"The_epitome_of_Attractiveness:_Tamanna_Bhatia The_sizzling_beauty:_Tamanna_Bhatia_WeaverStory"

The epitome of Attractiveness: Tamanna Bhatia The sizzling beauty: Tamanna Bhatia

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A saree is a lovely silhouette that not only flatters your figure but is also an excellent choice for one of your own wedding festivities. The glamorous textile hasn't just been a part of our culture but has impressed people from various cultures and nations. Wonder how it has expanded so much that people internationally have become big fans of this drape? Well for sure Bollywood has taken a seat ahead to let people fall in love with the rich culture we own, not only that but Tollywood actors have taken it beyond another level. 

"The_epitome_of_Attractiveness:_Tamanna_Bhatia The_sizzling_beauty:_Tamanna_Bhatia_WeaverStory"1

Tamanna Bhatia, a well-known figure in India's largest film industry, is known as the South Indian beauty. In her films, she was the center of attention due to her flawless skin and voluminous, super-fit form. The Bollywood Diva has not only taken onto camera but has made a home in everyone’s heart. Tamanna Bhatia has perfected the knack of looking gorgeous while remaining modest and attractive. She is renowned for pushing boundaries and surprising us with her appearances - both  on and off screen - whether it is a traditional or Western look. In this sizzling alter ego, Tamanna Bhatia epitomizes restrained sensuality and conventional sensibilities! She displays her toned midriff and an attractive silhouette. She often wears  sarees, which are among the most gorgeous clothing items. 

The Indian  saree, in particular, flatters her and practically every shade complements her lovely skin tone. 

She wears her  sarees in an unusual and different style that makes people stop and look. Her  saree-clad images have always amazed her fans, as she gives a sensual appeal to her  saree looks in trendy rich sarees while looking like a goddess in classic  silk sarees. While there are many  saree draping options available, none come close to Tamanna Bhatai’s way of styling them. Her  sarees are unique and eccentric, and every millennial girl would fall in love with them. We know you won't be able to resist them after just one look!

Tamanna proves that she’s a fashion icon through her style and looks. She is always confident and her bold look has always set the fire on stage. The beauty queen not only embraces the western attire but the traditional style has inspired people a lot. She is occasionally seen wearing traditional garments by many labels and designers.

The delight of wearing something contemporary and unusual is absolutely unparalleled. For starters, you're breaking the routine by trying something new. Second, choosing your handcrafted luxury requires a lot of thought, and obviously, those ideas do not entail wearing anything mundane. Fortunately for you, we at  WeaverStory could think of some trendy looks that are similar to Tamanna’s style. Follow the following styles and charm up like a Bollywood diva. Here are some of Tamanna Bhatia's most stylish saree ensembles, which you can copy.

The Red Avatar:

Let your wardrobe popup with mesmerizing red. The role of the  red saree in ethnic fashion is comparable to that of the black garment in modern fashion. Celebrities and actresses both on and off the screen have regularly worn both of these iconic but classic pieces. Traditional  sarees have just the right amount of glitz for a woman. It brings tradition and modern life together. The color brings out the adventures  of different expressions like love, beauty, strength. Tamanna here have clearly maintained the balance between sophistication and glamor. Alluring handcrafted pieces in banarasi etc. are beautifully portrayed by her. Find such exclusive  banarasi and other red mesmerizing  red saree piece similar to her style on the following link: 

Exclusive Red Saree


Dream Girl:

Styling a  saree in a simple yet elegant way. Catch Tamanna Bhatia’s dream look in an exclusive pastel pink saree. Add a twist to the piece to have repetitive looks and make it exclusively interesting. Tamanna has elegantly played with completing her  pastel pink with the touch of gold, adding   statement jewelry can add power to the style giving your the dream look in any occasion. Find our  gold plated jewelry that will add glamor to your drapes. Giving a chick statement with messy open hair being the modern dreamy girl with the ethnic touch. Follow the beauty and find  handcrafted sarees that will create for you a wardrobe like Tamanna .

Handloom Pink Sarees


Dazzling in Metallic Shade:

What’s better than lustrous textiles and shine. Light up your evenings with dazzling styles. Glowing and gleaming forth appears to be a new fashion trend that is popular among young women and even brides-to-be. Even individuals who have usually leaned more towards classic styles are going crazy over metallic, the newest color in town. Tamanna’s mesmerizing look is eye-captivating, the way she styled it with a choker set and  elegant blouse, the look has gotten better and trendy. Checkout our range of choker or  necklace sets to find the trendy look.Setting up in trend the metallic with our exclusive range of   lustrous katan silk  that will make you fall in love. Bling it up with royal shine.



The textile that is made for goddesses. Each  Saree tells a Story,  Story of the WeaverStory of the Artisans behind each meticulously created masterpiece. Tamanna has blown up her fans with all her looks but styling  banarasi saree in a way that is both modern and traditional. Adding flowers to her hair and contrasting necklace set has just made the piece alive. A classic blend of cultures, and a delicately twisted tale in silk threads. Find  Weaverstory’s exclusive range of  banarasi saree  and be the diva you admire.

Banarasi Sarees


We have seen Tamanna Bhatia in  saree in every other avatar. She champions floral power and pulls it off flawlessly to give us an adorable and out of this world traditional look! However, this appearance has a fashionable, cool, and trendy undertone. In a  saree, Tamanna Bhatia exudes joy, flare, and an ever-evolving sense of style! She sparkles and electrifies in her conventional attire. She gives us all some serious style advice by donning her  sarees with the utmost style while wearing minimal makeup. So, learn a thing or two from her style manual and dress glamorously the next time you go public! Undoubtedly Tamanna Bhatia in  saree looks eternal and truly is a breathtaking beauty.

Author- Meghna