7 Little Things That Will Elevate Your Kanchipuram Silk Saree Look

India is the powerhouse of iconic fashion that spans decades, if not centuries. We are the proud creators of beautiful, luxurious and authentic products that are classic and have created history in the pages of world fashion. While a lot of our culture was destroyed due to brutal colonial history, we have still maintained a lot of our culture in the post-colonial decades. One of these essential cultural aspects is related to the textile industry of our country. India offers some of the most beautiful silk products in the world. Designer sarees like Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are one of the country's supreme forms of silk sarees; This particular saree has important mythological and historical connotations as well. Kanchipuram silk sarees for weddings are a popular option amongst many girls. However, these sarees are also offered to deities in temples; these consecrated sarees are then worn on special occasions and are thought to offer beautiful vibrations to the wearer. While the Kanchipuram silk sari is one of the most beautiful creations that weavers can offer however, there are 7 points which everyone must keep in mind.

1. Go for a different blouse :-

Most  Kanchipuram Silk Sarees come with a blouse piece attached to them. Instead of wearing the same blouse in a similar design that we usually wear, we can also try designing a different one. We can also go for contrasting options, perhaps a contrasting color or even a different type of work on the design of the blouse. At WeaverStory, we have a beautiful collection of designer blouses that will perfectly match your silk sarees.


2. Be confident :-

We can wear the most beautiful sarees in the world, but if we are not carrying them with confidence, none of it will mean a thing. Wearing Kanjivaram Saree itself is a matter of great pride and joy. One must feel confidence from deep within when they are wearing the saree. Always keep a bright smile on your face, and make sure that your posture is tall and graceful. You can always give yourself a pep talk before going to any event in this saree. Always understand that confidence is one of the most important accessories that we can wear on any outfit.

3. Accessorize carefully :- 

Accessories take the outfit from one level to another. However, it should always be done carefully and with lots of thought and styling. If you are wearing a Kanjivaram saree to an elegant evening dinner, make sure that your jewellery is light and stick to the basics. If you are attending a wedding, then you can try wearing some temple jewellery with your Kanjivaram silk saree. However, every occasion’s theme must be kept in mind before deciding upon the accessory. You do not want to come off as tacky or overdressed at any point. Remember that a silk saree like Kanchipuram is in itself a very heavy and bright saree And, therefore, should be accessorized with care.


4. A shapely petticoat is essential :-

A petticoat is important under the garment for every saree. If you want your saree to hold shape and look graceful, then you must wear a beautiful petticoat underneath. Our mothers often wore a skirt like a petticoat under their sarees. However, there are many options available to us to study, such as shapewear. We also have shapewear petticoats available to us today. These petticoats can give us a nice shape and enhance our silhouettes in a beautiful and appreciative manner. Wearing a Kanjivaram Silk Saree on top of such a petticoat will provide us with a complete and shapely look which will only enhance the beauty of the saree.

5. Footwear is important :-

Always wear the right  footwear underneath your saree. A sandal with a little bit of heel will always add a bit of grace and lift to your saree; however, if you are not comfortable wearing such type of sandals, you can also opt for jutties. Make sure that you are wearing a pair of sandals in which you can stand, walk and interact with others comfortably. Comfort will always provide us with the confidence that is required in such a sari, so do what needs to be done when it comes to footwear. 

6. Be mindful of the occasion :-

Kanchipuram silk sarees come in different colors and designs. Choosing an appropriate one in itself requires a keen eye. Weddings usually require sarees which are heavy in motifs and rich in colors. Therefore if the theme of the wedding dictates you to wear bright and bold colors, you must go for it. If you are attending a cocktail party or any other elegant evening event, then you can go for muted colors like blue or even white.

7. Keep your body type in mind:- 

Kanchipuram silk sarees come in over righty of designs. The motives, colors and patterns all dictate the overall look you will present to the world. You must always keep in mind your body type and your complexion before deciding upon a Kanchipuram silk sarees. Certain colors might wash your complexion out, while certain motifs and patterns can disrupt the overall look if it does not complement your body type. Therefore always wear something that will suit your body type.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are revered all across the globe, and for a good reason; however, simply owning a Kanjivaram silk saree is not enough; we really need to elevate the look with important jewellery accessories and other points that we have mentioned above. A Kanjivaram silk sari is the pride and joy of Indian culture. We need to be mindful of the heritage the saree offers once we do it. At WeaverStory, we understand the commitment towards authenticity and appreciating the artisans' work. The weavers spend hours, if not months and weeks, creating one special Kanjivaram sari and therefore if we choose to wear this Kanchipuram silk saree, we must wear it with all the happiness, pride and confidence in the world. At WeaverStory , we offer numerous designs when it comes to a Kanjivaram silk saree. Each of them offers a beautiful glimpse into a fashion that is simply classic and exuberant. Therefore if you are looking for the perfect Kanchipuram silk saree online, then WeaverStory  is the platform for you.

Author : Uma Shekhawat