Heirloom Worthy Red Chanderi Sarees For Brides

India is the land of beautiful textiles; we have a rich heritage of different fabrics and skills that have bedazzled the world around us. Every state boasts of a specific type of textile or method of creating immemorable and traditional designs. We have the Pashmina from Jammu and Kashmir, Banarasi from Uttar Pradesh, Bandhani from Rajasthan, Patola from Gujarat and Kanjivaram Sarees from Kanchipuram. Just like these handlooms and traditional techniques of dyeing exist in our states, there is one more powerful handloom which originates from Madhya Pradesh. This is the Chanderi fabric. Chanderi sarees are mainly of 2 types, and we have the chanderi silk sarees and the chanderi cotton sarees. Both of these come from the chanderi handloom. A pure chanderi saree is reminiscent of the era of Maharajas and royalty. A beautiful chanderi saree saree can make heads turn because it is so different from its heavier counterparts like the Banarasi and Kanjivaram . The chanderi saree originates from a small place called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. This fabric is characterized by glossy transparency, its sheer feel and is lightweight. In a way, the chanderi saree finds a companion in the organza silk.

The chanderi fabric is one of the most resplendent options a bride can choose for her wedding. In fact, a pure chanderi saree in silk, in the color red, will be one of the best options that she can go for. A chanderi saree is unique and different and will afford her easy mobility as well. The benefits of wearing a chanderi saree are both practical and aesthetic. WeaverStory houses some of the best Chanderi Saree in their collection; they are created with authenticity and love, and each of these sarees is worthy of passing down to posterity. Out of our collection of exquisite Chanderi Sarees, we have the bridal red Chanderi; these designer sarees are simply gorgeous and will leave you wanting. 

Red is considered an auspicious color in Hindu traditions and many other traditions as well. The color red is symbolic of many things, especially during weddings. The color symbolizes love, strength and a commitment to your partner. The color is also symbolic of the Goddess Durga, and a bride is said to embody the strength and aura of the goddess herself. For this reason, even red henna is applied to hands to symbolize a transition into married life. Combining the power of red with the beauty of Chanderi is one of the best ways to celebrate our wedding nuptials. A bride looks simply gorgeous in red and embodies the goddess herself; here, we have three timeless pieces which will take your wedding festivities to the next level. Let’s go: 

1. Handwoven Red Silk Chanderi Saree with Farheen Boota :- Woven in the Ek Naliya technique, this saree showcases the Farheen Boota beautifully; the gold zari rises ethereally from the Chanderi saree and makes it the perfect option for your wedding. Even if you decide not to wear it for the pheras, the saree is perfect for the engagement and even reception. The saree can be paired with a classic red blouse or a contrasting color like yellow or green. You can style this with a gold satchel and some jewellery.


2. Handloom Bridal Red Chanderi Silk Saree with Meenakari Booti: this saree is a personification of the delicate, precise and detailed craftsmanship of the Chanderi weavers. The saree comes with an alluring jangla design and makes it perfect for a festivity. We can pair this with some temple jewellery. 


3. Handloom Red Chanderi Silk Saree with Gold and Silver Zari Jaal: the combination of gold and silver is like a dream on the red chanderi saree. The silk is simply resplendent, and the jaal all over the saree will take your breath away. This saree is truly meant to be an heirloom. The Ek Naliya technique is carried out perfectly, and we are left in awe of the craftsmanship of the artists. 


While red is only one of the many auspicious colors a bride can wear, the three red sarees above hold a beautiful strength within them; these sarees are woven with extreme care and offer a classic decadence to the wearer. Even if you are not a bride but are looking for a classic and rich vermilion red, then these sarees are the perfect option. The golden bootas and jaal on these sarees are reminiscent of our rich traditions, the works of our artists and a promise of enduring talent that will bedazzle the generations to come. The combination of a lightweight Chanderi with a royal red is a match made in heaven; we ask you to invest in these pieces and for any assistance, contact us. 

Author - Uma Shekhawat