Celebrate the Woman in you with WeaverStory

Who runs the world? WOMEN!! Women are truly some of the most beautiful  people on earth. It is their existence that makes a difference; it makes the world a better place. A woman, regardless of the family she belongs to, the country she lives in, or perhaps even the job she does, is always the one acing multiple roles at a time. "A woman is a full circle," as Diane Marie child, the author of “Mother Wit” and “The Inner Dance: A Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Unfolding,” correctly stated. "Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform," she said. These quotes rightly depict a woman’s role in transforming lives and, hence, in transforming society into a world that is loaded with love, care, and compassion.

Celebrating Womanhood with WeaverStory

Women were frequently regarded as the inferior gender and had to make significant efforts to step up and take their place in the world. Women today are not just restricted to being housemakers but have paved the way to becoming who they desire to be. Their achievements deserve a spotlight and must be applauded for everything they do for their family as well as for the betterment of society.

International Women’s Day is globally celebrated on March 8th every year to celebrate womanhood and their remarkable achievements in cultural, political, and historical aspects. It is a day that is celebrated not only to honour the countless female achievers and uncelebrated female heroes who have made tremendous contributions to society but also to make them feel secure about their future. It is a day that reminds a woman that her future is secure and that she is only offered limitless opportunities to live life with dignity and pride in all aspects of her life.

This International Women’s Day, celebrate the woman in you with The WeaverStory . With love and compassion, we take pride in offering women all across the world thoughtfully crafted handlooms that only accentuate their unrivalled beauty and make them feel confident in their skin. Here are a few of the most alluring masterpieces you would love to dress up in to celebrate the woman in you.

The Little Miss Perfectionist

"Ms. Perfectionist" is often the one who likes everything in a certain specific way. She is the one who is blessed with all the positive habits in the world. She likes to maintain hygiene, keep her space clean, stick to a healthy diet, and have her priorities set right. She always finds a way to balance work and family life, and she almost always excels in her roles. If you are anything like her, you deserve nothing but a supremely elegant handcrafted masterpiece such as the  


 Handloom Offwhite Chanderi Silk Scalloped Suit Set With Pink Dupatta.

This fine Gota Patti work of art from our Mehrunisa Collection is an elegant traditional suit that effortlessly highlights your feminine energy with its simple, clean aesthetic appeal while also providing you with the comfort to slay through the day. Just as you manage your work-life balance with ease, this suit perfectly blends classic fabrics (Chanderi silk and organza silk) and intricate crafts (Gota Patti and zardozi work).

The Fairytale Princess

For a fairy-tale princess, one of the most important things is her imagination. She is the one who might appear to be naive but is the opposite. Along with being highly emotional, she is a genius who knows how to get things done like a pro. She, in her mind, has a world of her own. She believes in the power of love, intelligence, and the beauty of nature.


The Handloom Yellow Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With All Over Gold Zari Jaal is perfect for a woman like this. This extraordinarily beautiful Yellow Banarasi Sarees features an ethereal expanse of intricately crafted Zari Booti ,perfectly complemented with feminine colours like yellow. The lustrous gold spread across its surface is destined to make you feel like the princess that you are.

The Drama Queen

She truly believes in the phrase, "What’s life without drama anyway?" She looks for opportunities to make a small achievement into a grand celebration and loves to leave everyone stunned by her looks during lavish events. She walks in like a queen and is always ready to set the bar high for fashion apparel on special occasions. If you are anything like her, we bet you are going to fall in love with our Maroon Pure Velvet Hand Embroidered Zardozi Kurta Set with Salwar and Organza Dupatta .


This envy-inspiring outfit is a must-have for those who love to make a dramatic entrance. Supremely elegant and perfect for winter celebrations, this suit deserves a spot in your closet.

The Celebrant

She is the woman who can steal the show just by stepping into an event. She celebrates every big or small achievement and binges on cocktail parties and get-togethers. Such women are beautiful, bold, and always in the seventh heaven. These showstoppers deserve handlooms that are precisely crafted to accentuate their curves in the most beautiful ways and to help them make a statement like never before. If you are "HER," the Midnight Blue Handloom Organza Saree with Raw Silk Blouse is the one for you!


This slinky cocktail drape is a supremely elegant "Noorie" design that is lightweight enough for you to dance through the night and appealing enough to steal hearts.

The Prowess

Ahaa! Here comes the boss lady. She is the one you look up to and often go to for advice. She is powerful, brilliant, extremely connected, influential, and nevertheless doesn’t fear being real. She is the boss who is dedicated to upgrading life every step of the way and is always a good influence on your life and career. A woman anything like her deserves to adorn a color that oozes power, luxury, and elegance at every inch: black. The Black Pure Silk Gherdaar Kurta with Pants and Black Organza Dupatta is destined to bring out the boss lady in you!


The regal kalidar kurta is paired with tapered pants and a Organza Dupatta that is embroidered with zardozi lotus motifs. Overall, this outfit is perfect for queens and boss ladies alike!

Let’s cherish the fashionista in you; let’s celebrate the woman in you! With our work, beliefs, and efforts combined, we make sure to celebrate women every day and take pride in offering products that best fit their personalities and choices. So, this International Women’s Day, gift your girlfriends and partners, or perhaps any of the women in your life, with extraordinarily beautiful sarees and dress suits from WeaverStory.

Author: Simran Shaikh