Enliven Your Wardrobe As You Prep For The Festival Of Colors: Holi Hai!!

When you hear the word "Holi," you are bound to get a mental image of the skies exploding in bursts of color, people dancing to loud music, and dousing each other in the vibrantly coloured water. The festival of colors is a spring festival that is held on the last full moon of the lunar month called Phalguna. Holi is celebrated on a different day every year as its dates are determined by lunar cycles. Before we jump into the best Holi outfits you can wear on this colorful day, let’s deep dive  into the roots of its significance.

Holi: The Celebration of Love and the Victory of Good over Evil

This ancient tradition celebrates the victory of good over evil and marks the end of the winter season. The origins of Holi are considered to be a combination of several Hindu myths. In one of these stories, Prince Prahalad defeats his evil aunt, the wicked Holika. A whole other scene depicts the blue god Krishna painting the goddess Radha to be as colourful as him. Holi is a fusion of stories, no different from the swirling arrays of colours that fill the streets on this day. The Holi festival is ultimately a religious celebration of love as well as the triumph of good over evil. 


This two-day festival of colours is primarily celebrated in India and Nepal. However, in the past few years, people belonging to several other religions and cultures have started to appropriate Holi and rejoice in the practice of throwing a handful of coloured powder on their friends and family. Many people from across the world consider associating this festival with a gigantic paintball fight that includes chalky, bright powder thrown all around them. Along with Holi wishes, people also give each other sweets and play with colours and water with all their hearts.

WeaverStory Silhouettes to Slay the Festival of Colors

Holi is a rollicking festival all about dancing your hearts out, eating delicious food, and dousing each other in colored powder and colored water, which is usually thrown in buckets, water-filled balloons, and sometimes even using water guns. All these merrymaking activities demand breezy, comfortable Holi clothes that can let you enjoy your day without falling into the trap of a wardrobe malfunction or facing any discomfort in your outfit of choice. Women, on this day, generally wear white suits that are lightweight and airy enough to let them get through the day with ease. That’s right! We said, "white." People, believe it or not, dress in white on this day, viewing it as a blank canvas that will be painted in the most vibrant colours by the evening. However, with time, people have also started inclining towards purchasing pastel sarees and suits to celebrate this day. WeaverStory understands the needs and requirements of festive wear outfits; hence, we bring you some of our most amazing silhouettes you can enrobe yourself into to slay through the day.

The White Canvas of Elegance

On the day of Holi, women all across India pray in front of the model of Lord Krishna and Radha. They make sweets for the guests who might ring their doorbell to apply gulaal (brightly coloured powder) on their faces. Regardless of whether these women are performing a pooja, making sweets, or dancing their hearts out to loud Holi music, the Offwhite Pure Silk Anarkali with Churidaar is destined to steal the spotlight.


The fabric of this eye-catching white Anarkali canvas is breezy and comfortable enough to help you get through without any discomfort. It is also exceptionally appealing, which lends its surface a touch of elegance and luxury.

The Dreamy Pastel

It is believed that performing Holika Puja on Holi can help people overcome their fears. Strength, prosperity, and wealth are bestowed by Holika Puja. Drape yourself in the elegance of 

WeaverStory's Handloom Off White Kora Tissue Banarasi Saree With Zari Border for leaving everyone around you feeling mesmerized by your beauty this Holika Dahan. It is one of the most beautiful Holi sarees you can invest in. Make sure that your regal ensemble takes centre stage by pairing it with nothing but studs adorned with moissanite Polki stones.

The Subtle Comfort of Pink

Holi is the kind of festival that makes you want to go crazy, dancing your heart out and playing with colours. To thoroughly enjoy this festival with your friends and family, you will need some breezy, comfortable Holi clothes. This is why we bring you one of our most comfortable Holi outfits you can wear to slay through the day.


The  Handwoven Pink Chanderi Skirt Set with Zardozi Work Dupatta is a perfect masterpiece to make heads turn this day. This outfit is comfortable and breezy enough to allow you to dance for hours without worrying about discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions.

The Simply Elegant Saree

The land known for its grand Holi celebration, Varanasi (also known as Banaras), is also famous for its finest handwoven fabrics. Exclusively brought to you straight from the holy city of Banaras,


the Light Green Handloom Cotton Muslin Dhakai Jamdani Saree With Lotus Flower Motifs is perfect to rock the Holi celebration. This supremely elegant, airy saree is a handloom you can drape yourself in for several Holi celebrations through the years and later pass on to future generations.

The White Block Printed Angrakha

This subtle-coloured, breezy, and truly comfortable white suit for women is a must-have for a grand Holi celebration. Regardless of whether you choose to buy it for yourself or twin with your best friend, this outfit is going to steal the show. The blossoms of spring flowers decorated on the White Handloom Angrakha Chanderi Kurta Set with Pants And Block Printed Dupatta bring out its elegance in a way that makes it perfect for several other occasions that will come your way throughout the year.


We hope this article helped you pick your favorite Holi outfit. You can explore many more of these Holi-friendly outfits on our website. Since we offer the widest range of extraordinarily appealing handlooms, we suggest you pick one that is lightweight and not too heavy on embellishments for your grand Holi celebration. Having said that, we end this article on a colourful note by wishing you all a very happy Holi.

Author: Simran Shaikh