The Do's & Don’ts of A Wedding Lehenga

A  wedding lehenga is one of the most important pieces a bride invests in; choosing a beautiful bridal lehenga can be quite stressful and confusing as there are so many options available in the market. We don’t just need a lehenga for the main day of the wedding, but some of us may even decide to wear a lehenga for the reception or other wedding rituals. Today, the market is flooded with designer bridal lehenga, and each of them is different from the others. This can confuse our minds and stress us out, which is not good for any newlywed individual. This blog here will cover everything that one must do to choose the perfect lehenga, so let’s go over some important points that will help you form the perfect checklist in the days leading up to the main event. 




1. One of the first points we give to any bride starting her bridal lehenga shopping is, deciding upon a budget. A budget is important as it allows us to be specific with our choices. A budget also helps the store in deciding the perfect options for you. A budget also helps you customize your lehenga. Perhaps you like a rather heavy piece, you enjoy the embroidery on that lehenga, but unfortunately, it falls out of your budget. However, most stores can customize a lehenga with your desired work in your budget. Understand that you have such options as well.

2. You should be careful of the people you take along with your shopping. This is a special experience, and your choice of a lehengas will be exclusive to you. Therefore taking too many people will only confuse you and perhaps even dissuade you from purchasing your favorite bridal lehenga. One to two people are more than enough on this important shopping trip. They should know you well and allow you to make your own decisions and choices without forcing their opinions on you.

3. Stick to a few stores when it comes to your bridal lehenga shopping. The market is brimming with designers who create bridal collections. We recommend going online or doing a simple market survey first instead of blindly entering stores and viewing different options. We must choose one to three stores and keep our shopping restricted to them. Every designer has a certain theme and story with which he designs his lehengas, and understanding that vision will enable us to choose the perfect lehenga.




4. Know what you want. You must have a basic idea of what you would like your bridal lehenga to look like. We ask you to research online and go through different catalogues or pages showcasing bridal fashion. You will soon get an idea of what you enjoy and what you don’t, which will help you decide between your bridal lehenga. Certain brides like to keep things simple and minimalistic, while others like to go heavy. A lehenga might not even be for you, and you can choose a saree or a heavy salwar suit.

5. Along with your lehenga, you should also keep in mind the matching jewellery and makeup, as these are all shopped for together. Yet another decision you must make is whether you follow trends or like to keep it classic. Every designer comes up with certain trendy designs every season; you may gravitate towards those designs. However, if you like to keep timeless, simple and classic, then you can go for stores that offer such designs.

6. Timings are highly important. You must start looking for your bridal lehenga at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding. This allows you to revise your decision and also keep in mind the changing trends in the market. If you are getting something customized to your body type, then that, too, takes a lot of time, and you must be mindful of that. Bridal lehengas also require a lot of trials and fittings, and you should have space for that as well. Certain brides also like to join exercise regimens and diets. Therefore you must be mindful of those alterations that can arise at the end moment. This is also the moment when you finalize your jewellery and makeup artists.

7. Last but not least, don't be impulsive with your shopping. Go in with a calm and composed mind and with lots of positive attitudes. Choosing a bridal lehenga is a decision of a lifetime, and we only ask you to be present in that moment. Take your time in choosing a lehenga, don't make impulsive or rash decisions. You can also click pictures, take them home and sleep over them before finalizing. 

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Author - Uma Shekhawat