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Embrace The Elegance of Sarees Beyond Occasions

" Embrace_The_Elegance_of_Sarees_Beyond_Occasions_WeaverStory"1

Sarees, especially those made of exquisite silk and other intricately woven handloom materials, are mostly treasured heirlooms passed down through generations by our mothers and grandmothers. We remember delicately draping our mothers' resplendent sarees and adorning ourselves with their cherished shringaar as children. However, as we grew older, our desire to dress in their timeless elegance faded, and these garments were reserved for special occasions such as weddings, sacred rituals, cocktail soirées, festivals, and so on. The spectrum of sarees, ranging from the resplendent Banarasi ensembles of the northern lands to the opulent Kanjivaram drapes of the southern landscapes, adorned our curves at opulent Diwali galas, Sangeet celebrations of the close ones, and other events alike.

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While sarees once seemed to live in our wardrobes, waiting for such special occasions, they are now undergoing a remarkable transformation in response to current fashion trends. Bollywood luminaries such as the beautiful Rekhaji, the graceful Deepika Padukone, the charming Alia Bhatt, and the stylish Sonam Kapoor are driving this paradigm shift. These celebrities have chosen to wear sarees not only on the red carpet but also as powerful ensembles for their day-to-day appearances, radiating an aura of elegance and poise. 

Get inspired and breathe new life into your daily wardrobe by harnessing the remarkable versatility of the saree. Pick the right fabrics and patterns, style them instead of wearing them, and you’ve got yourself fresh looks that make the saree move beyond weddings and special occasions. Here are five things to keep in mind when wanting to make a saree statement, every single day:

Emphasize on quality:

When shopping for sarees for everyday wear, look for fabrics that are both comfortable and durable. Choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton, Chanderi, georgette, etc. These fabrics allow for easy movement throughout the day. At WeaverStory, you can find yourself a beautiful curation of cotton sarees, Mulberry Silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, and more.

Look for lightweight and easy-to-drape sarees:


 Choose bold prints or patterns:


Break free from traditional norms by experimenting with modern prints and patterns. Bold, vibrant prints or modern geometric patterns can add a contemporary flair to your everyday look, making the saree stand out as a statement piece. Explore WeaverStory’s Patola sarees, solid and block-printed Chanderi sarees, Jamdani’s and more.

Add a fusion twist to your traditional ensemble:


Transform your saree into a fusion outfit by pairing it with a contrasting shirt, crop top, or blazer. You can also cinch your waist with a belt to modernise your look. This contemporary twist not only adds an element of creativity but also a touch of comfort that is appropriate for a hectic daily routine.

Opt for minimalistic jewellery:



For a subtle yet elegant look, choose minimalistic jewellery that complements but does not overpower the saree. Small studs, thin bangles, or a single pendant necklace can add sophistication without being "too extra".


If you are wondering where to find a lightweight, comfortable, and durable saree for you to slay an everyday look, end your quest right here. Here are four WeaverStory must-haves for adding to your stylized collection:

Kosa Silk from Chhattisgarh:


These silk sarees are famously known for their natural shades, unique and uneven texture, and pure quality.

Hand Batik Sarees from West Bengal:


They are most popularly adorned by women for everyday use thanks to their alluring designs. Made using the wax-resist dyeing technique, this saree is lightweight, durable, and supremely elegant to wear.

Chanderi Sarees from Chanderi:


These sarees are lightweight and have a glossy transparency, making them an ideal choice to make a statement every second of the day.


Do you wish to explore more options? Browse through our website now and shop your favorite daily wear saree. Explore a broad spectrum of colors and shop for one that elevates your fashion game effortlessly. 

Author: Simran Shaikh