Dropping All The Deets On Kashika - Our Latest Collection

Whether it’s the latest saree collection or perhaps the latest saree design for a wedding party, WeaverStory presents itself as an excellent store for everything you’ve desired for a celebratory experience. However, this time, it’s not a new saree collection that we are excited about but rather a collection that’s unique, easy to carry and everything about it is perfect for your favorite festival or event. "Kashi-ka" , the latest collection at WeaverStory, revolves around clothing designed out of rich brocade on Katan Silk. With Kashika , we’re embracing contemporary styles rooted in the authenticity of Kashi or Banaras. 

WeaverStory finds its excellent craftsmanship in the beautiful city of Banaras [Kashi]; the city’s nuanced history and lyrical spirituality, with its beautiful ghats and the holy river Ganga, stand as strong foundations for the new collection. This collection then goes beyond the city and embraces the styles of a modern woman who identifies with her culture and yet looks for an individual. The clothing in Kashi is designed to embrace different silhouettes and melt into them seamlessly. This time, Kashika celebrates an essence, which can be interpreted in many ways. Strong, independent and fearlessly elegant, just like the Holy Ganges flowing through the city, purifying everything profane and enabling us to embrace our authenticity. 


There is a deep connection with the clothing. Each kurta is created keeping in mind its functionality, versatility and ease of wear. We don’t have to think twice before wearing these clothes. They are simple yet regal, subtle yet a statement in themselves. There is so much to work with in this collection. The outfits use elements like pants instead of traditional salwar or a sleeveless top instead of a blouse to connect with our modern selves. Kashika gives us the freedom to experiment as well, and the full skirts can be worn as lehengas with customized Blouses , the suits can be adorned for multiple occasions, and so much more. 

Kashika is a versatile collection; we can wear them to "Haldi" or "Mehendi" ceremonies; their simplicity is beguiling and enchanting; we can also wear them to cocktail parties; their unending elegance is simply charming; we can don the collection from the clothing to western events as well, they truly fit into all requirements and look exceptionally regal. Kashika was created, keeping in mind a woman who is classy and lives a step above the common trends. This suit is easily an heirloom from mother to daughter; it's also a way to bond with one another. While sarees are available aplenty, it’s the modern Indian wear that requires a peak. We’ve all been to the markets, trying to create outfits that combine elements of the occident with the Indian. Globalization at its finest, this collection only emphasizes the relevance of Indian textiles on a global platform. The intricacies, artistries and femininity deserve a representation and WeaverStory understands the assignment. 

Let us now look at some outfits from the collection; they are beautiful and elegant. 

1. Dress to impress : 

One of the best parts of a cocktail party is the freedom to dress in different ways, there is no strict adherence to a dress code, and this is where the excellent Brown Handcrafted Tissue Silk Kalidaar Lehenga Set With Organza Dupatta comes in! This dress is all things luxurious; from the Brown shades to the richness of a tissue fabric, we’re blessed with a dress that will make heads turn. This lightweight dress is chic and can be layered with a luxurious shawl. You can wear your choice of heels or even traditional jootis under this dress. 


2. Pretty in pink :

An indisputable color that brings happiness and positivity to the minds of the wearer and the eyes of the spectator. A gorgeous Banarasi Brocade on pure Katan silk is the way to go; the fabric is the best canvas for gorgeous pink color. The  Hot Pink Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Brocade Kurta With Raw Silk Pants is a gorgeous pick. This enchanting set has an intricate brocade jaal. The raw silk pants offer themselves as the perfect partner. We can enhance the look with some gold jewelry and wear this outfit to weddings and even certain formal events. The structured silhouette of the outfit makes it a must-have piece in our wardrobes.


3. Embracing a newer version of us:

As mentioned before, the collection is for the modern Indian woman setting out to define herself on her terms. What better way to do this than in this exquisite outfit from the Kashika Collection? The Hot Pink Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Skirt with Canary Yellow Pure Habutai Silk Top is the perfect pick for any wedding event that you have in mind. This outfit is made out of luxurious Katan Silk, the gold standard for every textile in this world. The antique Zari looks mesmerizing, and the beautiful blouse gives the outfit an eclectic touch.



WeaverStory aims to redefine itself with each collection by staying true to its core ideals; with Kashika, it takes a step forward by bringing outfits for every woman in the world. Its appeal to a modern world through design and a nod to craftsmanship creates an invigorating bond.