees as well. We have the chanderi silk sarees, and we also have the chanderi cotton sarees. At WeaverStory, we give our customers an opportunity to explore both forms.


While silk sarees are definitely exuberant and luxurious but most of them cannot be worn on a daily basis. Sometimes we may not even prefer to wear a silk saree when it comes to a special occasion as well. Cotton sarees have a reputation for being simple and suited to daily wear. But Chanderi cotton sarees can be worn for special occasions as well. These sarees are beautiful and elegant and offer a nice variety, especially since most of the time, we choose to wear silk sarees. Let's go over five reasons why we must don chanderi cotton for the next party:

1. Easy to carry :-

Chanderi sarees are some of the most lightweight sarees available. Just like tissue and organza sarees, they are breezy and can be draped easily. Many celebrities and politicians often choose to wear chanderi cotton sarees at various events because it hardly takes any time to drape these sarees, and one does not have to feel overly conscious while wearing them. Even when it comes to special occasions like weddings, these sarees will be the perfect option. They come with beautiful motifs like bootas which makes them so ethereal.

2. Simple yet elegant :-

Most people don't think of a chanderi cotton saree when they are planning to attend a special occasion, but that's what makes it such an obvious option. Most of us perhaps don't like wearing silk sarees or something that comes with a heavy weave. In such cases, the chanderi cotton saree often takes the cake. These sarees give us an angelic glow because they are just so simple and yet exude massive elegance. They are slightly transparent and can be paired with many designer blouses.

3. Unique and beautiful :-

It is a common practice to wear heavy silk sarees on special occasions or perhaps a beautiful tissue saree, but we must change up our looks and go for something different instead. WeaverStory has a beautiful collection of unique and beautiful chanderi cotton sarees that can be adorned on many special occasions. We can even enhance the look of the saree by layering it with a luxurious pashmina shawl . We can also bear a heavy blouse along with it for a balanced look and even accessorize with statement jewellery .

Mustard Handloom Plain Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With Border

4. Pocket friendly :-

Unlike its silk counterparts, the chanderi cotton saree is quite budget-friendly. Therefore we must try making a beautiful collection of these sarees in our wardrobe. This pocket-friendly saree gives us everything we need. It is beautiful, lightweight and can be styled in many ways for many different occasions. The versatility of a chanderi cotton saree cannot be disputed. This sari comes in a wide variety of patterns and many embroideries as well. We don’t have to worry about wearing the same thing everywhere. 

5. Comfortable :-

Comfort is one of those points that many women don't think about when they are choosing an outfit for a special occasion. Looking beautiful and trendy often takes priority. However, we don’t have to worry about it when we are looking at a Chanderi cotton saree. This saree is quite comfortable, and as mentioned before, it is easy to drape as well. The Chanderi cotton saree is perfect for summer occasions but can be worn in winter as well, and we can simply layer it with beautiful pashmina shawls, capes and even coats. If you are feeling up for it, then you can switch your cotton saree with a silk chanderi saree as well.

Like the reasons above, we are now convinced that chanderi cotton sarees can definitely be donned on special occasions because they are simply versatile and easy to carry. If you are looking for the perfect chanderi cotton saree online, then you must visit WeaverStory. We are authentic and understand the tradition and importance of staying true to an art form. 

Author - Uma Shekhawat