The Best Mehendi Outfits to have in your Wedding Collection

Indian weddings are a billion-dollar industry, and this isn’t even an exaggerated number. The sheer amount of traditions, outfits, events, trousseau and gifts have made the Indian wedding a phenomenon worth experiencing. It is a matter of great pride that we, as Indians, get to experience these beautiful events in our lives. The purity, auspiciousness and love embedded in each of the events are simply beautiful and exuberant. 

The Indian wedding has three main events: the haldi, a function where the bride and groom have applied a brightening and illuminating lepam of haldi. This is an auspicious event and filled with fun and frolic. The second event is the Mehendi, wherein the bride applies the auspicious paste of crushed henna leaves on her hands, posing and twirling for the photographs. The final event is the pheras, the night when the girl and boy come together in one married union. While there are other events too, such as pooja, Roka, bidaai and receptions, it’s Mehendi that always takes the cake. It’s truly an event where all the family members get together and adorn themselves with the beauty of intricate Mehendi patterns. 

However, a perfect Mehendi is one where we get decked up in the best of outfits and bedazzle the world. So, whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride herself, the following mehendi outfits make for the perfect Mehendi dress. Let’s check them out: 

Mehendi Outfit Options At WeaverStory

1. A Red that never disappoints :


Let’s start with something that is simple, breezy, and impactful. Wearing a bright suit is the perfect way to be at the center stage of a Mehendi function. Suits are comfortable and easy to carry in the hustle and bustle of a wedding event. With all the guests around us, it’s best to wear something that will keep us quick and yet elegant enough to stand out in the crowd. The Red Pure Mulberry Silk Kalidar Suit Set with Banarasi Dupatta is the perfect dress for "Mehendi" function. Mulberry  is a great fabric and very much trendy at the moment. Along with the banarasi dupatta, this beautiful suit set is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. With the Zari woven into the fabric, we’re promised something that is ethereal and celebratory.

2. The Pink Patola Saree:


A saree with an exuberant and authentically crafted ikat pattern on a pure mulberry base, is just what we’re looking for on a Mehendi function. A pink saree works well with the green of the Mehendi and makes for a beautiful mehendi dress for bride. The Patola saree is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, and this classic piece is the right balance of tradition and modernity. Ikat patterns are loved worldwide, with many ace designers experimenting with them. The Handloom Rani Pink Double Shade Pure Mulberry Silk Single Ikat Patola Saree With Tissue Border is the perfect pick for the occasion. This saree is breezy and fits well in both summer and winter weddings. Paying homage to the skilled weavers from Gujarat, owning and wearing a Patola saree is the best decision one could make as a Mehendi dress option.  

 3. You can never go wrong with a Banarasi saree


 4. Go breezy with some eclectic designs like a Georgette saree 

Bottle Green Handloom Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Saree With Hand Embroidery

India is blessed with rich textile industry, there is no dearth of variety, and each piece is unique to others. Our weavers truly exemplify the best of this country to the world. A Mehendi function is bright and colorful, and we must embrace this beautiful event with something colorful too. The Bottle Green Handloom Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Saree With Hand Embroider  is an excellent piece! This saree captures the alluring cutwork weave with the eclectic Bandhej. With the best of the two worlds coming together, this saree is a sure-shot winner. It’s breezy, fresh, flirty and fun, all the qualities that are needed at a Mehendi function. The georgette fabric will drape around you in a snug fashion and accentuate the gorgeous figure, while the teal will make you pop. This last option might just be the best on the list! 

Sarees and Suits are some of the best ways to enjoy a Mehendi function; both of them are light and breezy, and one often feels effortless while wearing them. Whether you’re going for a gorgeous saree or a simple suit, make sure to pair the best of the Jewellery with them; after all, we don’t want our look falling short in any place. WeaverStory offers some of the best pieces that will make your Mehendi fun and memorable.

Author: Uma Shekhawat