From Loom to Limelight: Upasana Kamineni Konidela Stunning in a WeaverStory Saree

Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a name that frequently makes headlines owing to her impressive professional achievements and renowned family background. She is the wife of famous actor Ram Charan, the granddaughter of Pratap C. Reddy, a Padma Vibhushan recipient and the founder of India's first corporate healthcare institution, Apollo Hospitals. Mrs. Konidela is an industry titan who graduated from Regent's University in London with a degree in International Business Marketing and Management. Apart from her academic pursuits, she is a philanthropist at heart and initiated the impactful "U Exchange" movement during her student days. This movement involved collecting and distributing used notebooks and textbooks to children in Naxal areas, demonstrating her compassionate spirit and dedication to making a positive difference.


Upasana Konidela: A Woman Entrepreneur Making Her Mark in the Health and Wellness Industry

She smoothly transitioned into the field of wellness and health after graduation by joining the family business. She is now an influential figure entirely devoted to extending healthcare access to a diverse range of people. She is a multifaceted businesswoman and has been contributing to the greater good of society. Holding the honoured position of Vice Chairperson of CSR Apollo Hospitals Group, she received esteemed recognition with the prestigious Female Recognition in Healthcare Awards presented to her in 2017.

As the Managing Director and founder of an all-in-one wellness startup, URLife, Upasana Konidela recently launched a comprehensive platform dedicated to encouraging people to live life to the fullest. Her vision includes simplifying and infusing creativity and enjoyment into the journey of a healthy lifestyle, taking advantage of the transformative power of technology. 

Apart from her notable accomplishments, Upasana Konidela is a mission-driven businesswoman who is additionally the owner and editor-in-chief of B Positive Magazine. This prestigious publication is a beacon of knowledge, promoting exclusive, thoroughly researched content on a wide range of health and lifestyle topics, including fitness, beauty, disease management, nutrition, hygiene, and stress management, among others. Furthermore, her visionary spirit drove the launch of the JIYO App in collaboration with renowned Indian-born American author and medical advocate, Deepak Chopra. This innovative app effectively monitors a person's stress and wellness levels and provides personalised wellness prescriptions. 

Upasana has received numerous honours in recognition of her outstanding contributions, including the Mahatma Gandhi Award for Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility and the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Philanthropist of the Year award in 2019.

Upasana Konidela X WeaverStory


For a philanthropic entrepreneur like her, who is born into a family of India’s top businessmen and women and married into a tremendously successful film family, working hard to prove herself as an entrepreneur and looking drop-dead gorgeous to fit well in the limelight must have been a tough ride. She, however, manages to excel at both impeccably. That’s right! Upasana is an avid businesswoman known for her contribution to society; however, her sense of style and looks are what most often make her the talk of the town. She recently marked a significant milestone by attending the prestigious Oscars ceremony in honour of her husband's film "RRR," which won the coveted Oscar for Best Original Song, "Naatu Naatu." Her outfits are truly a treat to the eyes, and her looks often take breaths away. An opportunity to collaborate with her has been nothing short of a tick on our bucket list. Do you wish to get a sneak peek into Upasana’s  WeaverStory look? Let’s give you one!

Upasana was draped into one of our most breathtaking creations, the  Yellow Handloom Georgette Kadhwa Banarasi Saree with Jangla Design, which perfectly complemented her boss-babe aesthetic. This saree is a standout masterpiece, brilliantly crafted by hand by the expert artisans of Banaras. Using the time-honoured Kadhwa weaving technique, the craftsmen meticulously entwined every single thread one by one to create an exquisite  georgette Banarasi saree that is fit for a discerning woman like her. The entire expanse of the  yellow-coloured georgette saree boasts an alluring display of Jangla design. The captivating Jangla work showcases beautiful florals, which keep you hooked on its aesthetic appeal. These florals are intricately crafted using a combination of delicate gold and silver zari threads, lending a touch of royalty to its scintillating appearance. Tanya Ghavri, a famed celebrity stylist, bedecked this entrepreneurial diva with a statement necklace that adorns emeralds and rubies, which perfectly complement the  yellow Banarasi saree. Her subtle, nude makeup look and yellow bindi added to her elegance.

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Author-Simran Shaikh